South Carolina: Day Two

On the morning of the second day, we came back to life at about eight o’clock. Dad went to the men’s breakfast to hear Stephen Kendrick (my hero! aahh!) and we ladies prepared ourselves. Headlines that morning read

Three Females Try to Share One Bathroom

There were no deaths or serious injuries, I’m happy to say, and my sister and I were dressed, make-upped, and had our hair done early. Mom wasn’t feeling well and decided not to come in the morning. In dire need of coffee, my mom ordered us downstairs for caffeine. And ladies and gentlemen…

we rode the elevator.

Allbyourselves. YES, I’m joking – but only half. Because this was a frightening elevator. It took FOOORRREEVVEERR to arive, and when it did, it announced itself. Loudly.

Riah: I wonder when the elevator is going to come.

Me: It’s kinda sl-


Me: It’s here.

Riah wanted to take the stairs, I said I was taking the elevator and if it got stuck, it would count as an adventure. We did NOT get stuck, and went down to the buzzing cafeteria without incident. The poor hotel staff were rushing around trying to keep coffee cups, lids, and containers replaced and filled.

NOTE: If you are planning on starting a hotel, anyone, make sure the coffee station is big enough to afford room for more than two people. “Four feet high the door and three may walk abreast” doesn’t cut it for a coffee station. So, while I got coffee for mom and myself, Riah got orange juice. We took the scary elevator  back up and went into the room, and while we were sitting around drinking our drinks I –

Well, first, let me explain.

Newton had a theory. It’s one of his lesser-known theories, to be sure, but a theory nonetheless. That theory is –

“When a cup whose mass is increased by twenty ounces of liquid is placed within six inches of a fabric which happens to be new and white, the two forces are undeniably attracted to one another.”

In other words, I spilled coffee all over my new white shirt. This is where my Mom came to the rescue.

I removed the shirt, and she carefully poured cold water and soap on the shirt while I stood there wringing my hands and wondering what in the world I was going to do because I hadn’t packed an extra shirt because I hadn’t necessarily put coffee into the equation – but Mom got the stains out, and after I’d blow-dried it, it was completely fine. THREE CHEERS FOR SUPERMOTHERS!!!!

With much trepidation,  I got another cup of coffee and we headed to the convention. The sessions we went to were –

World History (of literature) in One Hour by Robin Finley (she does Analytical Grammar, the course my sister and I take. And her daughter looks like River Song. No kidding). This was really interesting; it took you through the basics of how to really read and understand a book to Plato, Thomas More, Steinbeck, all the way through the Hunger Games. It was fantastic – though I kept chipping in comments through the Hunger Games conversation because she forgot things about it. She ended up asking me whenever she forgot something about it. I felt quite special, and by the end of the second half the other women in the room were calling me the Hunger Games Expert. *proud smile* Anyway, moving on.

We went to Sarah, Stephen, and Grace Malley’s talk on brothers and sisters. We got their book a long time ago and went through it, and I’m a fan of Sarah’s book “Before You Meet Prince Charming.” This class was enjoyable – Sarah and Grace have nasally voices, which gets on my nerves, but Stephen was articulate and fun to listen to.

We did a lot of hunting through the exhibit hall, where I purchased several books (“Saint” by Ted Dekker, Betsy and the Great World by Maude Lovelace, “The Song” and “The Finale” by Calvin Miller because I already had ‘The Singer”), spoke more to Julia and Emily Brookshire, and watched people.

The day wasn’t very eventful, but it was fun, and we went to Longhorn for a delicious dinner (even if it’s a little ironic eating cow whilst being stared at by the glassy eyes of a Longhorn mounted on the wall).

(Note: My sister and I shared a pull-out bed from the couch. I do not sleep well when sharing a bed; especially a bed that happens to be made of springs and wires and really has no mattress to speak of. My sister is the sort of person who tries to suction herself to you while she sleeps, and I commend her for trying to keep her distance).

At the end of the day –

Lectures Listened To: 4

Pages Written: 10

Laughs had with my sister: 18


16 thoughts on “South Carolina: Day Two

  1. Sounds fun!

    “Riah: I wonder when the elevator is going to come.
    Me: It’s kinda sl-
    Me: It’s here.”

    I love that. xD

    And yay for people who look like River Song! I was trying to explain Doctor Who to my friend today… she still doesn’t get the appeal.


    • Hahaha; Riah says “It’s a lot funnier when you write it.” *grin* OH goodness… friends like that are hard to talk to XD

  2. 😀 Oooh that elevator would have been enough for me to try the stairwell. The only thing that would have been worse would be for the doors to have creeaaaaaked open and the cadaverous fellow from the Twilight Zone to have to have told you “There’s always room for one more”

    ::twitch twitch::

    And I think that having coffee spilled and a shirt rescued = beginning of adventure

    We are PAST the prologue

  3. Ah! How fun! I want to go to a convention of sorts- I don’t think I’ve ever been.
    Mind if I give you a call sometime soon? I’ll keep in mind the time difference.
    Take pictures of your skirts on you! I saw the peacock one on Etsy and thought it and the rest were beautiful 😀

  4. It sounds like you had an interesting time. 🙂
    Thoughts (in no particular order):
    1) Ah yes, the Mallys; we have both of those books.
    2) Stephen Kendrick – is he one of the brothers who own Sherwood Films and made Fireproof, etc.?
    3) Here’s another thumbs down to pull-out beds that are thin, lumpy, hard, have springs that can be felt easily, etc. 😛
    4) You bought Saint, you say? I thought it was a pretty good book with a good theme/message in it (you’ll probably be able to figure out which part kind of annoyed me – hint: it’s a description that has to do with a gun and what it’s supposedly capable of doing)…as you probably know, Dekker’s Circle/Paradise storyline was a big one and quite a few of his books mentioned something to do with it in some way (which I think is neat), even if they seemed to be otherwise unrelated. As you’ll know if you’ve read the Circle and Lost Books series, Dekker made a rather large “oops” when writing the latter, since it has the same setting, many of the same characters, etc. and is supposed to explain many of the things in the main storyline but events happen very differently than they did in the Circle series…
    5) Where can I watch Doctor Who?! I don’t have Netflix and am certainly not going to buy a million seasons on DVD…maybe I’ll have to wait until I do have Netflix. I saw what the Matt Smith 11th Doctor looks like in pictures and like the David Tennant Tenth Doctor better, but maybe I’ll like the new one better after I see him walking and talking.
    6) What did you think about the Hunger Games?
    I thought the storyline was fascinating but there were some things I didn’t like in the books – if you want I’ll post my thoughts on it somewhere and link to it since it’s a page long and would probably make for one of the longest comments ever if I posted it. One of my blogger friends, Elizabeth, got to be an extra in the Hunger Games movie and suggested I try out for casting as well (back when I live in NC, where filming was talking place); I would have liked to, but the location was several hours away and I didn’t know if I would have been cast, especially since I don’t think I have an “interesting face” or whatever it was the website called for. It would have been cool to have been in the movie…I still wonder what might have happened if I’d gone. :~\
    7) I will not say anything else since I already have the award for longest comments (sorry about that – rambling when writin online is a big fault of mine) and I don’t want to clutter up the comments any more, in the event you decide this is worth publishing – more than likely, it’s not.

  5. You, my friend, are a writer. And an excellent one at that. (Not that you didn’t already know that, but still.) No-one but an excellent writer could write a post about seemingly-uninteresting events like elevators and coffee and manage to make it AMAZING, WONDERFUL and so very very FUN!

    I especially loved the note about “Four foot high the door”! 😀 AAAND all the rest, of course! Also, THAT is why I don’t drink coffee 😉

    YOU like the Hunger Games TOO?? What is this? O_O *wanders off in bewilderment*

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