A little bit exciting

Do you know who these people are? (Besides the one in the middle. That’s me. And please ignore the fact that I I had horribly flat hair yesterday). Well, let me begin a bit earlier. For a month now, myself and the lady in the picture above have been trying to co-ordinate a meeting and, yesterday, our wishes came true. I was up at six thirty so we could leave at seven in order to arrive at the hotel/meeting place at eight because she had to leave at ten.

Ladies and gentlemen, I met Jill Williamson in person yesterday. Yes. I did. It was a BLAST. And see the guy on the left? One of my favorite composers (his Celtic song inspired all the pirate scenes in Elmeria) – Jon Maiocco. And guess who was sitting across the table from us in this picture? Bill Meyers. And guess who was upstairs even though I didn’t get to oficially meet her? Heather Burch.

We had an amazing two hours of non-stop talking. There were several funny ocurrences – first of all, we had told Jill I would be coming with my Mom. Which means we rather threw her off when I showed up with my Dad. We sat down at a table (in-lobby restaurant, yay), got fruit and juice, ordered omelets, and commenced to talking about writerly things until Jon showed up. It was pretty thrilling to meet him, considering I’ve listened to his music for more than a year. I recounted to him all the times my sister and I had dragged Dad downstairs to hear the latest musical blog installment, and told him how his Celtic song was my pirate captain Marcus’s theme.

We chatted about music and composers (hooray for James Newton Howard and Trevor Rabin!) and Jill laughed and said “The only composers I can name are John Williams, Danny Elfman, and – oh, who did the Pirates of the Caribbean music?”

Jon said “Hans Zimmer” – and then at the same time, he and I both added “Or Klaus Badelt.” And then we just grinned. Nerds forever.

We all ordered omelets (I ordered mine with sausage and cheese, Dad got a veggie omelet, and Jill got onions that she hadn’t ordered), and there was a slight problem with Bill’s. He said “There were ice crystals in my omelet.”

And so I looked at him innocently and asked “Did you order them?” 


Anyhow, we sat and talked for two hours (a few dear friends whom I’ve never met in person got mentioned – Chris Kolmorgen, Misty Runes, Adele H.) until it was time to leave; because they had to check out of their hotel. We said good-bye and on the way home Dad took me to Starbucks.

We got back at the house just a little after I usually wake up on Saturdays – but the getting up early was totally worth it. I had an amazing, amazing time.

And just a note: I have been quite busy, which is why some of you are probably wondering why I haven’t written your letters yet. I’m working on it – we just got stamps (insert cheer) so I’ll be able to send them off hopefully this week. As for those awaiting art commissions – I must crave your indulgence. They are coming, I do promise you. Sometimes it takes longer than other times.

Credendo Vides,




12 thoughts on “A little bit exciting

  1. *YAY* for fellowship and friendship and fiendship. Yes. Fiendship. It’s always so lovely when you can go talk your native language and relax and know that you don’t have to translate. 😀 I got to talk artgeekspeak with a customer recently and I something uncrinked inside my soul, stretched out and sighed. You DID get something signed I hope? Napkin? Frost-filled omlet? xD Something?

  2. Mirriam, that sounds like SO much fun! I don’t really know who any of those people are, but obviously you do, and it sounds like you had a blast. 🙂 I’m listening to the Celtic song right now, and it’s so pretty! I love it. I can definitely see how it would fuel pirate scenes! My current writing music obsessions are Enya and a few Florence + the Machine songs, and Celtic Woman. With the occasional Apocalyptica song thrown in.

    Oh! Yesterday was my birthday, and my parents ordered me a “Keep Calm and Don’t Blink” t-shirt! That will take my count of “Blink” themed t-shirts up to two. 😀 It’s one of my favorite episodes. I didn’t love the one in season five, with the weeping angels, though. Maybe I just have to try re-watching it– I’ve only seen it once.

    Hmm… this comment has gotten a little off track, hasn’t it? xD

    • WHOA – you mean I’ve met someone you haven’t!?
      Can this be!? Did the world shift on its axis!???
      Well. You’d like him. =) And don’t worry, it was only good things said about you. (Mostly. Jill sympathized with the fact she had to keep grabbing your face and threatening to destroy you).

      • Ha! I totally remember that! It was hilarious to watch! 🙂 “I can destroy you.” Love it! (Have you read the Blood of Kings books yet, Mirriam? Because you MUST!! They are, like, the best ever!)

  3. More than a LITTLE BIT exciting, I would say! Woohooo! You got to meet Jill 😀 (though now I’m jealous of her that she got to meet YOU. *coughcough*) Sounds like you had an awesome time! I did too, in Austin. Jill and Heather and Bill are such fun people! 🙂

    I was mentioned??!! *dies with happiness* Echoing Chris, I hope it wasn’t anything bad ;D

    And OH MY GOODNESS I just listened to Jon’s Celtic song, and it is AMAZINGSTUPENDOUSAWESOMETHRILLINGBREATHTAKING!!! WOW. At the beginning it’s like green sweeping hills and white mist, and I can totally hear the pirate thing near the end, and I can see Marcus’s ship “Siren’s Song” sailing along on a choppy sea, with the wind in the sails, and Marcus, Sienna, Alec, Salebeth, Eristor and the others standing on the deck! *squeals* I LOVE it! 😀 And, do you realize, he posted that EXACTLY a year ago?? April 15th, 2011? What an incredibly awesome coincidence! 😀

    Aaand I’m done now . . . *bows formally* Thank you for your time. Or in this case, your comment space . . .

  4. Fun! How do you know so many cool people?!
    I’m missing the contact with you 😦 But I understand! We shall speak again, hopefully soon!
    And I’ve gotta check out that guy’s music 😀

    • I sent your letter yesterday!!! I want to talk, but realized that I’d probably say everything over the phone before you got the letter, which wouldn’t be the greatest. XD So – let’s talk after you get it! ^.^

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