Eristor Interview Part Three!

Ah, my brain! So full of school and Monster! Oh dear! I’m even planning for my NaNo novel “Otherwhere” ahead of time. Unfortunate Pancakes! (It’s an exclamation Pepper and I made up in an attempt to be creative.) My mind feels like it decided to morph into a hatful of butterflies. The other night we were playing Uno as a family, and (Ashley, you ought to appreciate this) every time I went to shout “Uno” I had to conscientiously keep myself from screeching “ONEW!” instead. (For those of you who don’t know, Onew is a singer from SHINee. Keaghan does not appreciate them as much as Ashley and I do, but the poor dear doesn’t know what she’s missing out on… 😉 Anyway, I’m stealing Eristor’s limelight, so I will hand the post over to him. As always, he’ll answer the questions you posed for him and I will interject from time to time. (A few other characters might pop in and out as well).

Eristor, now that you have entered the strange and slightly baffling world of emoticons, which is your favorite?

I believe it to be this one:  -_- As it describes how I feel answering these questions with extraordinary accuracy.

How tall are you?

Six feet and five inches.

Have you ever broken a bone?

Yes, many times. And occasionally, I have had them broken for me.

Have you ever died?

Yes, but I survived.

Do blood and guts make you queasy?

Not in the least.

What is the worst wound you have ever received?

Assuming we are speaking of physical wounds, the most painful would be when I shattered my right femur.

Do you have a motto or code that you live by?

Not specifically, no. I try to live to the best of my ability and do what is right, though my actions may be misunderstood by others.

Do you find Alec irritating?

-_- I do hope you are joking. You must be very dull-witted if this has not been brought to your attention by now.

Have you ever grown a beard?

No; I do not believe I have ever seen an elf with a beard. It is a very human trait.

Do you speak with an accent?


Hey, Sienna here, and oh yes, he does! For crying out loud, Eristor! I mean, it’s not thick or anything, but you’ve definitely got one.

No, I haven’t.

Yes, you do. You sound like a gypsy, but more refined. A refined gypsy-elf.

Can we proceed?

Could you explain your kelehb sticks?


*sigh* When I was younger, I had a reputation for being reckless and thoughtless. When my birth-father died, I realized that the responsibility for the family’s reputation rested heavily upon me and I am glad to say I matured rapidly.

If you were given the choice of saving the life of you worst enemy? Let ‘s put it in this scenario: you’re dueling him in a burning building and a beam falls on top of him, would you do save him or watch him burn?

Intriguing question. I am not a merciful creature; it is a fact widely known. If I thought the ‘enemy’ would be better brought to justice another way, then I would rescue them. If I truly felt letting my enemy die would rid the world of an evil, I would let them die. Sienna may disagree with me.

I do; I think you should try to save them no matter what they’ve done to you. Salebeth’s been teaching me from the books of Amar.

How well did you know your birth-father?

I knew him for more than two hundred years.

What motivates you to fight for right, especially considering your rather obvious bitterness and rough past?

I am not a model follower of Amar. However, I do my best to do what is right.

How do you feel about other species, aside from humans and elves, that is?

Unless they are creatures of Oscariath, I have no quarrel with other races.

What was your personality like before Caranthir’s turn to evil?

Tylir speaking. I think this question may be a bit too personal for Eristor to answer in all good humor (cough) so I will try and answer it. I know that between the time his birth-father died and the time his mother married Caranthir, he was known to be a just, kind, and thoughtful elf. He cared dearly for his sister and mother even during his reckless behavior, and he was fond of Caranthir until Oscariath overtook Caranthir’s mind. The experience created a deep mistrust and bitterness in Eristor which has not yet been eradicated.

Will you ever stop searching for his sister?


 Are you ready to become king?

I believe I could rule and rule well, but not as well as my birth-father. I have many things to learn.

Do you even want to be king?

A crown is not a light thing to wear, but I love my kingdom and do not want to see it in another’s hands.

What annoys you the most? 

Well, incessant questions, for one thing.

 What is your favorite color?

Black, I suppose. I haven’t given it much thought. My sister Raeta used to insist I should wear blue more often.

How well do you sing?

When I was young and my sister was newly born, I would sing to her. As she grew older, the habit continued, and she could hardly sleep without it, though I never thought much of my singing voice.

Why do you think you have a right to be a jerk to everyone around you?  

I do not, as you say, believe I have a ‘right to be a jerk to everyone around me.’ I simply feel that not everyone is deserving of my admiration or kindness.

Has anyone ever told you to relax?

Tylir. Frequently.

It’s true.

What keeps you going in life? What do you want?

I wish to reclaim my kingdom. I wish to see Oscariath fall. I wish to see Caranthir dead. I wish to see my sister alive. I suppose you could say my driving force in life is a collection of foolish hopes and determination.

What is your greatest fear and why?

I am not in the habit of exposing weaknesses to the world, no matter how hard this questionnaire tries.

How do you find the strength to push onward, even after all you’ve been through?

I believe in the old adage that adversity makes you stronger. It was not until I had been through true trials that I discovered how true it was.

What do you think of music?

I am fond of music, though rarely have time or opportunity to hear it.

Do you bark a lot, or do you indeed bite?

I bite.

Sienna here. Um, he barks a lot more often than he bites. I just thought I’d say. He barks really loud, though.

And that wraps up section three of the interview! I hope you enjoyed it, and once again, if there is a question that has not yet been asked that you are curious to know the answer to, leave it in a comment and he’ll answer next time!


53 thoughts on “Eristor Interview Part Three!

  1. In honour of the pancakes:

    Nice to hear from you again, Eristor. I have to admit that, up until this post, I always read “kelehb sticks” as “kebab sticks.” Much bewilderment and a vague sense that you always thought it was dinner time… My bad. As to black and blue, I have a good friend who is partial to those colours as well. You can’t go wrong with black, of course, and blue is such a complimentary colour to a reserved, masculine nature…

    • THAT… was the randomest (yet funniest) thing I’ve seen all week. O_O
      Haha – “I WILL SHISHKEBAB YOU!!! Yes I will!!!” Somehow that doesn’t seem as… menacing…. I’m a huge black-and-blue fan myself.
      As long as it doesn’t involve bruises.

      • Maybe not as menacing in the orthodox way, but if I were standing across from a maniacal individual wielding kebab sticks and shrieking “I WILL SHISHKEBAB YOU! I WILL! I WILL!” I don’t believe I would argue the point and I dare say extreme fright would be foremost among my feelings. It certainly upsets a person’s calm, you know.

        (“I do believe in kebab sticks! I do! I do!…”)

  2. Luuvvvv!!!!

    Forget UNO. Let it always be Onew. ^.^

    Oh, Vice has something he wants to say that he “Thinks this Prince Eristor” (me interjecting: Vice also lost his crown. But it’s his own fault. Eristor would probably be a nice pansy compared to Vice in his wild years) “Quite a sensible and interesting character” And he would leave his enemy in a burning building no matter what. He isnt at all merciful. In fact, for as long as it was safe, he’d watch them burn. >.<

    • Yeah, I can totally see myself just forgetting ‘uno’ and screaming “ONEW!” every time I have one card left….
      Ah, well, I’m glad Vice approves of Eristor. Though I’m not really certain what that means. O_o

  3. -YAY! Post number 3! 😀
    -I should be plotting my Nano novel . . .
    -I miss Pepper! T_T
    -The emoticons. Yes. I can’t really see him using O_O or 😀 or 🙂 or 😛 or XD or :O or even 😦 or most of the others. -_- and >.> are sort of the only ones I can imagine him using…
    -Whoa, Eristor, you’re tall! An inch taller than Galadriel, in fact. XD
    -The bones one and the Alec one–love!
    -The dying one– O_O
    -Waaaaiiit a minute. You were wild and irresponsible for 200 years? *is confused* Not lining up, here…
    -Oh, hey, I’ve got a question! “Answer this question truthfully: Are you lying?” Either way he answers, it doesn’t work… XD
    -“A refined gypsy-elf” *chokes* I love it when Sienna and Tylir pop in and answer instead! Hey, he should make them do that all the time! It would save him the pain . . . Then again, they might paint him in a light he would not enjoy being in… Not that he enjoys any kind of light. >.>
    -Of COURSE his favorite color is black! XD Allll dark guys do that.
    -How long are his kheleb sticks, again? (becauseBithoahasadouble-endedspear. Thatlookssuspiciouslylikethat. Andismadeofunbreakablecrystal.)

    Thank you for putting up with those questions, Eristor. Your interviews actually bring us much pleasure. And make us laugh very hard. And love you all the more. None of which you probably want. At all. Ah well . . . XD

    • Oooh, he has a double-ended spear? Well honestly, the sketch I drew isn’t QUITE what they look like but it was the best I could do in 0.6 seconds. Ahem. The blades are a little more… square-ish, as opposed to rounded? And they’re three feet long. =D

      • Yes. Double ended-spear. Made of unbreakable crystal. Which is basically Bithoa’s sole possession (wandering outlaw-four-times-over as he is) and he does not respond well to anyone else touching it . . . Which made for an interesting situation when he got captured and then escaped without it, and then later met up with someone who he had a painful history with, who had obtained it somehow. 😀 (Oh, sorry for the long ramble. Don’t get me started on my characters . . . This is what happens when you do. XD)

        Wow, three feet is kinda long! Somehow I was imagining them as maybe a foot-and-a-half, or maybe two.

  4. I’m going to have to use this method with my characters. Just to get to know new ones together.
    Btw I watched some SHINee! I like them too. But I still like U-kiss better. 😉

    • *laughs*
      Yes, it’s an excellent method.
      SHINee is awesome –
      Check out ‘Sherlock’ and ‘RingDingDong.’ Also the Japanese version of ‘Replay.’ *wooot*
      Man, pick between SHINee and UKiss!? I couldn’t!!! O_O

  5. I’m with Eristor on this one, leave em’ in the building unless a better option thrusts itself upon oneself.

    Q@Eristor: When will you man up and take the kingdom back?

    Should be an exciting answer ^_^

  6. Oooh, always fun to hear more from Eristor!

    “I bite.”

    That’s a very Eristor-sounding comment.

    Also, I wrote a short fic about two of my side characters (they were begging for a fic) who are brother and sister, and it ended up sounding like Sierra and Alec, hehe. It doesn’t help that their names are Selene and Austin. I didn’t do it on purpose! xD

  7. Questions for Eristor:

    1) Which do you find more attractive: shorter girls or taller ones? And do you prefer: redheads, brunettes or blonds?

    2) What’s your favorite hobby?

    3) Can you tutor me with kelehb sticks?

    Thank you so much for your time and putting up with annoying questions like these. You’re epic. 😀

  8. Oh m’gawsh, he’s awesome! =D My grandpa is 6″5″… unfortunately he’s not an elf 😥

    Oh, and I *coughcough* have another question for Eristor (he’s probably sick of my questions by now… *cackle*)

    Do you plan on marrying, and if so, do you have anyone in mind?

    Mirriam, your blog is EPIC! =D

    • *laughs* Oooh, good question. Your grandpa is six foot five!? WOW! (Maybe he has elvish blood… 😉
      THANK YOU!!!!! =D

  9. Very nice as usual…I’m getting to like Eristor more the more I learn about him. 🙂
    Wow, he’s tall – a whole ten inches taller than I am (but i I remember correctly, even you’re taller than I am 😛 ).
    Black is definitely the best color, and for colors of clothing, other dark colors like dark grey and dark red also work nicely at times.

    • Well, I’m certainly glad you’re liking him more and more! *grins*
      And yes, I’m close enough to 5’10 I just say that’s my height. I’m about six feet when I’m wearing heels ^.^ (Which actually makes it awkward sometimes, but I digress). Dark gray, dark red – OOoh, Caranthir colors!!

      • WHOA. O_O You are, like, at least 8 inches taller than me. O_O This is . . . I dunno . . . really strange. Heh.

          • So if I ever meet you in person like I met Hannah, I’ll probably have to look up to talk to you (like how it was with the tall girls at my last church, including one who was around 6′ but always wore heels that were around three inches tall). 😛 There’s quite a big height difference between you two…but I digress as well.
            Those dark colours are good, but I think black is the best at times (think Sir Guy)…

            • Well, Hannah is quite a bit shorter than me, so I don’t know ^.^ I’d make sure to wear very flat shoes. 😛 Dark colors are very nice; I can definitely see Eristor wearing something Guy of Gisbourne-y. Though he’d probably like a little less in the summer O_o

          • Why you so TALL?? O_O Yeah, I’m like 5’2. I think.

            And what do you mean “If I ever meet you”? :O Where did that “if” come from?? *stern look* We are SO meeting someday, a day on which the world will explode with such a momentous occasion. (And you should bring Eristor along. I’ll be careful not to call him “Eri” XD)

            Eh, I don’t wear heels. They kinda hurt. Except on cowboy boots. Anyhow, we could both be Hobbit-style…

            • Because God made me that way!!!! XD XD Okay, WHEN we meet, we will have to keep the world from exploding with awesome. And if you called Eristor ‘Eri’ he’d never speak to you again. XD I usually wear heels, but I’ll wear my Roman flats when we meet. And we’ll quickly ditch our shoes and have a barefoot race =D

            • I was JOKING. XD Yes, WHEN.
              And I don’t know how on earth
              we can keep earth
              from exploding from awesome.

              Of course not! That’s why I said I
              wouldn’t! (and I was thinking more
              along the lines of he’d shish-kebab
              me on his “kebab sticks.” XD

              Oooh, ooh! Barefoot race!
              As long as it’s not in dry stubbly
              grass like here in TX in summer. Ouch! 😛

              Max — Sorry to hijack this conversation…

            • I KNOW I KNOW YOU WERE JOKING XD WE MUST MEET AND RACE!!!!!!! XD Max won’t mind; he’s nice like that.

            • I’m not much of an athletic person, plus there’s the fact that you’re so much taller than me, so I’m sure you’d win, but it would be fun! 😀 Still, I bet we’d be too busy babbling our heads off to move anywhere . . .

            • Depends – I’m a sprinter, but endurance – pffffft. XD You have a very valid point, though.
              We’d be talking far too fast to be bothered with athletic things.

            • Mirriam, maybe I should have a race with you if I ever meet you in person; I’ve lost whatever little stamina I had when I played soccer, but I think I can do semi-decently in a short sprint…but I have a feeling you’d make me look bad since you say you’re a sprinter. 😛

              Deborah, Mirriam’s right; I don’t mind at all. Besides, I can always hijack it right back again. 😉

            • I don’t do endurance either. -_- (ooh, hey look, Eristor’s favorite emoticon!)

              So true! We would talk and talk and talk and talk and talk…

  10. Max – we may just have to do a sprint and see who wins 😉
    Deborah – we ALREADY talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk!! XD

  11. Wow. O.O I’m not even 5′ tall (almost, but not quite). Holy cow. He’s like… wow. Epic. One time, I was surrounded by a bunch of super tall guys in suits (at a speech and debate tourney) and they were all talking at the same time, and I was trying to listen, but I. just. couldn’t. I felt cornered and very insecure. :DDD

  12. Oh! Oh! Oh! I thought of another question!! *facepalm* I bet you think I’m trying to spam your blog. XD Anyways, here’s mah question for Eristor:

    Do you enjoy art? Drawing, painting, etc. And music: Have you ever considered purchasing an iPod? Or stealing your authoress’ mp3 player/iPod (whatever she’s got 😉 )? 😛

    Do you enjoy writing?

    And would you agree with me that this: -_- is THE BEST emoticon? *gringringringringringrin*

    Okay. So that was a few questions. Sorry. When I get going, it’s hard to stop. XD

  13. *cheers happily and settles in to read part 3*

    Okay, the whole shishkebab thing was hilarious! 😀

    This set of questions felt more serious though… “I have often had them broken for me…” just makes me want to cry because of all the scenes that come to mind… 😛 *sniff*

    And him singing to his sister… ow….

    Perhaps I’m just growing melancholic because I seriously miss them all. 🙂 It’s really quite dreadful…

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