Eristor Interview: Part the Second!

AAAannnnd he’s BACK!

Eristor, m’boy, you’re a hit. No, that is not permission to strike me. (I think he secretly enjoyed the last round of questions, but he’s pretending they’re nothing but an annoyance. Don’t believe him.) NOTE: When I interrupt his answers, I’ll be italicized. Just so you know.

Are you ready for part two of the interview, Eristor?

If I must be.

You must. Please, at least try not to grimace. You don’t have to smile, but stop grinding the audience between your back molars.


And be polite.

Would it be all right if we just commenced already?

What is your favorite kind of cheese?


How did you and Valentine get such an interesting history?

 I see you people are fond of dredging up painful memories.

Answer them, you punk.

What is a ‘punk’?

It isn’t a nice term.

I know quite a few ‘not nice terms’ I could use toward you, madame.

Stop bickering and answer the question!

We ran into each other on Facebook. Comments began to fly, and we were drawn into a lifelong fued involving more bantering than bloodshed, but plenty of irritated feelings on either side. I believe it began when Valentine’s arm was torn off and he would not shut up about the fact he had a mechanical arm and I did not.

Do you have any unarmed combat skills or have you mostly trained in armed combat with your kelehb sticks?

I was trained from a very young age to be competent in various forms of combat, including swordsmanship, man-to-man, archery, and spear-use. I wished to combine several of these forms into something more useable, and over several years perfected the kelehb sticks I use now.

How fast and agile are you compared to elves as a whole, and how do elves stack up in those two areas against humans? I suppose you could throw strength into the mix as well and assuming you and Tylir are good representatives of elves and humans, compare who is faster, more agile, stronger, more intelligent, more handsome, etc.

While all elves are physically more powerful than humans, I am considered athletic even for elven-kind. Tylir is an excellent example of humankind, being both strong and athletic for his race as well. And I believe we are both considered good-looking, though I in a dark, angular way and Tylir in a fair-haired, classically handsome way.

 How did you and Sienna meet?

I believe this passage below should explain it to you.

Blindly, she turned a sharp left and ran smack into something with all of the force in her body. The collision sent her falling backwards, crashing painfully to the ground.

            “Ow,” she groaned, and looked up to see what she had run into. She found herself looking at a pair of frigid blue eyes set in a face that appeared to have been chiseled out of stone – a straight nose, high, prominent cheekbones, full lips. Long, blue-black hair hung past his broad shoulders, and he was dressed in black pants and boots and a long-sleeved white shirt open at the collar. Broad straps crossed over his chest, and twin pommels glimmered behind each shoulder.

            And their owner was looking at her with utter contempt.

            All this Sienna absorbed in a split second’s time as she lay, staring, from her position on the floor. The man gazed down at her for an agonizing heartbeat, his lip curled slightly before he brushed past her and continued down the hall, his footsteps echoing in her ears.

            Sienna knew that her mouth was hanging open; and there was nothing she could do about it. Of all the absolutely rude, selfish, inconsiderate, and inhuman—

What first attracted you to Sienna?

I believe it was her inability to keep her mouth shut. -_-

Apparently, Eristor has figured out how to use emoticons. Oh dear.

What type of noodle would you eat, if you had to?

I am not certain, but Sienna assures me I’d ‘love macaroni and cheese.’ I’m a bit suspicious. Alec tells me I’d love ‘spaghetti,’ but they both sound more on the revolting side.

Have you ever kissed someone (OTHER THAN YOUR MOTHER!), and would you WANT to?

…I was… *clears throat* I was known to be wild and irresponsible at one time, so yes, I have. As for the second half of the question, I can think of no one this applies to. I try to avoid lust; the price is not worth the cost.

Eristor, I’m discovering things about you O_o

How are you so awesome?

I believe you are misapplying this word, as nothing about me inspires awe. But thank you for the thought.

What is your biggest weakness?

Arrogance, I suppose, and bitterness. Yes, I suppose it shocks you to know that I see the flaws in myself. Everyone has them, however, and if we do not work to overtake them, they will overtake us.

Do you approve of women wearing trousers as well as skirts?

I believe trousers are practical for many purposes, but I also find skirts attractive on females. 

What do you think of chocolate?


Sienna: *screeches from backstage* ERISTOR! You’ve never had CHOCOLATE!? What – how – that’s it. We’re going back to earth right now!!

In our world, we drink coffee. What do you drink in Elmeria?

I suppose it depends on your race and culture. We have a bitter, black drink called savra that Alec and Sienna say is the closest thing to coffee.

Would you be one of those people to leave cookies and milk out for Santa?

(We are experiencing technical difficulties in the form of Eristor asking Sienna who Santa is. One moment….)

No. I most definitely would not. Fairy tales are for children.

Calm down, Sienna, deep breaths! Deep breaths!

If you went to school would you end up being an honour student or and outcast?

I’m letting Sienna answer this one. – Mirriam

Oh, Eristor would definitely be the rebel guy in detention all the time. He’d be smart, but everybody would be scared of him because he’d wear nothing but black leather and probably put red streaks in his hair and pierce his ears or something, and all the girls would have crushes on him but would be too scared to talk to him. It’s kind of a scary thought.

Would you visit our world if you had the chance?

I don’t believe I have any say in the matter, but it would definitely be an… interesting experience.

Is there a song that you would willingly accept as his your theme song, other than the Imperial March?

My author found this song and claims it’s ‘soooo me’ or some such nonsense. 

There you have it, peoples! I’m guessing there will be two more parts to come, I’m SO glad you’re all enjoying this as much as I am (and as much as Eristor is pretending not to!) Once again, if you have any unasked questions, feel free to ask them in the comments =)

– Mirriam


57 thoughts on “Eristor Interview: Part the Second!

  1. The emoticons and chocolate parts had me laughing so hysterically that I’m glad I was home alone. Still can’t wait for him to answer my question–I’ll be ready to duck and run in case he decides to throw something sharp at me!! 😀

  2. Valentine here. Eristor’s got a short, short memory. And he thinks that he can mock me. Curse his pointed ears by their everlasting roots–you wanna know why we despise one another–well here it is in a nut shell:

    He’s an arrogant elf.
    He saved my life.
    I owe an arrogant elf a life-debt.

    That’s why.

  3. You seem to be quite the interesting character, Eristor, that you do. One observation: granted, it’s a figure of speech and so it could also apply to females or other races, but to be technically accurate, shouldn’t you say you’re skilled in “elf-to-elf” or “elf-to-man” or “elf-to-whatever I’m fighting” combat? 😉
    Goodness, elf, don’t be hasty now; put those things away – it was just a joke.

  4. Hahaha! Like H.A. Titus, the emoticon part cracked me UP. Eristor, now that you have entered the strange and slightly baffling world of emoticons, which is your favorite? (This can count as one of Ze Epic Questions to Be Added to the Queue.)

    You and I really should get our characters together sometime. XD Mine tend to hang out at the local tavern, so tell Eristor he can come hang out with them whenever he wants. Somehow I have the strangest feeling that he might refuse that invitation, though… so tell him that we can always drag him there in handcuffs if need be.

    • Oooh, that IS an epic question!!!! Eristor’s hangin’ out with Zane on Facebook currently, but I’ve got a leash just in case. XD

    • And likewise for me–I’ve got handcuffs on hand and ready in case Zane goes berserk or something. XD Here’s hoping he can at least be (somewhat) civil. I’m not so sure that they’re off to the greatest start, though. *laughs*

      Speaking of which, this is Zane’s first foray into the world of Facebook. He’s pretty excited, though he complains that the company is less than pleasant. (Referring to Eristor, of course.) *rolls eyes and then hushes Zane*

      • I’m not certain they’re going to stay civil… OOoh, Zane’s first time on Facebook? Eristor’s an old pro; he argues with Valentine there all the time. =D

    • Ooh, we should *definitely* fix this…

      *clears throat* Ahem. Dear Eristor,

      Have you ever broken a bone?
      My character, Riah, wants to know if you’ve ever died, but she’s just being sarcastic, of course.
      Do you hate blood? Guts? Do they make you all queasy inside?
      If you had to enter a medical profession, which one would it be? (i.e., pediatrics, dentistry, chiropractic, etc.)
      Have you ever wounded anyone?
      What’s the worst wound that *you’ve* received?

      And, a question unrelated to death, injury, or gore: Do you like coffee? Sienna may very well have to explain that one to you, and if you haven’t had it, I daresay, sir, you are very deprived.

      Goodnight and farewell! I may, perhaps, return, armed with more queries. 😀

    • That’s been Eristor’s song since the first time I heard it four years ago =D I KNOW, right? It was SO him. He’d be like… Warren Peace. With elf ears.

  5. “…Fresh.”

    I was giggling so hard. And then again with the pasta question. And the one about Valentine. And the one about where he met Sienna. 😛 Just… lots of laughter. This interview thingy had… lighter, questions than the last one. xD

  6. “…I was… *clears throat* I was known to be wild and irresponsible at one time, so yes, I have.”

    I have not laughed that hard in a long, long time! Eristor would be such a Warren Peace!!! XD And the image of him asking Sienna who Santa was sent me into hysterics… 🙂

    • CAELAN, I’M *SO* GLAD!!!! XD Eristor would TOTALLY be Warren Peace. Yeah. Complete with fire. *chortle* Santa… yeah… Eristor doesn’t think much of him XD (Much to her chagrin)

      • Most of my charries tend to be like W.P. too 😛 *coughcough* Probably because I tend to be somewhat emo *sheepish grin*
        Poor Sienna 😉

  7. SO funny. 🙂 Im not completely familiar with your story, but I’m picking up bits and pieces…especially after reading these interviews. You have such an entertaining way of writing — so love it!! I really love the back and forth banter between you and Eristor (and when Sienna pops in!). 😀

    • *laughs* I’m so glad you’re enjoying them, Cait!!! If you would like to beta-read the Shadows Fall, I can email the file to you! =)

  8. Oh, that was really funny. I should do it with some of my characters… Beautiful People is great, but it only comes once a month.

    Eristor sounds like one snarky fellow. He must be great fun to write!

    • *laugh* I know, I always anticipate Beautiful People but wish it was weekly! Eristor is a good deal snarky, when he decides to open his mouth. He’s both a pain and a blast to write. XD

  9. More questions? Awesome!
    1# Do you have a motto or code that you live by?
    2# Do you find Alec irritating?
    3# Have you ever grown a beard?
    4# Do you speak with an accent?

  10. Since when do fantasy characters (ESPECIALLY Eristor) have FACEBOOK?!?!?! lol that one threw me for a loop!! And who is Valentine? OH WAIT!! Do either of those things have to do with that Real World book you made up once? XD and WHAT?!?! HE WAS WILD AND UNRULY?!?!?! OHMYGOODNESS YOU HAVE TO ELABORATE ON THAT!!!!!!! maybe do a flashback or something of the sort in your next book? I MUST KNOW ALL THE DETAILS!!!!!!!! XD ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ btw that's not necessarily a question to be asked of him in his next interview, I'm just asking you, as the author. ;D

    • Well, Eristor, Sienna, and Alec had a very long (two-hour) conversation on the Book of Face last night with Sky’s characters, Riah, Gray, and Torin. (Oh, and Keith. But he only popped in to say IAMWATCHINGYOU and then left). Yes, Eristor was wild and unruly O_O I HADN’T KNOWN THAT UNTIL THIS INTERVIEW. IT JUST ADDED A WHOLE ‘NOTHER LAYER TO ERISTOR’S BACKSTORY. I AM PSYCHED.

  11. P.S. yes, that song is SO Eristor, but I had to stop listening because it made me LONG to go to Elmeria or some other fantasy place with such intensity it wasn’t even funny. :S X) lol but as I was listening, I could just imagine some dramatic movie trailer all about Eristor, and I wanted to go and fawn over him. XD

  12. *crashes in again* I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION FOR ERISTOR!!! *sheepish grin*

    Could you please explain the kelehb sticks? XD

    *tiptoes out* =D

  13. Question for Eristor from my sister: What would you do if you found out Caranthir had a SON? (besides you) [Mirriam, possible fodder for sequels — take heed! XD *”Mwahahahaha” Alec laugh*]

    Love it, as always! 😀 Especially the “Kill-joy” and punk part and the emoticons! 😀 😀 😀 I think we should see more of him using them…

    I didn’t think he’d be a noodle person… Bithoa isn’t either XD

    WHAT IS THIS ABOUT WILD AND IRRESPONSIBLE??? O_O That’s . . . that’s impossible! Especially since if Alec is anything it’s irresponsible and the idea of Alec and Eristor ever having anything in common is preposterous, wouldn’t you say? So this brings up a question from me: What made you change, Eristor?? How did you get from point A to point B? Seriously, Mirri, where did this come from?? :O

    *giggles hysterically at Sienna’s description of Eristor-if-he-was-at-school* That was soooo funny! Oh and yes, black leather OF COURSE. XD *reminds me of deep-dark-mysterious-guy character in latest story I’m writing, coughcough*

    And chocolate! And Santa! And… *titters* New one SOON please!

    Also, lovely music! *bookmarks* And that picture on it looks EXACTLY like a beach in one of my stories!!! O_O WHAT. Whatwhatwhat.

  14. *trying not to die of laughter* Starting with “Kill-joy” and ending with “‘soooo me’ or some nonsense” it was hysterical. The song definitely had something completely epic about it… sorry, Eristor, it IS soooo you. *hides*

    …Fresh… emoticons… the rebel guy in detention all the time… ay-yi-yi… is it possible for me to like him more than I already did? LOL Sorry, Eristor, but you DO inspire awe… respect mixed with fear and wonder? Absolutely. *giggle* Of course, it’s true that the more I know him the less I fear him… but the more I wonder – WILD AND IRRESPONSIBLE??? A flashback would definitely be fascinating… 😀

    Oh, poor Sienna though… I kinda have to agree with him on Santa – but at the same time… fairy tales are NOT just for children! 😀

    I want more…. 🙂

    • *giggle giggle* YES! He was wild and irresponsible – but I didn’t know it until this interview! O_O He never told me!!!!

  15. I don’t suppose you should tell him, Mirriam, but Eristor makes me laugh sometimes, especially with the emoticons. :D. And yes, I think he’s secretly enjoying this. I do have one little question for him: If you were given the choice of saving the life of you worst enemy? Let ‘s put it in this scenario: you’re dueling him in a burning building and a beam falls on top of him, would you do save him or watch him burn?

    I know, a very interesting query indeed. But I can’t wait for your answer >:)

    • Eristor makes me laugh too, but I won’t tell him. He’s so sarcastically mean that he’s giggle-inducing. XD Oooh, deep question. This will be interesting.

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