Beautiful People – Caranthir

The title is, as Abigail said, somewhat misleading. However, ‘beautiful’ doesn’t really mean beautiful, personality-wise or looks-wise. It just means created by us authors. Or something to that effect. So Caranthir counts. (And he wasn’t always such a pitiless jerk anyhow.)

1. What is his motive?

He was actually quite a noble king before Oscariath poisoned his mind. He was, after all, only human – and Oscariath being the Prince of Darkness, could only resist him for so long. Now he is Oscariath’s servant, glorying in what he thinks is ‘his own power’ when in reality he is only a puppet serving a far greater and more powerful puppet master.

2. What is he prepared to do to get what he wants?

Oh yes. He doesn’t really have that pesky little restraint called ‘moral decency’ anymore, and though he isn’t furthering his own ends – rather, Oscariath’s – he will do whatever it takes.

3. Is he evil to the core, or simply misunderstood?

I think the phrase ‘misunderstood’ doesn’t quite fit any of my villains. I prefer the term ‘sympathetic’ – I can feel sorry for them without condoning their actions whatsoever. ‘Misunderstood’ implies that they think they’re doing the right thing. Caranthir certainly does not, but he is not evil to the core. Oscariath is evil, and Oscariath has taken Caranthir over. Caranthir himself – who he was before – was not evil.

4. What was his past like? What about his childhood? Was there one defining moment that made him embrace his evil ways?

He grew up in a very privileged noble family and was raised with the heighest degree of education and instruction. He was just, kind, and a wise ruler. Of course now, he is the exact opposite of every one of his better qualities. There was never one ‘defining moment where he embraced evil’ – it embraced him, rather.

5. Now that he is evil, has he turned his back on everyone, or is there still someone in his life that he cares for?

When he turned his back, he really turned his back. He murdered his wife in front of his captured stepson, tried to capture his daughter so he could kill her, and tortured said stepson (Eristor) until he escaped.

6. Does he like hugs?

I’m certain he used to, though he’s never told me. Now, anyone who got within close enough proximity to hug him would most likely be horribly murdered.

7. Is he plagued by something?

Evil is a pretty bad plague, I think.

8. Who are they more similar to: Gollum or Maleficent?

Hmm… well, he was unable to resist the shiny Evil, so he’s something like Gollum, but he has that impressive evil flair that Maleficent sports. I’d say he’s about 40 percent Gollum and 60 percent Maleficent.

9. If your villain could have his choice of transportation what would it be?

His Korrabeast. (Think giant, charchoal-gray horse with rams-horns, rope-like tail and large cloven hooves.)

10. If you met your villain in the street, how afraid would you be? Is he evil enough to kill his creator?

I wouldn’t be that scared, since I’m his author. I could write him out if I wanted to – that’s a fairly decent threat to hang over someone’s head. I would, however, say something along the lines of “Shame on you! Look at what you’ve done! Now go apologize!”


14 thoughts on “Beautiful People – Caranthir

  1. Your villain sounds very interesting 🙂 But I was wondering… Eristor’s married? 😛 You referred to him as Caranthir’s son-in-law 😉

    • To be honest, I hadn’t realized it was a name from the Silmarillion until about a year after I’d written him. XD

  2. It’s interesting to learn more about Caranthir after having just read TSF. His story is just… sad. A corrupted man, who’s family he had to have killed? 😦 I mean, he’s pretty evil, too. But his story is sad. But I don’t think I can ever forgive him for what he put Eristor through. >:/

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