Notebooks, baby birds, and The Great Announcement

Now that I’ve typed the title, I have to decide in what order I shall post the subjects… hmm… well, I think I’ll start with the Great Announcement, since I Announced it like that. Ahem.

I was approached by publisher Nichole White of Magpie Eclectic Press. Why? She wants to publish my short story, ‘The Department-Store Pianist,’ in an up-and-coming anthology of short stories! I was extremely thrilled and honored, since the story wasn’t even in the sought-for genre of Speculative Fiction. In short, I’M GOING TO BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!Β 

There. I’ve said it. If you were here at the house, you would note my random squeals and bursts of spazziness. I’m so excited! Cough.

Now, since (oddly enough) several people have shown interest in my handwriting (which isn’t that special, ahem) and I bought an adorable new owl notebook from Barnes and Noble (seriously, why do I like owls all of a sudden? OH NO! I’m falling for popular marketing! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) so I wanted to show it off. And also I did some Avengers doodles.

Remember me telling you I was going to write a poem entitled ‘My Brain is a Sieve’ because I forget everything? Here ’tis, in all its Suessian glory.

And lastly but not leastly (yes, I know leastly is not a word – or is it?) – we have a family ofΒ  birds living underneath our deck! Three chicks hatched the day before yesterday, and they are ADORABLE! Granted, all we can really see of them is the top of their fluffy heads, but I’ve seen mama feed them and I watched dad build the nest and it’s just so ADORABLE! Here’s a picture –

See? I told you. Cuteness.

Credendo Vides,


p.s. Our Vacation Week is over (cue sniffles) and so all those backed-up letters and art commissions are going to pour forth like a flash flood after heavy rain! Ahem.



39 thoughts on “Notebooks, baby birds, and The Great Announcement

  1. I love you for making a chibi rendition of the Budapest moment. Such a hilarious quote, so totally Joss Whedon, such a completely adorable (and irreverent) depiction of the characters.

    And hurrahs about the short story! I had David Copperfield flashbacks concerning its publication – I hope this will not be the last of your works to go officially public!

    • The Budapest moment was one of my favorites. Then again, any scene with Hawkeye or Loki was my favorite. *laughs* I can’t help but be a little irreverent when drawing cartoons – something about Chibis takes away the respect usually demanded by portraits and instead demands adorableness. ^.^ Thank you for your hurrahs, I hope there will be more publications to come (of course) but for the moment, I’m happy to just be excited about this one =D

    • Thank you so much! =D Yes, I love decorated pages to, as long as they leave plenty of room for writing and drawing =D

  2. Hurray hurray! I’m so excited to see some of your work go to print; I just wish someone would pick up “In Time” as well. Both were excellent, all nicely wrapped-up and complete. (I’m terrible at short stories; my attempts always fall pancake-flat.) Do you know when the anthology is planned to release?

    Your doodles made me laugh, particularly the way the notebook-owl peers down curiously upon Hawkeye’s head in the second…

    • Aw, thank you so much! It would be awesome if ‘In Time’ were picked up too, but there seemed to be mixed signals when received. XD The anthology… mmm, sometime next year, I think. I’m glad the doodles made you laugh – I thought that owl was perfectly placed, too. XD

  3. Wow!! Congrats!! So now we are in the presence (okay, cyber-space-presence) of a *nearly* published author! So exciting! πŸ™‚
    Love the doodles too. Especially Loki’s choice of reading material. (Such a good movie…)

    And (if it’s okay to ask) how did you get approached by that publisher? Very curious is all. :]

    • *laughs* Cyber-space presence! Oooohh, how very sci-fi we all are these days. O_O (Kinda creepy when you think about it.) YES! BEST MOVIE EVARR! Well, I know Nicole a little bit and she knows my editor, Amanda, and so Nicole read the short story on my blog and then sent me a message saying she loved it and if I submitted it to Magpie, I would be garunteed a place in the anthology =D

  4. *squeal* That’s so awesome, Mirriam! I really loved that piece– it was super good. πŸ˜€

    Also, your notebook is really awesome. And seeing people’s handwriting is cool too. Though I think it would feel like an odd thing to be asked about. πŸ˜›

  5. Congrats on being about to be published! Ah, so that’s what your handwriting looks like. Haha, those Avengers doodles/drawings are amusing; I liked the “Budapest” scene in the movie…and your “Hawkeye in the nest” one made me grin. πŸ™‚

  6. Mirriam, I no longer feel qualified to critique your work. I mean, you were approached by a publisher! I feel so lousy making my marks on your book because you write so much better than I do!

  7. At first I was like “huh?” because I’d already subconsciously filed you under “published authors” in my head because of your amazing writing… That’s totally awesome though!!!! CONGRATS! πŸ˜€ *does a happy dance*

    I don’t “get” the Avengers cartoons, sadly . . . But I LOVE the poem! Truly marvelous, doncha know! “leftover you!” Love it πŸ˜€ And I love how the lines on the page come from the tree branches! I looooove journals πŸ™‚ And *coughcough* strangely I’m writing a story with an owl in it that I started last month… It’s actually a lot of fun… >.>

    The birdies are so CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! We have some baby swallows in the corner of our porch–I say babies but they’re actually more like teenagers, overgrown but still in the nest, hanging out at home like couch-potatoes, still being fed by their hardworking parents XD Seriously, I have no idea how they all still fit in there . . . Looks kinda crowded to me.

    YEEEEEESSS! LETTERS. *coughs* What? I said nothing… >.>

    Why are my comments always so long?? I must have a lot to say…

    • I LOVE your long comments *grins* Don’t we all love baby birds, too? DON’T WORRY! YOUR LETTER ‘TIS COMING ASAP!!! =D

  8. I’m so happy for you about getting your story published!

    “Real Power Gets a Magazine”… teehee. I love that movie! I liked the scenes with Hawkeye too.

    Birdies are so cute!

  9. GASP! Mirriam, that’s SO EXCITING! UNBELIEVABLE! Though I should’ve expected that you’d be published so soon….
    And bring it on, flash flood!

  10. Congratulations! *squeal* And now I suddenly want to buy that anthology… πŸ˜€ Very awesome.

    *dies* And that poem… I can identify with it far, far too well… *cringe* The ending just cracks me up though… left-over me is definitely what I’ve got… where oh where are all the important things I’ve crammed in my head over the past few years? lol

    haha.. I’m also wanting to watch Avengers now… my little brother (that reminds me of Alec? πŸ˜€ ) is begging me to take him…

    • ‘IN TIME’ is being published in the anthology TOO!!!
      Haha, – WAIT.

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