This summer

I’m not much of a Summer girl. I’m a fall-and-Winter-and-early-spring girl. Summers, especially in Georgia, are not pleasant for me. I hate the sticky humidity (you know it’s too humid when you have to put on flippers and a snorkel to go get the mail) and I hate heat just… because. I don’t understand people who adore the tropics – my brother, on the other hand, would be happy spending his Christmases in Hawaii!! (I don’t understand you, Mac. I just don’t.)

However, that does not mean that I hate Summer when it’s spent indoors. While most other people are outdoors, going to the swimming pool and the beach and running around outside, I’m sitting indoors with the fan on in my room, scribbling in a notebook on the bed and thankful I don’t have to go outside (unless it’s to get the aformentioned mail, or go water my rosebushes).

However, summer is an excellent time for getting things done, and I do have several things on my to-do list for Summer 2012 (you know, before the world ends) –

1. Finish Algebra (Nine! More! Lessons!) and a good deal of my senior year.

2.  Finish “Monster” (working title). That’s right, I want to finish an entire book this summer. I’ve only been writing it for a week and I’m fifty-plus pages into it, so I think I might actually reach my goal!

3. Improve my archery skills. They’re decent, but let’s just say I’m no Maid Marian. Yet.

4. Learn several dances. I’ve already learned B.A.P.’s “Warrior,” next up are UKiss’s “Neverland” and SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong.” (I don’t really learn girl’s dances. They’re too cutesy for the most part…)

5. Submit The Shadows Fall to publishers. Yes, I realized there’s something I have to tweak at the beginning (I’m adding a little more tension) and then I hope to send my baby out into the wide world. Yikes! I’m submitting it this week – Mom told me I have a classic case of ‘sending-my-baby-out-into-the-world’ and I had to admit she was right. I pointed out I won’t be this overprotective with my real children, just my books. *eheheh*

6. Catch up on my to-read list. I have lots of things to read that I haven’t had time for! Whew!

7. Start memorizing Philippians. I’m not very good at memorizing passages I read, but I have the Bible on CD and am going to listen to Philippians until it becomes part of my subconscious. I memorize well if I’m hearing voices.

8. Streak my hair pink. I’m doing it tomorrow night – don’t worry, it’s only kool-aid, but if I like it I’ll probably do it quite frequently. I’ve always wanted to streak my hair with color, and I’m finally going to do it! Yaaaay!

It may not be huge or momumental, but it’s a nice little list and I like lists. I like to check the things off or just look at them, even though I really hardly ever use them. I make them and like to look at them but then they end up being forgotten… so someone remind me at the end of the summer to tell which of these I actually buckled down and did.

NOTE: My Editor Fantastic has gotten a blog, and she’s just GREAT.  So you should definitely go read and follow her blog because she’s awesome. Why are you still here!? Oh, you’re finishing this post? Okay, fine, but once you’re done reading it, hop over Amanda’s blog.

What’s your Summer List?

~ Mirriam


53 thoughts on “This summer

  1. Methinks that you’ll have to ‘run around outside’ to improve your archery skills, milady. ^_^
    Odd it is, that was also on my list for this summer.

            • Man, I don’t think I could pick.
              I love the story in the MV for 0330 – I feel another short story coming on – but the dances for Tick Tack, Neverland and ManManHaNi are just amazing. Plus DoraDora gets stuck in my head all the time ^.^

            • No way, mine too!!! The foot-stomping and the shoulder/head sliding and the finger-waving – it’s all so CLOCKish!!! It was brilliant.
              Neverland is my second favorite, I think – it was my first UKiss song =D

            • UKiss are, in my opinion, some of the best dances in Korea. SHINee is probably the best, INFINITE comes a close third. Have you seen SHINee’s RingDingDong? It’s the dance Ashley and I are going to learn =D INFINITE’S “Before the Dawn” is amazing. So complicated, and they’re so in sync it’s almost robotic!!

  2. Sounds like you have a fun summer planned!

    If you lived in the Northwest part of Washington, you’ll understand when I say I love summer. Hovering between 75-80 degrees is the perfect temperature for me. 😛 I know that eastern Washington is different, but here it’s perfect.

    Oooh, Monster sounds intriguing! And I can’t believe you’re already 50 pages in. I’ve been writing one thing for… (three months? Two? Oh gosh, I hadn’t realized it had been that long…) months, and I’m only 18 pages in. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that I was stuck in one place for about a month, because I couldn’t figure out what to do with the story next. (This is the one I sent you a little bit of to help me with. 🙂 ) But last night I wrote a little over 1k, and broke through a bit of a barrier I had been having.

    My friend streaked her hair pink (professionally) in late December of 2010. They said it should last a few months at most. It’s now summer of 2012, and she’s just finishing growing it out of her hair. The woman who dyed her hair cut it a few months later, and remarked that it was nice that she had redyed it. But she hadn’t. 😛

    • Yes, Spokane is my home town =) Washington summers were much better. Monster is so much fun; in fact, I’ll send it to you. I’m glad you got over your writer’s block! And wow – I doubt Kool-Aid will stay in that long, but that’s a LONG time. O_o

      • Oooh, yeah, I’ve never been to Spokane. Though I did a report about it earlier this year. I think it is hotter over there, though, rather than on northwest/coast side.

        Oh, I’d love that! Thanks Mirriam! 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be great.

        And yeah, that’s nuts. I guess her hair just really likes the pink streaks. They’re just on the tips of her hair now, though, since it’s grown out so much.

        And I’m really happy I got past my writers block. I was browsing Pinterest, and I saw a few people on it, and I immediately figured out how to save my character from being lost and confused in the swamp. ;D

  3. I’m with ya on summer! Ive been asked if I swim at the beach every day (since I live in FL) but I scoff. “Me? Nope. I stay in my Batcave -going to start calling my room that- and dream of frigid places!”

    Monster. *thunk*. I still can’t get over that I actually gave that suggestion to you. >.<

    LET'S LEARN RING DING DONG TOGETHER!!! I've been wanting to learn one of their dances!! And then, if/when I come visit you…we can go dance it in some public place!!! We might have to bring a radio, because our singing will never match theirs. And we might accidentally cuss in Korean. Lol

    • YES!!!! WE WILL START LEARNING RINGDINGDONG NOW!!! WOOOT! Then we’ll have to perform it together at the mall!!! Whoops. Well, we just won’t sing it then. XD

  4. Happy Summer, Alice! 😀

    Your list sounds brilliant. (I want to see pictures of the pink streaks in your hair!)

    My list mainly includes studying. 😛 I’ve got three more tests this month as well as Biology studies and an online Algebra course. Possibly I’ll also be taking a Shakespeare course as well, but I’ll have to see what my schedule looks like. Besides that I have homeschool conventions to work and a two-week-long trip to Maryland planned! *is excited* It will be a lovely break and I plan to get plenty of reading done.

    Oh! and I just started watching BBC Sherlock so I’m going to be watching those over the summer. 😀

    With love and hopes to talk soon,
    Cora 😉

    • I will DEFINITELY post pictures of the pink hair! WOW, you and I have lots of school – but we get breaks! YAY!
      SHERLOCK. YES. FINALLY. THANK YOU. XD Though I must warn you not to have your brothers watch “A Scandal in Belgravia” with you. Even I didn’t watch that one. *ugh* It was so brilliant, too. =D

  5. I LOVE making lists! Though you’re right, the getting-stuff-done-on-them isn’t so easy…

    I also kinda agree about outsideness… I went swimming last week and am still recovering from sunburn XD I think I’ll stay inside a lot too!

    That’s FANTASTIC you’re getting so much writing done! I just surprised myself yesterday by writing a whole 2500 words in one day… which may sound kinda pitiful but it’s the best I’ve done in a looong time! 🙂 I love it when projects just pop out at you and write themselves! 😀 Yay! ❤

    Okay, okay, no need to yell! XD *wanders over to Amanda's blog*

    • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! 2500 words is NOT pitiful, it’s great!!!! Projects that write themselves – they’re amazing. IT helps when you’re so in love with it you can’t stop. XD *yells* GO TO AMANDA’S BLOG!!! XD

      • Actually, I meant the fact that the last time I wrote 2500 in a day was on the very last day of last December, meaning it’s been half a year.

        ❤ I KNOW. This project . . . it's so weird because it's contemporary fantasy– I NEVER do that. And yet it's so easy to write! And so hilarious–you must have lent me some of your humorous writing talent… And then there's my new dark-guy, Tare, who is FANTASTIC… XD

        *yells* I DID! 'Tis wonderful! Shall return for later reading! *bookmarks* 😀

  6. One thing on my list:
    ~Train foals so they do not turn into “monsters”. Lol. 😀
    ~Well, that and writing!

  7. Finish Finders Fee (first short story explaining how jabber jaw and Michaeli’ina “met”. Marvelous Discovery is helping me TONS with that 😀

    Survive moving/closing the store where I worked

    Get into my writing groove with the review site where I am a bylined “contributor”

    I am sorta kinda excited ’bout that last one.


  8. Ok, I want to see a video of you doing one of those dances at the end of the summer! And I might learn one or two of them also…they just look so fun! I agree, girl’s dances are always too cutesy.
    My summer plans…umm, have time to enjoy the summer? Lol. Actually, I’ve been wanting to take swing dance lessons. We’ll see if I can talk my husband into that. I want to finish a couple of writing projects, go storm chasing at least once (which might happen on Monday!) and learn to play drums. Oh yeah, and I also want to make one piece of clothing for myself and at least one thing for our apartment.

    • Okay, I promise you that I will turn them into a video and you will see them. I’ll try and film Warrior sometime, too, because it’s a blast. (A workout, and I’ll probably look like a dork, but it’s a blast). Swing dance? That would be SO much fun!!! Drums. I love drums. And a couple DIY projects! Very cool. I usually browse ETSY and then get completely psyched for different projects to make =D

  9. Him, Kool-Aid as a hair dye? Hm, that’s a new one. I’m afraid I’m not a good archer, but I’d rather be good with a gun, since carrying one is much more practical than going around armed with a bow. I may have already told you, but my kind of weather is something like 50-60 degrees (but maybe 70 sometimes), cloudy, somewhat windy, but without rain, partly because it allows more variety with clothing and usually matches how I feel.
    I’m memorizing Philippians too; it’s taken me a long time, but I’m nearly at the end of chapter 1. 🙂

    • Really? I’ve grown up hearing about dyeing your hair with kool-aid. You sound a bit skeptical it will turn out, not that I blame you XD I’m a pretty good shot with a gun, but my archery skills aren’t used enough for me to be able to say I’m ‘good.’ I don’t absolutely, one-hundred-percent-stink… Aha, your weather sounds very nice! I like gray, cloudy, I love rain but am fine when it’s just gloomy outside, and cool and windy. So we actually love kind of the same weather O_o
      ACK! You’re a chapter ahead of me! *races to catch up*

      • That should have been “Hm” – not “him” (probable AutoCorrect at work again). 😛
        I don’t know about skeptical; it just sounds a bit odd to me.
        Once I get a Sig handgun (I’ll be able to next year, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough money by then 😦 ), I’d like to be a good enough shot to hit a quarter-sized target from across a room. All right for that kind of weather! (if you’ve ever watched the CG movie, Final Fantast VII: Advent Children or a bunch of other movies with epic weather, you know what that looks like)
        “Gomawo” is Korean, I take it?

  10. Oh, and I started following your editor’s blog as well: her writing also seems very interesting.
    One last question for now: Do you find it relatively easy to write books? I think I should have a title like “Wordslayer” or “Wordhunter” because although I have many ideas for plot elements, characters, and other things I’d like to put into a book or short story, whenever I sit down to start writing, words seem to flee, causing me a fair amount of frustration – especially because I would really like to bring my ideas to life through words (and images, as a photographer, but that will take a while I do well also). 😦

    BTW, I like how you’re using an ethical issue that we could possibly face soon (and relating to current bioethical issues like abortion and the right to life, just like the themes The Island developed) as part of the plot in monster. 🙂

    • Ah… easy to write. Hmm. Max, you’ve spawned another blog post which I shall answer very soon!!!
      (And I’m glad you like the ethical issue – sanctity of life and human rights are the two themes I really wanted to explore and portray my views on in the novel, so – YAAAY! Gomawo!!)


    Also, SQUEEE about submitting TSF to publishers!

    Riah: “Excuse me, but I just have to interject, I’m really proud of my dear little Ale–uh, I mean, I’m really proud of Alec.”


    ANYWAY. Good luck on finishing Monster by the end of this summer!! YOU CAN DO IT. I KNOW YOU CAN. I BELIEVE IN YOU, PETER PAN.

    Oi! I’m a poet and didn’t know it! 😉 <— the singularly most over-used line in history… and yet I use it anyway. *shakes head*

    *clicks post comment before incurring more embarrassment upon self*

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