Snippets of a Story – April

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! No time to say hello – goodbye! – I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

– The White Rabbit

Yes, I’m frightfully delayed in posting my April snippets. But here they are now – I’m afraid April has been a month of brainstorming over actually setting pen to paper, but I hope you enjoy these anyway.


“Those look hard.” She turned and smiled briefly at her brother. “The lessons, I mean,” he added.

            “They are,” she assured him.

            “Are they fun?”

            She paused to consider. “When he’s in a good mood,” she said finally.

            He raised an eyebrow. “He’s never in a good mood.”

            “Well, this is the first lesson,” Sienna argued in the elf’s defense, surprising herself. “Who knows? Maybe by this time next year, he’ll be an old softie.”

            Alec turned to face the elf, who was talking to the captain of the pirate vessel, Marcus Gale. “Soft? Eristor?” He laughed. “I’d hate to see that. He just wouldn’t be the same.”

            “You’re right,” Sienna amended with a brief laugh. “I’d miss his grouchy side.”

            “You mean his grouchy better half,” Alec corrected her.

– The Shadows Lengthen

“Yeah?” Sienna’s voice rose. “And then what?”

            Marcus grinned and ran a finger across the blade of his curved sword. “A fight, I hope.”

            She eyed him, wary and teasing. “There’s something wrong with you. You know that, don’t you?”

            “Never doubted it a day in my life,” he said cheerfully.

– The Shadows Lengthen

She pounded again, her hands smarting as they collided against the solid door again and again. “Hey! What do you want with me?” She stopped, her breath coming in terrified swallows. She stood still and made a conscious effort to get a hold of herself. Come on, Shina, I can do this… with God all things are possible… what was that verse? A future and a hope? I’ve been kidnapped by Top, for crying out loud! How can I –

            She heard the lock move, saw a shadow of darkness under the door. She took a step backwards; two, three, her eyes focused on the door, heart pounding nervously like a butterfly trapped in a glass cage.


Her rational mind knew it would not work. I’ll have to think of a better plan. It was too risky, too unstable, too… panicked. She drew her knees up and wrapped her arms around them. She felt hot tears – of what? Frustration? Anger? Fear? All and neither. Her emotions boiled over and she let them boil, running down her face like froth down the side of a pot, set on a too-hot burner.


Shinjae had watched her for years. Not the way a stalker might; posting photos of her on his walls and watching outside her bedroom window. He watched as a mortal guardian. He had been there when she drove away with her boyfriend on her first date, and had felt her tears when he broke up with her five months later.

            He had seen her graduate high school and look intoArtCollege, only to put it off for one year, then another.

            He had seen her smile when her first column was published in the newspaper.

            He had watched as the Jeongmin she thought she knew kissed her for the first time. He had envied and loved for so long – it was irrational. Stupid and childish – but he had loved her since the night she screamed, threw a cup at his head, and gave them pepperoni-and-mayonnaise sandwiches.

            Memories were good; enough to make him smile. But to love and have no chance of being loved in return…

            Yes, it was worth it.


– Target Acquired

People were always surprised when they discovered how easy it was to order the end of another person’s life. Of course it was costly, but it was as simple as one, two, three.

            For them.

Target Acquired


 She planted her hands on her hips and tossed a wet strand of hair from her eyes. “We’re probably about to battle another pirate crew, in case you haven’t noticed. I think that’s reason to be a little scared.”

            He shrugged his broad shoulders. “Not really,” he said.

            She let out a loud huff. “Well, then, you’re either brave or stupid.”

            His eyes softened a little bit. “Both, probably. Most people are.”

            “Well, I’m just stupid,” she muttered, scuffing the deck with the toe of her boot. “Every time I hear the word ‘war,’ ‘battle,’ or ‘fight’ I break out in a cold sweat.”

            “I used to,” he said, unusually sympathetic.

            She stared at him in surprise; partially because he had just admitted it, and partially because he opened up about as often as a clam. “You did? Why don’t you anymore?”

            He turned to look at her, his cold eyes blank. “I stopped caring,” he said.

            Sienna felt a shiver claw up her spine. “What do you mean? How can you stop caring about – about life?” she asked.

            “Step back and look at it.”

The Shadows Lengthen


            The Vengeance was within shouting distance now; and Sienna wondered why Lavinia hadn’t demanded anything yet. The ships simply kept drawing nearer to each other.

            “I wonder why she doesn’t just yell from there,” Sienna mused aloud.

            “Maybe she has a sore throat,” suggested Alec, his hands clasped behind his back.

– The Shadows Lengthen


Marcus Gale!”

            Everyone on board the Siren stiffened as Lavinia’s voice rang out across the water.

            “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you,” Marcus shouted back.

            All was silent for the space of a heartbeat; with only the sound of water sloshing against the ship’s sides. Then –

            “Captain Marcus Gale!”

            “Yes, Lavinia, sweetheart?” He leaned out over the rail, a goading grin on his face.

            Sienna grabbed his telescope and peered through it at the other ship’s captain. She was surprised to see a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, her hair a brilliant red, scowling wrathfully back at her.

            “Hand it over!” Lavinia’s voice snapped across the expanse, carried by the waves.

            “Hand what over, darling?” Marcus asked, all innocence.

            The woman tossed her head. “Whatever it is you took from Elmsvaer Isle.”

– The Shadows Lengthen

I hope you enjoyed these snippets! ^_^ Don’t forget to post yours on Katie’s blog!

Credendo Vides,



26 thoughts on “Snippets of a Story – April

  1. Aaahhh!!! You’re writing the sequel!!!! Hurraaahhh!!!!!!! That’s just stupendous!!!!! 😀 And and and . . . Eristor!!!!!!!!!!! and Marcus! 😀

    YES. YESYESYES!!!! I must read it soooon! 🙂

    I have now used up my exclamation point quota for the week on your Shadows Lengthen snippets. I hope you feel honored, or at least that the exclamation points have not blasted your ears off …

  2. I love these, Mirriam! Especially the ones from The Shadows Lengthen. And the ones from Target Acquired are all really intriguing! Your writing always makes me smile.

  3. Oh, I am glad you got the April snippets in! I loved these – I always love reading your excerpts. “Froth down the side of a pot” and “a butterfly in a glass cage” particularly grabbed my attention. How do you manage to put such original spins on metaphors like that? I want to see more of Target Acquired, because the first I’d heard of it was in your letter; and Marcus Gale of Elmeria sounds like a riot. (Heavens, girl, you have so many stories, I can’t keep up!) Cheers! ^.^

    • ABIGAIL! You just made my day! …Or evening, since it’s past ten. Metaphors are one of my favorite things; I love them so much ^.^ Plus, cliched ones have always annoyed me, so I had to think of them out of necessity. =) I’ll write more in Target Acquired then, milady! I’m flattered with your interest, and Marcus doffs his nonexistant hat to you and says he can’t wait to meet you, either. I’d love to have you read The Shadows Fall, if you have time!!

  4. My interest is now piqued! Actually, I was interested a long time ago, but you knew that already. 🙂
    I don’t know if you ever saw my blog post about my project of writing out the book of Proverbs by hand, but I had a sample of my “fancy” handwriting in it. Maybe you can show a sample I your handwriting sometime? I know you did have a journal excerpt from the conference you went to, but that was written quickly in the car; I want to see what your handwriting looks like when you take more time to make it look good (the style seen in my sample takes me a lot longer than writing normally).

    • Good point; that wasn’t my neat handwriting XD
      I’m so glad your interest is piqued, too! I didn’t see that blog post, but I’ll go search for it!! =D

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