“Down from the door where it began…”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very proud to announce something to you here, today. This is a momentous occasion in my life, really and truly.

In January of 2008, I began a book. It was inspired by The Lord of the Rings and the Door Within – and when I say ‘inspired by,’ I mean ‘a copy of.’ Even so, I fell in love with the characters I created in this little cookie-cutter fantasy world of mine, and I finished the book in two months. This book was full of problems from the young mind of a thirteen-year-old novice. There were enough plot holes to sink the Titanic, enough awful lines to write a Soap Opera, and enough love, enthusiasm, and emotion behind it to push and refine it into something worth reading.

Then came the real work. Rewriting, once my eyes were opened to the fact that plagiarism was not acceptable. Casting new characters, taking old ones out, changing plotlines and appearances and adding more emotion and less sitting-around-doing-nothing.

Four years, this book has woven its word-strands around my heart, until I am so tangled in it that there is no escaping, even if I wished to try. The characters have stuck with me through thick and thin with minimal strikes and mutinies, and I have Sienna, Eristor, Alec, Tylir, Salebeth, Marcus, and the rest of my book-host to thank.

What I mean to say is, readers, The Shadows Fall is finished. It has been rewritten more times than I can reasonably remember, and it has finally been edited – by myself, my mother, my friends, and my professional editor Amanda Bradburn, who did an outstanding, outstanding, outstanding job.

Thank you all, who have stuck with me through this long, long journey. Thank you to everyone who ever loved my characters, to everyone who inspired a plot twist or a line, to everyone who read my book and critiqued it and loved it and told me what parts to throw out and what parts to keep.

Thank you to everyone who told me not to give up, who cheered for me, who loved me enough to tell me when something wasn’t right and who knew enough to be patient because, eventually, hopefully, I would ‘get it.’ The Shadows Fall is my firstborn, my fledgling bird now almost prepared to leave the nest and fly into the world of publishing, where no doubt it will be storm-battered and rain-beaten. But, God-willing, it will find a home somewhere, though it will never be more at home than here in my own soul.

“The Road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can, pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say.”


24 thoughts on ““Down from the door where it began…”

  1. Hurrah for you, Mirriam! Four years is a long time to stick by a novel, so I heartily commend your perseverance and am very glad that it has paid off. I hope its flight to publication will not be too grueling; your writing is well worth being discovered.


  2. AHHH.
    I legit squealed.
    Because that is amazing. And I cannot wait until I’m walking through some bookstore and I see my friend’s name staring at me from a shelf, because that will be epic, and there will probably be some public embarrassment going on as I squeal and tell everyone in sight that, hey, I knew that girl before she became famous and stuff and she loves Sherlock and someday she’s going to invite me to her huge writerly mansion and we shall do NaNoWriMo together.

    Or, at the very least, I’ll subject my mother to it. xD

    I’m so happy for you and hope that your publication journey won’t be too difficult. Just remember; your first rejection letter is cause for celebration. 😉

  3. Congratulations, Mirriam! 🙂 I hope you’ll get a publisher soon.
    Once you do, I could give your book free publicity – but then, all of only one or two people read my blog. :~\

  4. YAY! This makes me very happy! From what I’ve read thus far, The Shadows Fall is an excellent book. When it’s published, let me know, and I’ll help it get as much publicity as I can! 🙂

  5. Ah, now comes the time of connection and of partnership. Now comes the time when readers (not beta readers) join their imagination, experience, time and talent with yours.

    Fly wild fledgling!

    “All teeth set, all prayers said. Now onward, down the slope, the wind catching the standard of the great lion.”~The Horse and His Boy

    “Are you with me?”
    “To the death, m’lord.”~The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe Film

    To the death, Merry-hearted whirligig. Your friends are with you in this, to the death. 😉


  6. Ooooooohhhhh, Mirriam!!! *squeals* That is so very very very very exciting! Many congratulations are in order for you, m’dear! That is AWESOME! (Plus, I love the LotR quote AND roads, which gets you double brownie points from me 😉 ) I hope you get published soon – someone out there is bound to notice your amazing genius! I can’t wait to hold TSF in my own two hands 😀 (Of course, this probably means it’s kinda too late for me to give you thoughts on the rest of it, which I still haven’t gotten to since I’ve been so horribly busy *headdesk* But oh well . . .) Anyway, that is seriously fabulous!!! 😀 *hugs and pats on the back* Keep going! I’m sure that road holds many wonderful things in your future!!!

  7. This is such a bittersweet moment for me! 🙂 I’m SO proud of you. Thanks so much for letting me into your world. I know I’ve said that a thousand times, but I do mean it. I know someday that we shall finally meet (not just chat on the phone) and have an entire day while we’re just two writers honing our crafts together. I can’t wait!

  8. CONGRATS. This is momentous and amazing. You worked hard and sweated and cried. And now you’re finished. Sending hugs and wishing I was there to jump around and celebrate with you!!!

  9. Congratulations MIrriam!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment, you area amazing!!!!! When do we get a chance to purchase a copy for our personal bookshelves please do tell!

  10. Whoo! Go Mirriam! *throws confetti* This is awesome. Though I’ve only read snippets from The Shadows Fall in the last few months since we became friends, I already love your cast. 😉 I can’t wait until I finally get to read a finished, published copy of it. You go, girl!

    Hopefully sometime I’ll go back, and start rewriting my first finished novel, fixing plot holes, etc. I’ve been told my the people who’ve read it that it has potential, so there’s that to go on. 😛 Also, I started work on that new project idea I talked about in that post about writing, I had. I’ve got about 3k on it right now, so it’s still a baby– less than a week old– but I hope to get more on it soon.


  11. Congrats, Mirriam! I have to ask, does this mean I don’t get to read an email copy? ;), I would honestly consider buying a copy if I could!! I really would! I love the characters, and I know that I wouldn’t have to worry about coming across all that junk one sometimes finds in the fantasy genre. :). The best of luck to you!

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