And so it began

The other day, my dad popped the question. “When did you start liking to write?” It’s no wonder he wasn’t sure – I didn’t even know! The last thing I can remember writing is a novel version of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ when I was nine. And after that, it was Ice Age (in which I oh-so-cleverly decided to call the long-nosed dinosaur-giraffe-hippo-creatures ‘wumples’ because I was just oh-so-creative) and then… nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. For a looong time.  I can, however, remember the first story that really and truly entranced me. It was the story of Sir Rolande, a young prince’s beautiful black rocking horse who came to life every night. I loved to read that story, and I would read it – and read it – and read it – and read it. And then I found a book at the library about another horse figurine that came to life – and so, I decided to write a story! About?

A horse figurine that came to life! And so, ‘The Pegasus on the Mantle’ was born – a full page and a half of what started my writing lifestyle. I submitted the story to Girls Horse Club under the name ‘Angelica’ and forgot about it… only to see, a few weeks later, that I’d won the contest! I wrote another story. And another. To my surprise, girls really liked my stories, and the name ‘Angelica’ became pretty well known among the online horse-loving thirteen-year-old-girl group. I wrote storie and poems and they pretty much won every time I submitted them (yoicks, that sounds vain) and I got so much encouragement that I thought “Why not write something longer?”

I jump-started several books, but none of them really clicked until The Shadows Fall when I was fourteen. Granted, I had just watched/read the Lord of the Rings books and the Door Within trilogy by Wayne Batson, and so my poor little novel was basically a big bundle of ripoffs. But then I rewrote it. And rewrote it. And rewrote it. And somewhere, beneath the dross of plagiarism, was a novel. And I loved that novel. I loved every noble character and hated every villain, and as we all know, love is what it takes to bring characters to life.

And now here I am, with more characters than I can count in five minutes, more stories running through my head than I can count in half an hour, and more life inside my brain than I care to document here and now because I haven’t got the time and the computer hasn’t got the gigabytes. I love it, but I certainly never thought that one little page-and-a-half story would turn into my life.

So, I guess you could say, it all started with Roland. Thank you, Roland. I owe you a lot. I’m going to go find you and read you again for old times’ sake, and probably cry again and love you even more.

Credendo Vides,



22 thoughts on “And so it began

  1. I actually can’t even remember when I started writing…I just always have. I think the first thing I ever wrote was a short story about how much I loved my cat. And then, the stories of Freddy Frog and Danny Fox. In which all Danny wants to do is play, and all Freddy wants to do is sing. It was 5 pages long. ANd then, they both met girl animals just like them, had little Foxlings and froglings, and lived happily ever after. Then I moved on to bigger works. The Key To D’Lair was my true turning point in my writing. I consider D’Lair a first, of sorts. Even though it Died, I forever hold it in endearment. And maybe someday I shall revive it.

    • I LOVE book comments. Everybody always thinks they’ll bother me, but I seriously love reading them ^.^ Foxlings and froglings! It sounds adorable!!!

  2. You know, it’s funny how writing careers often start off with such…well, humble beginnings. Or awkward ones, depending on your point of view 🙂 Mine also started out with a bit of plagiarism, followed by countless pages of rotten writing, snappy dialogue written with a friend for the sole purpose of making us laugh but with no plot whatsoever to speak of, and tons of trial, error, and deletion. Lots of the latter.

  3. I first started writing little books to my brothers and sisters for birthday presents. 🙂
    I love hearing about when people started writing its so interesting to compare when other people started writing as well.

  4. Sir Roland!!! it’s been so long since I read that story… but I love black horses and the name Roland – it stuck with me. 🙂 And now I want to go read it again… 😀

    But first I am looking forward to reading something else I’ve been WAITING to read for ages – hoping to get a chance very soon! 🙂 Once I start, I’m sure you’ll be getting an email very soon after. 😀

    Hope your spring is going amazing!

    • I SENT IT!!!!! And – SOMEBODY ELSE WHO’S READ ROLAND!!! *squeals in excitement* I’ve never met anybody else who’s read that story!!!!

  5. My first story was about a little girl in a covered wagon, going to unfamiliar places… Sound familiar? She was a carbon copy of Laura Ingles Wilder, but I was seven. All my family and everyone Mum showed it to said it was wonderful. Now I know the truth. 😉

    However, now at fourteen, I have a pretty original story line. If I can ever write it…

  6. What an amazing beginning, and an even greater journey! I have a similar story, thought it didn’t quite start with a book I’d read. More like a movie I was attempting to rewrite into novel form. For me, it started with The Patriot. Good times, and even better memories!!!! 😛

    • Ah, the Patriot. Good movie. =) Movies pretty much always inspire some sort of story in my head, though they often don’t turn into anything. Just ideas floating in limbo =)

  7. I Agree. I started writing because of that movie, but it never became anything except a tsunami of plot ideas, character mutations, and the like. What really gets me in the mood to write is reading a well written novel that captures my imagination, embodies fluidity, gets me thinking and can leave me wanting more.

    Other times, well, that’s a story for another time!!!!

    Love ya!

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