“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I don’t hate you anymore.”

Well, I only posted Eristor’s first letter yesterday and already its popularity is blooming! Most of my female readers – cough – wanted a more – ahem – romantic letter from my favorite killjoy, Eristor. So let’s see how my brooding prince does in making all you ladies swoon. ^.^(Honestly, it felt weird peeking this far into his future soul. I was definitely an intruder, and so will you be – just don’t tell him.)


The last time I sat down to write you, I felt as if I were being forced. This time it is different – I feel somehow compelled to pick up my pen. I have nothing to say –  nothing to say that will make sense to you, in any case, and yet I feel I must begin. The first moment I saw you (forgive my lack of chivalry) was not one of my more exemplary shining moments. I grow angry with myself at the very thought of it, and yet I felt myself perfectly justified at the time. You probably know by now that I am not the sort to beg forgiveness, particularly for past sins which cannot be rectified even now, so I will not. I will, however, attempt to express some feelings which are a continual puzzle to me in the hopes that you will find something understandable in them, and have more success doing so than I have.

I did not always like you. As a matter of plain fact, I begrudged your entire existence from the moment you first ran into me until… well, honestly I don’t know. Within the past several months, I have felt an odd sort of thawing in my view toward you. It is as if a veil of misconception was torn from my eyes and I can see you for what you truly are.

Do not be alarmed, it is not as horrific as you may think. We all have our imperfections, some of us more than most, but you have one very great advantage – you see them. You work to overcome them, rather than letting them envelope you as I have. I am not used to pointing out my own flaws… I suppose this is an apology after all? I’m beyond the point of caring. I have never cared what you thought of me, and I still do not live my life by your view, however I have come to realize that strangely, I want you to look kindly upon me. Why I should want this,  I don’t know.

Tylir is calling me a lovesick fool, but I do not believe his assessment is quite correct. ‘Fool’ is something I strive to avoid being at all costs, and as for ‘lovesick’ I do not agree with the term. I believe most people’s view on love is skewed and incorrect; an intangible emotion as fleeting as summer’s warmth. This, I can tell you, is not what I feel. I have come to admire your human ways which I do not understand. You are most likely reading this with an expression of bewilderment on your face, and rightly so for it would match the look on my own. Apparently, I can keep other people’s heads straight but not my own.

On second thought, I do not think I will even send this. Perhaps one day, when I know my own self, I will tell you to your face what I cannot seem to say now…


44 thoughts on ““You must allow me to tell you how ardently I don’t hate you anymore.”

  1. I don’t know….. somewhat underwhelming if I were in Sienna’s boots, so probably a good thing he doesn’t send it. Perhaps he could work up to just a teensy bit of wooing… before she pitches him!

  2. *jumps around clapping and squealing wildly*

    Despite the fact that I had pretty much hated on this…I love it. Honestly, I squealed. Eristor and Sienna are just perfect together. Not in a Romeo and Juliet way, but in a perfect way. Their life would never be boring, that’s for sure!

    • *grins* I know, they’re so perfect because they’re so IMperfect, I think. XD I’ve planned for them to get together ever since I began Elmeria, pretty much… and I love it… XD

  3. They are both funny. And there is like a 50million year age gap……..but years! Zounds! Years are not years because the time is not the same. For a years to be the same both plants would have to be the same size and be the same distance from
    the sun..which woul also have to be the same size. So the are the same age! Ha! My reasoning skills are mad..oh and I am too. ;P ^_^

  4. That title is PERFECT! 😀 “how ardently I don’t hate you anymore”! Ahh, so perfect ^.^

    Yay! SUCH a fun letter!!! 😀 (and no, Eristor, I said nothing. *whistles innocently* Really, I didn’t! Don’t kill me with your kheleb sticks!)

    “As a matter of plain fact, I begrudged your entire existence”
    “Tylir is calling me a lovesick fool, but I do not believe his assessment is quite correct. ‘Fool’ is something I strive to avoid being at all costs”
    are the BEST! 😀 😀


    • I KNOW RIGHT!? That picture looked JUST. LIKE. HIM. And I thought “HOLYCOWOHMYGOODNESS!!!!” So yes… and I”m glad you enjoyed the letter. I didn’t show Eristor your comment, so unless he sneaks onto the computer you’re safe from bodily harm. XD

      • I KNOW! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? O.O Meep. I have no words… Just PERFECT. AAAHH. *dies*

        Also, whew. I’m glad to hear I need not fear the deadly weapons of that particular elven prince XD (Eristor, pleeeease don’t sneak onto the computer . . .)

  5. *happy sigh* He isn’t a lovesick fool… but I love that Tylir is calling him that. *giggle* And I also love that he is completely bewildered by whatever he is feeling… poor Eristor… *giggle* and just him going back and forth over writing to her or waiting… awwww!
    *is completely delighted with him* LOL

    • *laughs* I’m glad you’re delighted with him, considering the fact his poor elven brain is still spinning XD He crunched up the letter and threw it at Tylir, who of course tried to read it and got soundly knocked over. XD

      • “He crunched up the letter and threw it at Tylir, who of course tried to read it and got soundly knocked over. XD”
        I think my sister died with laughter at this . . . She giggled for like 5 straight minutes. And I’m not kidding. Aahh, so funny! XD

  6. Well, well well. The love bug has bit his highness good-and-proper. Poor fellow, those with more mind than heart do succumb at a terrible rate. Sienna has my condol–I mean my congratulations ~ Valentine.

    • Fortunately for you, Capp, I’m not allowing Eristor to read your comment. (Even though I myself agree with you a little bit XD)

      • A little? Dear lady the poor fellow is going to go ears over boots for the thin little snip of a red head and he won’t know if he’s “On his head or his painted tail” not that I know anything about Orcs or what they may or may not do with their tails. ~Valentine

        ” ” is from Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories”

          • Now now, why call red “sorrel” when it is really and truly read? And I am a rather well rounded scholar. I don’t just break into libraries, I do go in as a patron and read on occasion. That is how I came to the understanding that Eristor is actually an orc, not an elf. Ah, it really is like beauty and the beast, their tale.


  7. 😀

    Oh, Eristor. You’re rather adorable when you don’t know what to say. And I love the title. “You Must Allow Me To Tell You How Ardently I Don’t Hate You Anymore” is absolutely perfect.

  8. I can imagine him actually feeling a little unsure by the end there, Eristor is always so confident and… i don’t think he’s ever been in love before ;). I love it Mirriam! You’re absolutely brilliant :). And to agree with Sofia, Eristor is completely and utterly adorable. I love him!

    • AWWW, thank you SO MUCH, Monica!!!! I’m thrilled you like him so much =) He has adorable moments – they’re awfully rare, but they DO happen. Every once in a while. XD And ‘losing his nerve’ happens maybe once every two hundred years. XD

  9. Oh my word!!! Both letters were absolutely hilarious!!!!!! Eristor is so funny when he is confused! LOVE the title of the letter too! I can’t wait to read it, I check almost daily to see if it has been published yet, so I can finally read it!

    • *grins* That’s because it’s quite a bit later in the story. And I doubt he’d show the thawed side to Sienna yet (hence not actually sending the jumbled mess of a letter ^.^)

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