Beautiful People: July Edition

For this month’s edition of Beautiful People, Sky and Georgie have done something terrible to me. They have made me think for the questions! Come up with ten of my own? Ye gads, what have we come to?? All right, so I’m over-reacting. I love coming up with questions for my characters. However, this particular character I’m about to introduce has a nice little fan base all his own, and so I put the question to a few of his most devoted followers and they came up with some of their own to ask him.

NOTE: Mom, don’t read this post because it has spoilers and things! Story = surprise = overprotective authoress = don’t read until it’s totally finished and perfect! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you.

So, without further gilding the lily, I introduce to you Subject Thirteen – otherwise known as Mir (or Tiger, by the facility guards; whichever you prefer).

(I went on a graphics-making spree, and I shall spam you with them throughout the post. Mwahahaha. I WOULD make graphics of Eva and Jude and Pocky, but I don’t have a model for Pocky yet and Eva and Jude aren’t really graphics-worthy yet.)

Most of you don’t know much about Mir, so I will give you his background in the trailer below. (Yes, I made it, and yes, I’m sorry for the low quality – I had to lower the MB in order to get the video to upload.)

And now, to the questions.

1. What is his favorite thing Eva has ever said to him? This is a tough question. Eva is the only person as yet to show him kindness, so every little thing she does that is not cruel or self-serving is something amazing. However, it would probably have to be not something she said, but something she sang. When she sang him lullabies to put him to sleep when he was hurting – that is his current favorite memory of them together.

2. What does he think of Pocky? He thinks Pocky is funny, but he likes him. Pocky knows a lot and doesn’t mind talking with him and showing him new things, and since Mir is eager to learn, he is very grateful.

3. What was he thinking when he left WorldCure?  He was frightened, even though he despised it. It was the only place he had ever known, and he knew practically nothing about the world outside, so it took a lot of courage for him to leave it. He would do anything for Eva’s safety, and they had the three Subject babies to care for, so he left.

(this was made for Mir by Keaghan!!)

4. How many Handlers has he had? He has had fourteen handlers, not including Eva. None of them stayed very long; Mir was too difficult to manage and when he killed his seventh and twelfth handlers, it created an aura of fear around him.

5. If he had a chance to kill Dr. Ross, would he? This is a tough question. Mir has killed people before, but in court it would legally be called self-defense and the result of mental trauma. If he could, in his right mind, be presented with the option to kill Dr. Ross or let him live, he would probably let him live – but not without leaving something behind. He would hurt Dr. Ross, but not kill him.

 6. What does he think of Eva? Mir, quite frankly, fears and adores her at the same time. Fears because she is a Doctor and has performed procedures on him before; adores because she is the only person to show him any extent of kindness, to give him any glimpse of hope. And after twenty-four years of darkness, that one glimpse would be something to hold on to. (Not to mention he thinks her hair smells good because she uses cotton shampoo.)

7. If he could experience one thing before he dies, what would it be? He wants to experience sunshine. He’s heard of it, but he’s never felt it. His own skin is dead white from being deprived of sunlight his whole life, and he really just wants to be able to feel it. There are many other things he wants to experience, of course – snow, sunsets, the ocean, wind – but sunlight is the biggest. He would probably curl up in it like a cat and go to sleep.

8. How does he show love? Until Eva, Mir never had anyone to show love to. He did not even know what it was. But now that he does know, he shows love by being gentle, by caring about her and by protecting her with everything he has. He is a Defender; if he loves someone he will do anything his power to keep them safe even at the risk of being caught (which, in his case, would be worse than being killed).

9. If he had grown up like a normal person, where would he be today? Mir has a very sensitive, sweet and generous personality naturally, but he is also very athletic and studious. He would probably be graduating college at the top of his class, and he would be very popular.  He would probably intern in a children’s hospital because he loves kids.

10. Outside of WorldCure, what does he enjoy doing? He loves everything. Having been deprived of every normal experience, every new thing he experiences is exciting and wonderful in some way. Even just being able to stretch his legs and run, or wave at children at the grocery store.

And now you’ve been officially introduced to my beautiful Mir. I love my babies, but Mir has full place in my authoress’ heart right now. I hope you enjoyed reading about him – and if you want to read the full story and be added to the new-chapter-beta-reading list, just shoot me an email ( or leave it in a comment.



24 thoughts on “Beautiful People: July Edition

  1. Oh, my. You know how much I love Mir. This post offered so many little glimpses into his character. Thank you for sharing him with us! (And I feel honored that my graphic made it into your post. ^.^)

  2. Ok this sounds way better than it did when you showed me the trailer XD
    *refrains from making other comments and just stifles the giggles*
    YOU HAVE A CHARACTER NAMED POCKY?!!??!!!?!?!?! o.O POCKY!?!?!?!?!!!??
    I love pocky… man, now I kinda want some… the strawberry kind…

    oohh reading list *raises hand* I’m still waiting for another *ahem* story of yours *cough*cough* XD

    • Oh, stuff it, Stella. *laugh* YES! I have a character named Pocky!! He’s a professor; his full name is Albert Pock but Eva calls him Pocky =D I’ve never had any Pocky sticks. *pout* OKAY! I SENT THEM!!! XD

  3. Miiiir. *huggles* Poor Mir. I loved reading about what he does once he leaves, though, and the things he wants to do/feel. Sunlight. Oh, poor baby. Never even having felt sunlight. *sniffles* *huggles Mir*

    Mir certainly does have his own little fanbase, doesn’t he? 😛 Are you going to do an official post introducing Monster?

    • Aww, yes, I can’t wait to write those scenes! I’m so looking forward to them!! Yes, I’m astonished and very, very happy at how popular Mir is. It’s fantastic for me, I love how much love Mir gets!!! =D And yes, I think I will. This is sort of an introduction, but he’ll be mentioned more from now on. =D

    • *laughs* Ah yes, I adore Mir. Oh goodness. Part of me wants him to be real, but the other part is glad he’s fictional because I wouldn’t want a real person put through this much! ^.^

  4. *spazzing*

    Loved it! So much about his character that we haven’t yet seen, and so adorable, too! Hahaha…I can see where your model’s personality has made his way into Mir’s! XD
    The random little note about Eva’s hair made me laugh. XD Yes, Mir, we base affection on whether the other person uses cotton shampoo or not. 😛
    Love the graphics/pictures. The one of him smiling-SO SWEET. T.T Not to mention your model has the prettiest smile…


    • *spazzes over your spazzing comment*
      I KNOW!!! I know, a lot of my model’s personality made his way into Mir. Including his smile. XD And yes, that’s a nice thing about Eva; she has fresh cottony shampoo that Mir totally loves. XD

  5. I haven’t heard much about Mir before…but the book sounds awesome! And the graphics you made? So. Cool. And the story? Wow…it must simply be wow. The interview’s like a sneak-peek that leaves you wanting to know more!! :]

    • Thank you so much, Cait!
      I know, this is really Mir’s first introduction to my blog, though he’s been alive for about a month. Almost. =D WOOOT, THANK YOU!

  6. This made me 100% more excited than I already was to read about Mir. He sounds like such a DEAR. (I almost typed that he sounds like such a doll, but that just seems somewhat girly to me.) And speaking of reading Monster, I will, I will, I promise! I have it all loaded onto my MP3 player and I shall read it very soon. 😀

    Love you!

  7. You have some lovely charries, Mirriam! Mir has just gained another fangirl… *sigh* He sounds like a ton of fun to write =D

    I must ask, though: was Monster somewhat inspired by the song Monster, by Skillet? =D

    • *starts laughing*
      OHMYGOODNESS, *EVERYBODY* has mentioned that song since I began Monster! I hadn’t actually heard it until I started writing, and then a bunch of people sent it to me saying it was perfect. And I must confess, it IS perfect for him – but it was more inspired by a music video + a bunch of books/movies/songs over the past year. =D I’m so glad Mir has another fangirl; he needs all the love he can get! =D

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