Pictures of you

Inspired by Jenny’s awesome graphics for her novel Plenilune, I decided to make some up for my various novels! I hope you enjoy them. They’re such fun. These graphics are for three of my thrillers: ArchAngel (finished) ArchAngel: Extreme Prejudice (in the works) and Target Acquired (in the works, unrelated to the ArchAngel series).

NOTE: I’m going to be gone camping over the weekend, but I’ll be back sometime on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!!

ArchAngel – Simon Wallace

ArchAngel: Extreme Prejudice – Carl Richards

Target Acquired – Shinjae

Credendo Vides, my friends! I’m rather hooked on these graphics… be prepared for more…


27 thoughts on “Pictures of you

  1. Wow! Really wish I was talented enough to make graphics like that for my books! (And now I want to read the ArchAngel books…solely because of the teddy bear comment.) 🙂

    • *awww* Thank you so much!!!!
      HAHA; Reese and Simon are hilarious XD I love them – but Reese needs a character makeover because she’s exactly like Sienna. ^.^ Simon and Jasper, however, I wouldn’t touch for the world.

  2. I really like these, Mirriam! I like the quotation about “almost worth it” and the “until I say ‘when’ ” graphic and quote made me quirk a smile. 😛 I think I like the very top one best, though: very dynamic with contrasting red on black and white, and quite amusing.

    • Thank you so much! *laugh* I love my characters to mave a mixture of toughness and humor. Thank you for getting me hooked on these. I am officially addicted. ^.^

  3. Oh, I love these!

    And I don’t know how much I’ll be commenting on your posts in the next week, because I’ll be on vacation. While I will have internet access, I don’t think I’ll do too much checking up on blogs.

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