A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Here’s the ‘this.’

This is a portrait of Park Jung-Min, a Korean singer/actor. He was so much fun to draw; everything just ‘came together’ as it so rarely does. I’m very happy with it. =)

As for the ‘that,’ – I got this response to the lovely Monica, who’s always so wonderfully enthusiastic to read my writing. She read “The Shadows Fall” and I got this very, very amazingly encouraging reply (I edited it a tiny bit so as to avoid spoilers)-

I have to admit, picking a favorite character is tough, i loved Sienna and Eristor and just all of them! And you killed XXXXXXX!!!!! How could you kill XXXXXX? I mean, you did a good job killing XXXX, because you’re obviously getting a good reaction from me ;). But how could you kill XXXX!!?! I live in hope that maybe XXXXX not really dead, I mean, this is a fantasy novel after all, it could happen. Good job with that btw ;). I guess that could count as the scene that I responded to the most emotion-wise, I was almost crying…
One of the characters that I actually liked the most, with the obvious exception of Eristor or Sienna ;), would be Marcus Gale, I loved the guy! He was pretty awesome,   and I hope he gets more page time in book two. Caranthir was an amazing villain! I loved the bantering between Sienna and Alec, and having four brothers, I can totally relate to it, which is fun! Those scenes were so much fun to read through, and just to see them interact like that was hysterical. I also love how Alec “stepped up to the plate” during the scene with the merrows. And the scene were Eristor finally just laughs! When Marcus is giving Sienna swimming lessons!! *squeal* He’s just adorable there! Okay, okay, I may as well just give up on trying to pick a favorite scene, really! Sorry if this was a little muddled and jumbled a bit, hopefully its in a decent enough form for you to tell how much I sincerely loved that novel! Can’t wait to see what happens with its sequel 😉

Now what author doesn’t like to hear that said about her novel? I ask you.

Credendo Vides,



23 thoughts on “A little bit of this, a little bit of that

  1. YAY. Positive feedback is fantastic, it makes the bitter (and always on-spot) crits I get about what I’m working on easier to swallow. LOL the life of a story teller, right? Pinging from the YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY highs to ‘this is the worst tripe anyone has ever written and I made them READ it’

    • Thanks so much, Jon! I can’t wait for you to read it; I hope you like it!
      …Hey, if you want to be a beta-reader, you could actually read it now =)

  2. Isn’t it annoying when authors kill the best characters. I see you’re one of that lot. 😉 So’s my sister… But then, the best books are the ones that make you cry.

    Keep up the good work on your book. Can’t wait till it’s published!

  3. Bah. Your making me feel bad, being a critic and all.
    So…I solemnly swear that since The Shadows Fall is finaled I will provide you with positive feedback(which you deserve).
    Like a BoSS

  4. *attempts the weirdest smile known to man*
    Whattt??????boss to me??? You fail the geek test. Like a boss is…oh my word, ok…mann how to explain????.

    Ok its like chess, lots a rules and occasions to do different things but also applies to almost everything.
    Heres an example: if you do some thing AwSome or eP1c
    You say like a BoSS. Like if you get a huge maze on a paper you draw a line straight from start to finish, or quick scope no mod and get a triplekill, or jump a bike from one roof to another, or hack a .gov website. You then add “Like a BoSS”
    In honor or the BoSS.
    I will explain in more detail some other time.

    P.S. after you finished you picture you post it on fb and title it Like a BoSS. You are AwSome by the way.

    • Lucas….
      I KNOW what “LIke a Boss” means. XD I was just being goofy. *cracks up* Awww, thanks so much, Lucas. XD

  5. *groan* Don’t encourage him! 🙄

    Would you like some more positive feedback (and also some that’s helpful and constructive, hopefully) – that isn’t full of grammatical errors, misspellings, LOLspeak, and other very much-less-than-educated-sounding-and-professional writing? 😉

  6. This is killing me… *glares at approaching finals and all the papers and tests I have before then* LOL I’ll probably read the whole thing the night after my last final and you’ll have a mass of utterly unintelligible comments… 🙂 I’ll try to avoid that, if possible, though. 😀

    Gorgeous drawing, by the way! 🙂

  7. Hah, those were pretty much my reactions . . . 😀

    Also, lovely drawing! You’re amazing, Mirriam!!

    Also again: I can always tell how busy you are by how fast you reply to my emails and whether or not you reply to all of the comments on your posts. You haven’t replied to my email yet, and your last post you only replied to a couple of comments, and here you are replying to all of the ones on this post. By which I conclude that you were very busy for awhile, and are not so frantically busy now 😛 (If I’m wrong, then there go my deductive skills, and adios to my plans of rivaling Sherlock Holmes . . .)


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