“Do you want to play questions?”


Prince Eristor of Tirran

Eristor has been interviewed By the People and For the People. Not one of these questions is mine (I promise) and I also promise to not interfere during this interivew. The questions will be directly asked to Eristor himself, and he will answer. I said nothing to him (except ‘behave’ and ‘smile’ and ‘no killing anyone’) so this is a completely unbiased and original interview. You asked. He’ll answer (maybe). You’ll pay.

WARNING: I did NOT expect this many questions to come his way. (Eristor! You’re popular! …don’t give me that look!) I hope you enjoy it, and if it’s too long you can always take a break, get some tea and cookies, and rejoin us in a bit.

Commence Away!

What compelled you to adopt Tylir?

Contrary to popular belief, I am not heartless. I would not leave an abandoned child to die.

What are your feelings about Caranthir?

It will come as no surprise to you when I tell you I have vowed to kill him for what he did to my mother and sister. I would have let him live if he had dealt only with me. He brought his death upon himself.

What are your motivations?

Revenge, I suppose you could say. But I also have no love of Oscariath and do not wish to see him overtake my world.

Are you ticklish?


If you were stranded on a desert island with Valentine, and no weapons and plenty of food and both of his hands were broken and one of his feet, would you leave *jabber jaw alone?

I would, until he healed. Then, I am afraid he would have to go. Dead or swimming, it would be his choice.

*Jabber Jaws/Vosh/Capp are code names for Michelle’s character, Valentine. He and Eristor are constantly running in circles.

 If you had to choose between loosing an eye and loosing a leg, which would you choose?

Though I can hardly see anyone getting close enough to me to pluck an eye from my head, I would choose the eye-plucking. One can still fight and function with only one eye.

 If you had to choose between bugs being thrust under your skin, and set on fire, which would you choose?

I hope these questions are not leading up to something unpleasant.

Me: Eristor, that isn’t answering the question.

Fine. Fire.

If Valentine hypothetically sold your kelehb sticks on e-bay how long would he have to change his name, move to a different country, and enter the witness protection program?

About as long as it would take me to discover he’d stolen them. Which would be impossible, I might add.

 Why do you hate humans so much?

*sigh* My stepfather was a human.

Me: You have to give them a little more reason than that, Eristor.

Eristor: *narrows eyes at me* He murdered my mother, drove my sister into disappearance, and tortured me until I escaped. Need I add that he relentlessly pursues myself and my friends with the sole intention of killing us?

If given the choice, would you rather die of thirst or sun exposure?

I’m growing suspicious of all these death-oriented questions.

Me: Don’t worry. You don’t die. I don’t think. I haven’t finished your books yet.

Eristor: If you dare –

Me: HEY! I’m the author, NOT you, sit back down and stop pointing those things at me!

Eristor:  You said you would not interfere! *growls* I believe sun exposure would lead to thirst, therefore these options are one and the same. Null and void. Next question.

If you had to deal with both Alec and a certain red headed jabber jaw, would you go insane?

If I were going to be driven insane, I believe it would have happened already. So, no.

If you had an alter ego, what would you name it?

Alec: *runs in offstage* OOH! OOh, I know! I know! DARTH VADER.

Eristor: …Darth -?

Alec: Dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-DUUNNN, dun-dun-DUUNNNN! DUN, DUN, DUN DUN-

Sienna: *runs in behind Alec* ALEC! Get back here! *hauls him offstage, still singing the Emperial March at the top of his lungs*

Have you ever actually killed someone/s?

…yes. I am nearing the point of adding another to the list.

Well, that’s all for now, folks! I think Eristor’s patience is wearing thin (and it wasn’t very thick to begin with!) Like I said, I did NOT expect the amount of questions he was asked, so there will be at LEAST two more parts, maybe three. If there is something you want to ask him, be it of silly or serious nature, feel free to leave it in a comment!


70 thoughts on ““Do you want to play questions?”

  1. Oh, and that picture is beautifully Eristor!! You won’t guess who has been on my iPhone’s screen for the past month….*whistles* then Loki replaced him.

    • I KNOW, I was so excited to find that picture!
      Who’s been on your iPhone for month?
      WHO? O_O
      Loki – well, he’s good at replacing XD Something about him.

  2. -_- Eristor. One of the pics you posted of him early has adorned my iPhone. (I actually hugged iPhone/picture once. Yeah).

    I would reply instead of starting a WHOLE NEW comment….but safari won’t let me. -_-

    • WHICH ONE!? *gapes*
      That is just TOO COOOOL – but I didn’t remember posting any pictures of Eristor a long long time ago O_o

  3. This wasn’t a long post…you haven’t seen a long post 🙂 Eristor seemed in a slightly better mood than usual for this first part of the interview, by the way. You can tell him that Drexara believes he is going soft, and therefore whatever tiny chances Eristor might have had in battle against him are now gone. Drexara wishes to inform Eristor that elves can be just as mean and nasty as humans, if not more so 🙂

    • Ah, Eristor would like to inform Drexara that he understands this, as he IS an elf, and he would probably be terribly nasty to Drexara if he ever met him. =D

      • Drexara has his sword Margreth out of its sheath and is threatening to use his dark powers to blast me into a cinder if I don’t take him along with me this fall and allow him to personally kill Eristor, after teaching him some manners elf-to-elf 🙂

  4. Oooh, fun! It’s always fun to hear more from Eristor. And that picture is definitely him.

    Also, I saw The Avengers yesterday. Very, very awesome. (Especially Hawkeye. He’s just so awesome.)

  5. Haha, these were great! I hope to see more soon. 🙂

    Ok, a couple of questions for Mr. dangerous elf:
    1) Do you have any unarmed combat skills or have you mostly trained in armed combat with your kelehb sticks?
    2) How fast and agile are you compared to elves as a whole, and how do elves stack up in those two areas against humans? I suppose you could throw strength into the mix as well and assuming you and Tylir are good representatives of your eleven and humans, compare who is faster, more agile, stronger, more intelligent, more handsome, etc… 😉

  6. That should have been, “assuming you and Tylir are good representatives of elves and humans…” or “assuming you and Tylir are good representatives of your respective races…” 😛

  7. Ahaha, this was so fun to read. XD *hughughug* ♥♥ Do you like hugs, Eristor? Well… um… it doesn’t really matter because I’m going to give you one… *gives Eristor a BIIIIG HUG*

    Eristor sounds so fascinating. I’ll think of some questions. *rubs hands together evilly*

    Ooh ooh! Okay, so: how did you and Sienna meet?
    What first attracted you to Sienna? (Not sure if this question works with your timeline, since I don’t know if they’re together yet, but make it work if you wanna. 😀 )

    And yes, yes, I am a hopeless romantic. XD They just sound like such a CUTE couple.

    What do you do in your spare time?
    What’s your favorite color?

    That’s all for now! Maybe I’ll come up with more later. 😀

  8. How could I MISS this??? Stupid dead internet…

    *dies at all the awesomeness*
    Ahh, Eristor XD ❤
    Also, nice picture!
    AND, my sister would like to tell you that she thinks this is your best blog post ever. Again. You keep doing that…

    Sounds like he and Valentine have a very interesting thing going. . . I wonder if it would be that bad for him and Bithoa? It also makes me laugh, remembering that Elmeria fanfiction called Valentine's Day XD

    I love all of those questions especially . . . all of them!

    What type of noodle would he eat, if he had to? (remember that question I brought up before?)

    I'm veeeeerrry looking forward to the next one!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • VALENTINE’S DAY! I was just telling a friend about it on Facebook because I LOVED it so much!!! ^.^
      I don’t think Eristor and Mr. Khaza-Duhm would get along very well… nooo… YAY! More questions!
      And tell your sister, I’m honored and she made me grin =D And I hope she likes the next ones! (I’m making it up to her for depressing her with ‘In Time.’ XD)

      • REALLY?? Oh goodness, it wasn’t THAT good! O_O I’m so glad you liked it though! *squees* It was a favorite of mine that month I must say – but it’s really only due to your awesome characters! ❤ Rather ironic actually since that was my first fanfiction attempt EVER and I just did my second one today (that Doctor Who dream I mentioned recently which I am sorely tempted to send you)… Strangeness how things go in circles and such…

        Mr. Khazad-dum! Love it! XD I actually have been trying to make myself get back to outlining the story he's in so I can write more! I'm sure he's not looking forward to what happens next (I refer to it as the "Bithoa's brain flips its circuit-breaker" scene… Yeaaah, he's got a lot of stress "coming soon to a valley near him")

        I'll tell her! Yeah, she came bubbling into my room this morning going on about your hysterical blog post and saying you're totally forgiven for the In Time incident! 😀

        Oh, and Alec coming in like that was so. hilarious. 😀

        • It was TOO that good! I mean, think about it from an author’s point of view – YOUWROTEAFANFICTIONABOUTMYCHARACTERSRANDTHEYAREN’TEVENPUBLISHEDYET!!!!!!!!!! I was so hyped – and I still randomly giggle when I think of how awesome it was. XD Poor Bithoa, under all that stress. *sniff* Poor baby. Wh ydo we do it to them? YAY; I’m forgiven by your sister! I”m so glad I made her bubble! ^.^ That makes me happy. And Alec says he’s glad you liked his impromptu one-man concert (that he didn’t get to finish because his party-pooper sister dragged him out).

          • I suppose that would be rather fantabulous from the author’s point of view… And who care’s that they’re not published yet? They’re twice as awesome as most charries out there…
            I know, why DO we? ‘Tis awful… Not as bad as killing them off though… *muffled voice: “speaking of killing* Ahaha! *grins nervously and steps in front of Bithoa* No, that wasn’t my character offering to kill you for calling him “poor baby”, no no. What makes you think that?? 😀 *whispers behind hand: “Bithoa, put that double-ended spear away NOW!”* There, you see? *innocent grin*
            Yes and yes!
            Aww, poor Alec XD
            Still annoyed at my technical blunders . . . oh well, now you know what my memory recalls when I don’t save things…

      • I . . . tried to reply — typed a long thingamy! … and it broke. -.- Trying again, and THIS time I’ll actually put my name in the little box! *nods*

        Oh, I’m so glad you liked it! Of course, it was only any good because I had your fantastic characters to use 😀 It’s strange though because that was my first attempt at fanfiction and I just made my second attempt today… (Doctor Who dream I mentioned; seriously tempted to send it to you… :P)

        Mr. Khazad-dum! Love it! XD (totally did NOT just type Khazad-duh…) I have to get back to outlining the book he’s in so I can start writing about him again! Except I don’t think he’ll be pleased with that . . . especially seeing as how the next scene I have labeled the “Bithoa’s brain flips its circuit-breaker” scene XD Yup, lotsa stress “coming soon to a valley near him”… (instead of a theater near you . . . transitional traditional-saying failure…)

        I told her, and I’m sure she will! 🙂 She came bursting into my room this morning bubbling about your “best post ever!” and saying that you’re totally forgiven for the, ahem, In Time incident… 😀

        Also, I noticed that Alec’s rude interruption full of Star Wars fanaticism actually got Eristor out of answering that particular question. It’s even possible that *gasp* Eristor may have expressed his gratitude for unintentionally getting him out of answering at least ONE of the stupid questions his author is making him go through. Then again, the fact that it WAS unintentional and the conversation that may follow regarding the actual character of this “Darth Vader” person may squash all of that . . . literally. XD

        Eristor: “Who exactly was that whom you were comparing me to?”

        Alec:”Oh, he was this guy in a film- uh, story. He wore a black cape and mask. And kinda reminds me of Caranthir…”

        Eristor: “You are implying that my alter-ego resembles my step-father whom I have sworn to pursue through all eternity and slay?”

        Alec: “Er…”

        Cover your eyes, young children! XD

        Yeaaah, I’m done now… *hopes this will actually post this time and that it isn’t too long*

  9. I love this!! 😀 especially the picture!! :O lol is it weird for me to crush on a fictional character who is destined to be with someone else? ;D and REALLY?!?! that pic was made with digital paint?!? THAT IS SOME INTENSE SKILL!! anyway. . . . hmm. . . . questions. . . . OH! inspiration! lol I was scrolling up the page to try and get an idea for a question, and as I went past it, I thought “have you ever actually killed someone” said, “have you ever actually KISSED someone”! XD so my question would be, “Have you ever kissed someone (OTHER THAN YOUR MOTHER!), and would you WANT to?” XD BAHAHAHA I am a ridiculous romantic (as opposed to a hopeless one) ;D

    • *cracks up*
      NO, it’s not weird, I do it all the time!! I know, digital paint – I thought it was SO perfect and *so* Eristor!
      Oh my goodness – has he ever kissed anyone? I’ve never asked him!!! XD I’m a ridiculous romantic too, so I sympathize XD

  10. *squeal* ALEC!!!! *clapping and cheering wildly for Alec’s ridiculous interruption*

    *ahem* that wasn’t exactly what I was intending to say, but since I’m in his fan club… *shrug*

    ANYWAY. LOVE that picture… and of course, I love Eristor. Every answer reminded me how much, and then I got to this line and just about died:
    “…yes. I am nearing the point of adding another to the list.” LOL

    I can’t exactly think of a question for him myself, besides How are you so awesome? but that would be kind of awkward (*ahem* I’m still a bit scared of him), so… I shall definitely be looking forward to the next set of questions! XD

    • *laughs* Katherine, that comment just totally made me grin XD I LOVE IT.
      Eristor would probably not have an answer to why he’s so awesome; he’d say “It’s inherant” and leave it at that. XD

    • Wuahaha. The “yes, and I am about to add another to my list” part cracked me up, too. XD Thanks for reminding me about that, Katherine, otherwise I would have forgotten to mention how amusing it was to me. XD

      Eristor, you are officially awesome. As is your author. *nods sagely*

      • Eristor just nodded. Apparently he knows he’s awesome and is acknowleging that you are correct. And as for me — AAWWW, THANKYOUSOMUCH!!!! ^.^ ((((((hug))))))

        • Something I was going to say: “Article headline: Author was killed by her character”
          You’d better be careful around your dangerous dude, it would be an awful shame for that to happen – it would mean no more stories! (I doubt Eristor’s skills extend to writing) 😉

  11. Your characters are awesome, Mirriam! (*coughcoughcough* //Alec// *wheeze* *sigh*)

    Anyhow, I have a question for him: What is your biggest weakness?

  12. Okay got a few questions for Eristor.

    1# Does he approve of women wearing trousers as well as skirts?
    2# What does he think of chocolate?
    3# In our world we drink coffee, what do you drink there?
    4# Would you be one of those people to leave cookies and milk out for Santa?
    5# If he went to school would he end up being an honoured student or and outcast?
    6# would you visit our world if you had the chance?
    7# Please tell Mirriam to finish getting her book published so I can buy a copy and read all about you!!

    Hope you like the questions a lot of them are silly, I know and my sister came up with some of them but hey, you said serious or silly. 😉

  13. Oh. My. Gosh. How have I not seen this? O_O I might have, but I forget. HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS INTERVIEW??? MIRRIAM, HOW??? I miss this boy so much. *hugs him*

    And yeah, I’m here ’cause I’m supposed to be doing school. It’s legit. xD

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