Pictures of You Part 2

Okay, so I went and made another batch… because I couldn’t help it… so here you are. ^_^


Target Acquired

Face Value

ArchAngel: Extreme Prejudice

AAAAAAANNNNND there you have it. I really have to make some for Wolfsguard, Elmeria, and some more for Face Value, but those will have to wait until I get back. Have a greate weekend!

Credendo Vides,



12 thoughts on “Pictures of You Part 2

  1. Can’t wait until you get back and we see some Elmeria ones!

    Don’t get eaten alive out there, but do try to find a rabbit hole to tumble down! And if you do, give Hatter my best regards.

  2. Mirriam… you’re BRILLIANT. OSWIJEFLKSJDFOIEJFILOVETHEM!!! Okay… now you HAVE to make one for UNIT!!! ^_^ (Ah, yes… and if you have the time… I’d be more than HAPPY If you made one for my story. *huge grin*)

  3. I can’t wait for you to publish the ArchAngel series. I read the excerpt that you posted on NaNoWriMo Jam and Encouragement Group and I immediately wanted more. 😀 It’s really good! When do you plan to publish??? I MUST KNOW!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!! ;D

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! *squeal* ArchAngel needs a major rewrite (meat on the bones and Reese, the female MC, needs a character makeover) and plot holes need fixed… ah, it’s a mess but I’m in love with it. ^_^ You could read the draft of ArchAngel I have now, if you’d like, though =D

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