It’s a love-hate relationship

So Merry over at The Poetry of Lost Things had an amazingly brilliant idea. The idea – 

involves detailing the sorts of things that make you cringe when you come across them in a book (or even a book’s description), leaving nothing but a bad taste in your mouth and a sickening sense of time wasted. Beyond providing a reliable, if predictable, glimpse of your personality, the resulting lists are meant to guide you through your writing decisions. According to Chris Baty, “if you won’t enjoy reading it, then you won’t enjoy writing it”. The idea is to remember what you love and pursue that, rather than pandering to a popular idea that you can’t abide.

And I thought it a scathingly brilliant idea, so I came up with some lists of my own. Several of them are the same as Merry’s, for all reasons practical and personal. I hope you enjoy, and I’d be interested to see your lists as well!


close platonic friendships/wit/humor/heroic sacrifices/surprising twists/feminine but strong characters/masculine males with strong emotions/satisfying endings/conflicted, tortured characters (I always fall for those, just ask Abigail or Jenny)/subtle chemistry/characters who bicker but would die for each other/techies with fighting skills/sympathetic villains/antiheroes/characters who make you wonder where they stand/well-written fight scenes/rogues/


cliche rebellious girls/one-dimensional villains/one-dimensional heroes! – unecessary sex scenes/profanity/hypocritical evangelicals/crude humor/preachiness/sin displayed as a good thing/predictable plots/no humor or wit/ridiculously sexy characters/senseless deaths/unresolved endings (most of the time, sometimes I like them)/boring, stereotypical cast/endless descriptions and little dialogue/gratuitous violence/unecessary disturbing content/



25 thoughts on “It’s a love-hate relationship

  1. “Loves”
    “conflicted, tortured characters (I always fall for those, just ask Abigail or Jenny)/subtle chemistry/characters who bicker but would die for each other/”

    My mind was just screaming “ERISTOR AND SIERRA” when I read those. xD

    Also, I read “The Wizard, The Witch, and Two Girls from Jersey” over the weekend, and loved it! It was hilarious. Especially the dragon.

    Also, this post was awesome.

  2. I think I agree with all these…although I must admit I’m not sure what constitutes “ridiculously sexy characters” – but I won’t ask in case you don’t want to go into detail.
    When you said “evangelitcals” did you mean “evangelicals” or were you purposely creating a new word?

    • Oh, you know – when the author is CONSTANTLY talking about how appealing they are, how attractive, how sexy, how sultry, how – *shudder* It gets on my nerves. WHOOPS, spellcheck didn’t catch that!
      O_o I meant Evangelicals. Ahem. (Though I’m not averse to creating new words now and then.)

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