Tea for two and two for tea

That’s it. I’ve officially become mentally linked to my blog. I was sitting here thinking “Whoa, it’s been AGES since I’ve posted anything! What has it been, a week?” and so I checked.

Yup. Four days.

Oh dear. Well, what can I say? I’ve been blogging since I was thirteen, and I’m eighteen, so I suppose five years could form something of an obsessive habit. I love it, though, so I don’t mind.

Anyway, brilliant moments tend to strike me in the shower, and in this odd place I came up with the idea to do a post featuring all the various ‘couples’ from my stories. I thought it could be fun and a good exercise for me, to see how they all tick and what their similarities and differences are. Not all the couples are romantically involved – some are, some aren’t yet, some never will be – but I’m going to call them ‘couples’ anyway. First off is everybody’s favorite (well, most people’s) – Eristor and Sienna! (NOTE: Eristor is being bombarded with questions by fellow bloggers/writer-groupies/facebook friends which will all be answered on my blog very soon, so if you have any questions for him of silly or serious persuasion, just ask them in a comment!)

Eristor and Sienna – “The Elmeria Chronicles”

Now, where they are right now in the series, they aren’t a couple. They still borderline hate each other and only semi-get along. However, Sienna is beginning to make an effor toward understanding Eristor, and it seems he may even be doing a little bit to not snap at her every time he sees her. In fact, recently, she had a nightmare and he was flat-out nice to her, in his own rough way. I was very proud of my prince. They don’t have much in the way of chemistry – Sienna’s barely eighteen, and Eristor would probably kill whoever suggested the word. They’re still working on being friends, and it looks as if it might – just might – end up being a real, loyal friendship sometime in the near future.

Kate and Chace – “Face Value”

Ah,  I love them. Kate is a bright, no-nonsense high school graduate looking for college credits, and her Mom happens to be head of PR for PopNote. Chace is an egotistical rock-pop star who may be deeper than he comes across, and Kate – for the sake of college credits and helping her mother – is hired to tutor him so he can graduate high school before he turns twenty-one. When they first meet, Chace is yelling at his manager and mistakes Kate for a fan (even though she hates pretty much all of his music and anything to do with pop culture). And so begins a relationship that has no cooperation on either side, until Chace begins to loosen up and Kate begins to realize that his life has not been nearly as easy as she thought.

Brand and Tameena – “Wolfsguard”

Wow. I haven’t written  them in a long time, though I still have the book and the ideas and I still love all the characters (well, except Morgan and Morwen. Them, I still despise. But that is as it should be). Brand is a Wolfsguard, i.e. he serves in the King’s private guard along with four other men and their captain. Tameena is a High Protector – her entire life is dedicated to protecting the seer-princess Artemia. Other relationships are forbidden – and so when Brand and Tameena are reunited for the first time since they were teenagers, Tameena tries to avoid Brand. But, as providence would have it, they are supposed to be together – but how can they, when Tameena’s Covenant would punish her for disobedience through whatever means necessary – including killing Brand? Ah yes, star-crossed lovers. I love it. ^.^ *rubs hands together with a gleeful cackle*

Simon and Reese – “ArchAngel”

Ah, Simon and Reese, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways – oh wait,  I couldn’t, there’s too many. Let’s start with Simon’s adorable British accent, his dry, self-deprecating humor, and his epic NYPD-cop-ness. And then let’s start with the fact I based Reese off of Karen Gillan, and she’s very smart-mouthy even though she’s really a very gentle soul. Simon has been in love with Reese for a long time, but she’s the girlfriend of his honorary younger-brother Gabriel Singer, so he hasn’t made a move. Reese only thinks of Simon as a friend, in a vague kind of way, until they’re both thrown together in a desperate attempt to save Gabe’s life.

Dr. Eva Stewart and Subject 13 – “Monster”

Aha. This is a new project. You sha’ant read about it until I post June Snippets, because I am just that mean. HAHAHAHAMWAHAHAHAHAhackcoughwheeeeeze. Ahem.

I have a little more exciting news –

My short story ‘In Time’ has ALSO been accepted for publication in Magpie Eclectic Press’s anthology, which hopefully comes out sometime next year. *wooot* Celebratory dance!!!

Because it’s clocks and one of my favorite songs even if it’s Japanese (and it’s one of my favorite Korean groups) and it’s about ticking time and the dance is really cool and I love to do the little clock-finger-thing and… um… sorry, Mom, Iloveyou!!! ^.^

Credendo Vides,



30 thoughts on “Tea for two and two for tea

  1. Huttah! Since I’m reading Timothy Zahn’s “Judgement at Proteus” I’ve been thinking about the relationship couples in my story Verdigris, including ones that aren’t romantic at all–like some of the best buddies and brother/sister pairs. I might have to write something on that since you’ve written on this. Also, I need to pin down the red haired jabber jaw and interview him. He’s been rather absent since Nathan kept an eyeball on him xD

  2. Eristor and Sierra… ❤ I love them even more now that I've actually read TSF! And oooh, a new project? Sounds fun! I've been meaning to do my June snippets, but I haven't gotten around to it yet… I should do that. And Kate and Chace are lovely, and Tameena and Brand and just… ah. Loveliness. I love all your couples. xD

  3. I always get excited when writers begin on a new project! Good job, Mirriam. Your couples are so cute. *thinks* What about Salebeth? O.o

  4. OOO! They all sound epic! 😀 Esp. that “Monster” one? :O I know you didn’t even give a description for it, but still. XD

    Also, don’t be afraid to send your works to publishers! Many of them! Fun fact which you may already know: Arthur Conan Doyle sent his first Sherlock Holmes book to something in the neighborhood of 12 publishers before one finally published it. And then look what happened! KABOOM!!! It was an instant mega-hit, with spin-offs and re-creations still happening today. 😀

    Don’t forget! When you finish the second Elmeria Chronicles book, YOU MUST SEND IT TO ME!!! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Oh, Mirriam, I think you’ll appreciate this: this summer, I’m going to attempt to read Lord of the Rings. I got a box set used online, and I’m going to attempt to finish Fellowship of the Ring, and then continue on to The Two Towers, Return of the King, and The Hobbit. 🙂

  6. I am…intrigued. You must keep these stories going, lass, that you should.

    Granted, they’re Japanese rather than Korean (to my knowledge), but do you like any anime shows? I thought/think many are silly, but recently I’ve almost become addicted to the show called Rurouni Kenshin, which I have many episodes of – I’ve found it to be quite absorbing and amusing…

    • Actually, though I’ve only ever watched snippets, I really enjoy reading anime! In fact, I’ved loved manga/anime since I was probably ten years old!! Though I haven’t seen Rurouni Kenshin, I’m afraid.
      And I certainly SHALL keep writing stories! *happy grin* Because if I quit, I would, of course, die. (And if you’re interested in Korean comics, they’re called Manwha 😉

      • If you ever watch that show, I imagine you might like it; it’s about a wandering samurai in Japan after the Meiji Revolution (in the late 1800s, I think)…kind of like Batman, he took a vow to not kill anymore, so his katana has the blade on the back – he just beats up and knocks enemies out with it – but I’m at the part where he’s trying to decide if he’ll need to once again become the “manslayer” he used to be in order to defeat certain highly-skilled enemies set on taking over Japan. Blah, now I’m probably boring you and you’re not familiar with the storyline. 😛 Anyway, tell me if you ever watch it.

        Well, I imagine I’d find Korean comics more to my liking than KPop…but so far I haven’t read any manga comics.

        • Ooh, that sounds like a really good story!!! One I thought was pretty interesting was actually one of the most popular – Yu Gi Oh. I saw snippets and have read some of the anime, and got pretty interested! I also liked Crimson Hero, but that was really for the artwork. The story was your average high school romance and sport-team. =D

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