Pictures of You Part 3

People requested MORE graphics!! I had a blast making them, and I hope you enjoy them because I’m scheduling them to post while I’m gone camping over the weekend.


Extreme Prejudice


One for Elmeria… (at last!)


15 thoughts on “Pictures of You Part 3

  1. Very nice, very nice. 🙂
    Is Carl Richards Jeremy Renner? I think he was pretty cool as Hawkeye.
    I just watched The Avengers earlier this afternoon and you were right, I really liked it (and not just because Scarlett Johansson is in it); Tony Stark’s sarcastic and humorous one-liners were funny, and so were a lot of other parts, and I like how some powerful themes such as sacrifice were woven into the plot. I’d better shut up now before I ramble on for ages. 😛

    • Yes – I have this odd thing for Jeremy Renner. I don’t know why, considering he’s not technically good-looking. ^.^ The Avengers was AMAZING, I could ramble on for ages too XD Don’t worry. Stark was hilarious, Banner was really good, Cap was Cap (of course), Loki was amazing, Hawkeye was the BEST, and… well… they were all perfect ^.^

      • He’s “Not technically good-looking”? What is “technically good-looking”? He might not have the cool-guy looks of Christian Bale, Daniel Craig, Clive Owen, and maybe Ewan McGregor (although I think he looks a bit like the latter)…he doesn’t have a sharp-featured face like most of those guys, but I think he’s kind of good-looking in a way, and playing Hawkeye probably makes him look more dashing or something. See, everyone, wearing all black can often make you look more impressive – mainly if it’s what you’re wearing into battle. 🙂 (Nick Fury did that right and had the trench coat too)

        Although Stark and the others are great, I think my favorites in a way might be Hawkeye and Black Widow (and no, not just because she’s played by ScarJo and looks pretty); unlike the others, they don’t have any super weapons, suits of armor, or enhanced strength and other abilities given as a result of drugs – they’re just “regular” people with mad skills. Robin Hood would probably be jealous of Hawkeye – of his explosive arrows, at least. 🙂
        And Nick Fury kind of is a “regular guy with mad skills” too, so he has cool marks for that.
        Now I need to get me some alien weaponry. 😀
        Ok, I’ll stop before I bore you.

        • Okay, I don’t know what ‘technically good looking’ means either. I mean, he’s not clasically handsome or anything, but he’s weirdly attractive anyhow. And I like blue eyes. And he plays Hawkeye AND the new Asset AND Brandt in Ghost Protocol… so basically I like him, like his acting, and think he’s attractive. In an odd way. Oh dear, I don’t even know what I mean anymore XD
          Scarlett is VERY pretty, I think – one of hte prettiest actresses in Hollywood, and I like the Black Widow – DID YOU KNOW that Marvel is considering a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie!? I think that would be one of the most awesome movies – EVER. Just… EVER. ^.^ Robin Hood WOULD be jealous of crazy skills, exploding arrows, rotating gatlin-quiver… although Iron Man’s “Clinch up, Legolas” remark had me laughing pretty hard ^.^

          • Hm, Ghost Protocol – I’ve seen it in stores but haven’t watched it (I’ve yet to watch any of the MI movies, actually).
            Quite so, quite so; Scarlett Johannson definitely has “classical beauty.” That sounds like it would be very cool – but I would hope that there wouldn’t be any objectionable content in it…I really like the movie The Island, which also has ScarJo in it, but it has a scene I wish has been left out – otherwise it’s a great movie with some very thought-provoking themes.
            Poor Robin Hood, Hawkeye is as good a shot as he is (although maybe he can’t curve arrows like the BBC Robin did when he shot a guard in he back and walked into a room from the side) and has much more impressive weapons and accessories.
            Yeah, I thought that was funny too; you can always count on Iron Man to say things like that. 🙂

            • I hear bad things about the other MI movies, but this one – Ghost Protocol -was PERFECT. Everything I want in an action movie – two of my favorite actors (Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg) hilarious, clever lines and dialogue, good action, good gadgetry, good story, minimum language and the only sexual content is when agent Carter has to try and seduce a playboy to get laucnh codeds. The encounter doesn’t go the way he thinks it will ^.^ I really liked the Island too; since Ewan MacGregor is an actor I really like, Scarlett is an actress I really like, and the story was so cool I wish I’d written it. Robin Hood had better be jealous (well, except I dunno if Hawkeye could shoot up in the air like, a MILE, and have the arrow come straight down into the BACK of the guy he was shooting at in under .5 seconds. That may be strictly Robin Hood) – but I’d take Hawkeye over Robin any day. ^.^

            • Hm, I’ll probably have to check it out then.
              Even though there wa definitely some suspension of belief parts in The Island, parts of it, such as the hook guns – were used for symbolism (hooks and a net are two ways to catch a fish, and the construction worker says “Jesus must love you” after the main characters land in the safety net), and the plot delivered the very powerful message of the sanctity of life, which was great. And I like Ewan McGregor too; his Scottish accent can add to the effect of certain things he says, such as “I don’t think so” as Obi-Wan in Star Wars Episode II, after Count Dooku tries to use Force Lightning on him and he simply deflects the attack with his lightsaber.
              I remember that shot; along with a few others like the super-curve one, it was very impressive; Robin Hood clearly had mad skills. 😉 So here’s the verdict in the form of a mathematical equation: Hawkeye > Robin Hood (or if you prefer, CB > RH). 🙂

            • Yes, CB DEFINITELY tops RH. We just saw The Avengers again today, and it was as good the second time as it was the first. I still adore it, and Hawkeye is still my favorite ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ I think Ewan MacGregor did SUCH a good job in the Island, back-and-forthing between his evil Scottish Original and then his normal self =)

  2. AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! UNITUNITUNIIIITTT!!! … I *love* that story! (You should know… I put over half a year’s work into it with my brainstorms, miss! *clears throat* Humbly saying… most of those ideas came from me. *caughcaugh* XD) Ah, and there’s my handsome Viktor. Thank you for inspiring me to write more of him in Cafe. ^_^ EEEEEKK!

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