An early ending but lots of fun

So, we just went camping! We were going to stay through Sunday, but unfortunately we woke up with rain pattering on the tent-top this morning and the forecast showed no sign of clearing up (rather, it told us it would like to thunderstorm that evening). So we packed up and left early… but we had a good time while we were there! I even doodled on the stone bench. With a rock. It was fun.

As we were entering the park, something hilarious happened. I mentioned Quasimodo (for reasons I can’t remember… it wasn’t just because the SHINee song was stuck in my head) and my sister looked confused. So I asked “You don’t know who Quasimodo is?” Her innocent, unknowing response was one that will forever make me laugh. “Well, it’s ringing a bell, but…”

(my nephew Silas)


Myself and my dad ^.^

RedTop Mountain is GORGEOUS. In case you were wondering.

Ah, my adorable nephew, a pyromaniac in training. He’s fascinated by fires and loves to throw in sticks, pine needles, leaves – anything he can find ^_^

Dad, brother-in-law Jake, Silas, me, Riah. We had a fire in the fire pit most of the time. We all roasted marshmallows (though I didn’t eat any. I’m showing symptoms of having diabetes so I’m being super-super-careful) and hot dogs and the normal stuff, and ate it. It was yummy.

And also a moth landed on my leg.

It’s mandatory to stop at Starbucks, since there’s one near the campground. On the streetcorner (out the window, where you can’t see) was Captain America!! I didn’t want to pass up a chance to meet the Cap, so I walked around to the street so I could get a picture with him. Dad snapped it, and there we are –

I hope you all had a good weekend… I didn’t think I’d be posting till, like, Monday, but here I am. I also got an idea for a book. (Yes, another book. But I won’t give in! I’ll shove it aside until I’ve finished the Shadows Lengthen! And Extreme Prejudice! And have rewritten ArchAngel! ….I will! I will….)

Oh, and I returned to a letter and a birthday present in the form of green and gold Loki earrings from Ashley!!

‘Cuz they’re so cool.

I also had one of my favorite books come in from an order. I now own The Hollow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle. One of my favorite books ever. It’s like “Labrynth” meets “Jane Austen” with a “Beauty and the Beast” twist. (Can it get any better? I think not. Unless you include superheroes.)

Credendo Vides,



9 thoughts on “An early ending but lots of fun

  1. YAY! You had fun. BOOOO it was cut too short. YAY! for washable graffiti! Yay for Captain America! LOL you should have told him to look for himself on your blog 😉

    Loki says that the earrings look utterly ravishing on you.
    He hangs with me, because I had decaf coffee in single serving packets. He needs the decaf, man. Seriously. I also let him surf the web. He uses Google translate to get it into ancient Norse but isn’t proficient with the key board which is why I scribe for him sometimes. 😉

    Off on adventures of my own!

    • Ah, you’re tryin’ to steal my mischievous Asgardian’s heart? How rude!!! And yes, I ought to have told Cap to check my blog… ah well XD

  2. Aww, too bad the camping trip ended early! I can’t wait until my week-long trip in July…

    Diabetes, hey? No fun. I’m hypoglycemic and have to watch my sugar intake as well, because it can develop into diabetes later in life. Boo.

    And you guys can have Loki! The last thing I need is a tricksy Asgardian messing with my computer…I’m having trouble keeping Varian and Voyager off it. They will insist on trying to change their stories when my back is turned. 😉

    • Ah, yes. I have hypoglycemia, though I had it the mildest of all my siblings so it’s odd I’m the one developing diabetes. *sigh* Ah; well, we can have Loki and Hawkeye. You may have Varian, Voyager, and whomeverelseyoudesire. ^.^

  3. Oh, wow. You are such a good artist, it’s not fair. To be able to do that with a ROCK!!!! Super talented. 🙂

    I love camping. Especially with fire. There’s just something about fire…

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