May Snippets

Snippets are back for May’s edition! Cheers! My authoress-ness (Author-ity?) seems to have kicked in once again, and I have actually written some things down this month, which makes me happy. Hooray for busy muses!! I hope you enjoy these glimpses of my current projects. =) They enjoy glimpsing you. They’ve told me so.

            “She could…. She might…” Alec’s tongue could not form the fate that threatened his sister.

            Eristor sat carefully next to Alec, his still-healing arm resting against his chest. “She could, she might.” His words were soaked in mockery. “Will those words affect the outcome of anything that happens here today?”

            Slowly, Alec shook his head. “I guess not.”

            “Stop throwing darts at possibility. If you have no faith in your skill you may as well not throw at all.”

            Alec sniffed loudly and squinted at the elf. “So… stop guessing?”

            A firm hand struck the back of his head, hard enough to hurt but not badly. “Was that a question? Know your mind before you open your mouth.”

            “Right,” said Alec bravely. “Thanks.”

The Shadows Lengthen


“Devilry,” he muttered and slammed a fist down onto the rail. “Curse that blasted woman and every red hair on her head.”

            “You’ll get another chance, captain.” Shasar’s low, grumbling voice did a little to ease Marcus’s frustration.

– The Shadows Lengthen

Carl Richards had trouble sleeping.

            Although really, it was the waking up that bothered him, not the sleeping. It used to be nightmares, memories of things he’d rather stayed buried in his mind. They used to be the only thing that interrupted his sleep. Now, it was something else – something Carl could not explain. Raging headaches would threaten to split his skull and then – then, he wasn’t sure. He could never remember. It didn’t matter how long he sat or how hard he tried to come up with a reason for his lapses of memory, nothing worked.

            He looked around his room, everything cast in dark shades of blue and black except where lines of light from the window landed. At least it was just a nightmare, he thought, and then smiled wryly at the irony of it.

– ArchAngel: Extreme Prejudice

Dara looked up at the clock. Three hours. Please, not again. Not again. She stood up and walked to the door. She pulled it open and looked out at the darkness and pouring rain that had turned the street into a small river. She could see no sign of Shinjae.

– Target Acquired

A yawn, a stretch, and he shoved the comforter off his legs and stood up. He took one step and tripped. He put a hand out and used the wall to stop his fall, his senses alerted with the surprise. “Hey!”

            He kicked the bundle arms and legs wrapped in a down comforter that had rolled from its proper place and ended up in his way.

            “Ow,” was the mumbled protest from the bundle.

            “Whatcha think you’re doin,’ huh?” Jungsu demanded, giving the bundle another kick. He figured he could probably kick with all his might and the blankets would keep the victim from feeling anything.

            “Cut it out, would you?” Justin’s hair poked out from the top of the blanket wrap. He waved a hand feebly at Jungsu’s leg but hit only air. “Go’way.”

            “You can’t sleep on the floor like this every morning, y’know.” Jungsu’s voice was clipped with irritation. He could already sense an argument brewing, and knew he had probably just begun it himself – which put him in an even worse mood. Never mess with a night owl in the morning.

            “I rolled over, okay?” Justin’s head appeared, scowling tiredly at the person standing above him. “What’s your problem, anyway?”

            “My problem? You almost broke my neck, that’s what!”

            Justin muttered something about whining over unimportant things, and Jungsu reached down and gave the comforter a hearty tug, dislodging its contents onto the floor. “Get up!”

– A short story featuring characters belonging to a friend

 Sienna opened her eyes with a gasp that seemed to suck the breath out of her lungs instead of in. Struggling for air, she searched the darkness wildly with frantic eyes. She could see eyes, red eyes, glowing in the dark – He was coming, closer, and his slow footsteps quickening her heartbeat. She wanted to scream, but she had no air. She saw a glimmer of something near his upraised hand and knew it was a knife. She knew it would enter her body, and she knew she would die.

– The Shadows Lengthen

 Credendo Vides,



9 thoughts on “May Snippets

      • Laugh at me will you? Just because your 4years old and you have gone public with *your* name dosent mean you can go around telling people who *I* am. See up there SIR ROLAND! Thats me! Now look why you’ve done,….millions and billions of people know who I am. Now my like has to change. Again! Because of you! YOU! Can you even begin to imagin how much it costs me to change pentagon files, move satalites, “remove” moles, and blowing up their tanks???!

  1. Ow! poor Alec… *pouts* Eristor! Come on!
    Though now of course I am dreadfully curious as to what happens to Sienna… eeeeek!

    Target Acquired sounds completely epic… 🙂

    And I’m pretty sure I love everything to do with ArchAngel. XD

    love these monthly snippets! 😀

  2. Enjoyable reading I do say! I think – The Shadows Lengthen sounds the most interesting. *GASP* But what a gripping snippet to end on! Poor Sienna! Lilly

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