Color my soul

 [ ìnspə ráysh’n ]   
  1. stimulation to do creative work: stimulation for the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art
  2. somebody or something that inspires: somebody or something that inspires somebody to creative thought or to the making of art
  3. creativeness: the quality of being stimulated to creative thought or activity, or the manifestation of this

Inspiration is unique to each person. What may inspire me to high heavens may make another person go cross-eyed with confusion. I have a very wide range of things that inspire me, and honestly, the problem isn’t so much ‘getting inspired’ as it is organizing my inspiration and putting it to good use. My favorite things inspire me. Certain sounds, smells, and sights make my imagination go crazy or simply lift my soul up, infusing it with all sorts of heavenly colors. Here are some of the things that color my soul –

Red balloons//notebooks full of scribbles and sketches//quotes, quotes, and more quotes//’calling the lightning’ with my five-year-old nephew on my lap//birds//watching the glowing lights of the airplanes from my window at night as they take off from the airport//leaning as far out the car window as I can, neverminding the birds-nest hair to come later, and pretending I can touch the sky//looking up at the stars on a clear night//late-night giggling with my sister in my room//driving through funky places and watching strange people//when the least-likely person does something unexpectedly good//favorite songs playing in random places//those little discussions with strangers who you never see again//browsing the music selections at Target//used bookstores//new bookstores!//catalogues with medieval weaponry and accessories//snow//people with disabilities doing amazing things//a kind heart under a gruff exterior//pretty photography, such as this Tumblr, which is filled with pictures that inspire me amazingly//ball gowns//heroic deeds//hot chocolate with whipped cream (psh, any hot chocolate works for me!)//getting up in the middle of the night to dance to Bang Yong Guk thinking it will put me back to sleep, when it only gives me more energy//exchanging rapid-fire emails with friends//fangirling with someone who loves what I love//finding a verse in the Bible that fits my situation perfectly//flowers in strange places//pretty grafitti on cracked walls//short stories in magazines//those black-and-white pictures that leave one color somewhere//hearing someone with an accent I love//a bird flying across the sky//people with interesting faces//beautiful artwork I can only aspire to//beautiful book covers//getting letters in the mail, sending letters out//unexpected surprises//swinging at the park//

(I love this picture. I know it’s a bit ‘grungy,’ but I love the dress and the balloon and the whole concept)

There are some things that inspire me, that color my soul every time, things that I love that make life so spectacular. What are yours?


17 thoughts on “Color my soul

  1. Great stuff! I’d have to think a long while before I could come up with a list as long as yours, but here are a few.
    Soundtrack music, whether it be sportsy to put me in the competitive mood, or just a John Williams or Howard Shore to put me in a writing or worshipful frame of mind//hanging out with little kids//watching one of my favorite movies//reading a particualrly good Bible passage//reading a good spiritual book or listening to a spiritual type sermon, podcast, etc// recognizing my many blessings//enjoying nature’s beauty//worshiping God.

  2. Oh, I love these! I always love seeing posts like this– it’s so interesting to see what inspires other people. Stuff that inspires me:

    Surprise sunshine in April//random red flowers that pop up in the middle of the yard//the sound of rain on the roof//stars you can see in the city//trains//used bookstores//dancing around the house//singing loudly to songs you love//watching Doctor Who and Merlin//doing cartwheels//pretty photographs//the soundtrack to How To Train Your Dragon//Harry Potter//airplanes flying overhead//wondering where the people in the cars around you are going//unicycles//spring colors//climbing trees//seeing authors speak//chatting with old friends//baking cakes//princess movies (Tangled, and The Princess Bride, especially.)

      • Thanks! And we are awfully similar with things like this. =D And we’re both born Washingtonians. Another similarity. And, if you lived in West Washington, you’ll understand what I mean about surprise sunshine in April. It’s in the 60’s right now, which is just lovely.

        • YES! Washingtonians forever!!! Surprise sunshine in april – yes. =) My birthday month! Yay! i wish it was still in the sixties here, but it’s more like 80’s. *sigh*

          • It’s my birthday month too! =D Happy early birthday, Mirriam! Surprise sunshine is definitely lovely. But I haven’t really been outside today. I’ve been running errands and cleaning. :/ But I think I’ll go out in a little bit, and enjoy the sunshine while I can. Last spring however, it was just miserable, and wet.

  3. What a great list! Here’s a few of my things:

    Sountrack music // thunder // good books // medieval dresses // talking while walking with my sister…

    Sisters are great for making you laugh! I share a blog with my sister. It’s great fun.

    I love that photo!

  4. Did you know that we are almost the same person?!
    Heehee ;D Writing your letter reply and trying to find time to read your book! I’M SO EXCITED!

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