A bit of rambling…

Well, I’m sitting here with the urge to blog but I have no idea what to blog about. I have B.A.P.’s “Warrior” stuck in my head – probably comes from learning the dance and having to listen to the song over/over/over/over. It’s funny when you have Korean lyrics stuck in your head – honestly,  I can’t get them out. I have to sing them, and I’m pretty sure I’m not speaking Korean except for a few words I actually know (saranghae, mianhae, oppa, oma, anyeonghasaeyo, kansamnida, and basic words like that) but – what can I do? *sigh* I’m getting over a brief cold, and I have that bundle-of-energy-combined-with-listlesness feeling that’s so annoying.

My birthday is in six days. Less than six, actually. More like five. I’ll have been alive for 18 years.


I have this odd little thing that happens to me – when I’m writing a specific genre (at the moment, thriller/action) – I only want to watch/read things in that genre. It’s superbly annoying since I really can’t focus on anything other than things in those genres. Aish.

*sighs again*

Heavens, I’m so – so – ARGH; I don’t know what. I think this gif accurately conveys my feelings.


Yeah, that’s pretty much it. ^.^ I’ll leave you with a few teasers for “The Shadows Lengthen,” sequel to “The Shadows Fall.” (Working title. I think.) (must. get. self. in. fantasy. mood.)

 – memory loss

– the death of someone close

– treachery

– the discovery of someone lost

– the mess-up of a plan

– an unexpected transformation

Have fun deciphering that. ^_^

Credendo vides, dearies. (Whoop; Rumple just came out!)

~ Mirriam


27 thoughts on “A bit of rambling…

  1. Oh, Happy {Early} Birthday! 18 was my favorite year. Loved it.
    Haha! Love that gif of the Doctor=D
    I’ve felt like that myself, sometimes…but I rather doubt that I look quite so cute as the Doctor does doing that;)

  2. Cool. We should start a birthday count-down . ..5 singing Koreans. . .4 intercontinental ballistic missiles . .. 3 dancing Doctors. . ..2 beloved fantasy characters . ..and One AWOL Valentine.





    What if he’s planning on visiting for your birthday?!

      • ::nod nod:: there would be a cake destroyed, your mom would be all “What have I told you about having fictional characters over at family celebrations” and then I’d have to call The Doctor to come over and unscramble everything (explaining of course it was my fault and all) and they’red be wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey involvement and possibly Eristor might decide to shove Valentine into a parallel parallel universe .. .

  3. Oooohhhh, I LOVE that gif! I’ve seen it before. So fun to just sit and just . . . watch! Also, I like Ten 😀 (even though I haven’t watched DW, but I’ve seen enough gifs of him that I like him. More than Eleven too. Why do I know these things??)

    Your list of hints for The Shadows Lengthen: WHAT. O.O Whatwhatwhat. Do I even want to know? Gaaahh! Way to get me really concerned. Must. read. now. Which means you must write it first…

    • Yes, you kind of fall in love with Ten before you actually meet him – I did, through Burdge’s drawings of him. They were so adorably quirky. HA! Spoilers, sweetie. XD

  4. WAAAAARRIOR!!! HOO! ♪a little faster than a bullet piercing your heart♪ HOO! HOO!
    That’s all I have to say.
    …………………oh crap, I think I got another assassin idea…………..

    • It is the most awesome dance to a KPop song EVER – except maybe U-Kiss’s. They have really good ones. Oh, and so does SHInee. And INFINITE. But… *smacks forehead* I’M ONLY LEARNING *ONE* RIGHT NOW, DASHITALL!

      • There’s sooooooooo (x1000) many awesome kpop dances! I’ve got 5 on youtube. well, the first 3 I want to redo. *perfectionist* I’m learning Infinite’s Paradise right now. looooove Infinite! (my current obsession XD) Then planning on UKiss Neverland next. and throw in a randomly stumbled upon j-pop song in between. I try to learn a dance a week, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. it won’t work out these two weeks coming up because, guess what! I’m moving back to MD! go figure.

        • INFINITE is *awesome* – UKiss’s Neverland dance is AMAZING. So is their JPop “Tick Tack,” but you need more than 1 person. I love SHINee’s “Sherlock,” but INFINITE’s Paradise is great, as well as a certain ‘Fantastic’ song. =D

  5. Happy birthday, early. My letter in reply to your letter, when I get it, will be your late birthday card, so you are aware 🙂 Ah…those nights of not knowing what to do or think. I know them too well.

  6. Uh oh, the death of someone close?!
    Remind me when your birthday comes around so I don’t forget to tell you happy birthday, ok? 🙂 I’m still of the opinion that turning 18 is highly overrated unless you want to smoke, buy a rifle/shotgun, or do one of a few other things, but some people appear to enjoy it more than I did, and you’ll probably be among them.

    • Yeeeaaaahhh >:) A character you like, too. *sigh* I’m sorry about it. *runs away dodging poison darts* Ha, okay, I’ll email you and go “TELL ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECAUSE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS DO!!!!” So expect an email. 😉 Well… yeah…. it might be overrated, but some people say it’s their ‘favorite year.’ So I’m looking forward to it anyway.

    • He’s a character of Michelle’s. He and Eristor, um, don’t get along. At ALL. And Valentine (aka Vosh aka Capp) is really an annoying blabbermouth who won’t leave Eristor alone and makes fun of everything. Ahem. They have bouts sometimes. =D

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