Day One

NOTE: I apologize in advance. I forgot to bring the camera, so you’ll have to do without pictures and just use your imagination. Come on, Gaston, you can do it!

So on Day One, we left at about one in the afternoon. You may not know this about me, but I love car trips. Love them. I’m not sure why, considering I do in the car exactly what I do at home, but there’s something so thrilling about packing books, notebooks, pencils, sketchbooks, and music in a bag, climbing into the car, and settling down for a three-hour trip. (I prefer it when the trips are longer – say, six or eight hours, because I love to be able to jam to music while watching the scenery out the window, but one takes what one can get).

So, in my duffel was:

• A sketchbook

• Several printed articles and pieces of my own writing to mull over

• Books: “Valiant” by Kyla Fournier, the Bible, “Don’t  Judge a Girl By Her Cover” by someone-whose-name-I-can’t-remember, “Girl Coming In For a Landing: A Book in Poems” by another author-whose-name-escapes me (but the book, such as I’ve read of it, is actually pretty cool) and “Three” by Ted Dekker.

• My pink Coby noise-cancelling headphones that are THEAWESOMESTHEADPHONESEVERTHATIBOUGHTFOR

TWELVEDOLLARSATMARSHALLS and the earbuds that came with them + my Coby mp3 player named Vic, which has all my soundtracks/instrumental music + my iPod shuffle named Minzy who has all my vocal music.

• My adorable orange Owl jumbo journal from Wallgreens (Seriously. Seven dollars for a jumbo journal that was absolutely adorable AND awesome? Yes. It was well-used over the course of the weekend).

• Sketchbook, and various pens and pencils

As you can see, my packing tends to be a little… hmm… well, me. Paper, pens, and music.

My clothing-packing was a little different. My parents recently ordered me some supercalifradulisticexpialidocious clothes from Idea2Lifestyle on Etsy, and I am the proud owner of a blue Peackock-gypsy skirt, a linen skirt that’s extremely pretty, a moonshadow top and an artist top, and two different dresses which I’ll be wearing at the Father-Daughter retreat at Calloway next week (Watch out, Hannah. I’m coming for you). They also bought me some amazing new shoes – which I only wore one pair of over the entire weekend. They’re the sandle-kind that are flat and have an ankle strap and one strap OVER the foot and around the toe kinda like a one-strapped flipflop. Anyway, they were super comfy and looked great with everything, so I showed favoritism.

The car trip there was fairly uneventful, but nice. After about fifteen minutes in I put my headphones on and listened to my favorite KPop selections. After about an hour I began to write in my Owlie jumbo journal (which from now on shall just be called Owl, because I have to name everything and it’s shorter). I wrote my first blog-journal entry for you all, which you’ve already probably seen below but which I shall post here anyway:

We only had one restroom stop on the way there (record! Yaaay! What is it about getting into a car that makes you suddenly have to go to the bathroom 10x more often than ordinary?) We arrived at the hotel after having some minor trouble finding it (the conversation went something like this – Dad: “Where is it?” Mom: “Well, let me check the directions.” Dad: “They aren’t usually very accurate, they’re only for emergencies.” Mom: “Didn’t you bring your woman?” Me: “You mean Dorcas?” Mom: “Yeah, Dorcas.” Dad: “No, we had the directions.” Mom: “I think we must have passed it. This looks like the middle of nowhere.” Dad: “Yeah, I’m turning around.”

For those of you who are unaware, Dorcas is the name of Dad’s GPS. She’s very nice, if a bit on the snooty side. (Did you know you can program them with different accents? My brother-in-laws GPS has an Australian accent, which is awesome except when she pronounces Punkintown Road “Punkietown.”)

We changed out of our jeans and tee-shirts into skirts (mandatory for home school conventions, not that I don’t like skirts, because I do, especially now that I have awesome handmade ones from Shanghai!) and drove around until we found the church the convention was in. Mom wasn’t feeling well, so it was Dad, Riah, and myself who went to the first class. It was by Ken Ham, and was, of course, excellent (I’ve practically grown up with Ken Ham, and he’s helped me further my Australian accent in ways I can’t even begin to tell you). We were able to do some browsing in the Exhibit Hall (always my favorite part) and I was pleasantly surprised to see Julia there!

Now, I see Julia every year at the Georgia Homeschool Convention, and have since I met her for the first time at the Father-Daughter convention at Calloway when I was 14.  I had no idea she was going to be at the South Carolina convention, so it was awesome to hee her and I bought a gorgeous necklace from her – and my sister surprised me by buying me an earring/necklace set to wear with my Blackmore’s Night-ish dress at the Father-Daughter convention next week! *cheers* I have an awesome family.

After that, we went back to the hotel to catch some sleep…


14 thoughts on “Day One

  1. 😀 I love car trips *now* I didn’t when I was little(er) because I get motion sickness. For me, it’s 3-7 hours of nausea if I do anything but look out the window. I can’t read, and can’t write (the trip with Megan was the first and only time I attempted it, and then I was semi-nauseous for an hour or so when we got to the CREATION MUSEUM in KY. *cough* most awesome place ever) not one single word without getting dizzy.

    Now, I order a book on CD and listen to that while car tripping, and look out the window. Not nearly as bad.

  2. I say, Mirriam, you and I like a lot of the same music, but KPop is not one of the genres I like. 😛 (when I visited my cousin in LA a couple o years ago, he played KPop in his car a lot since he really likes Korean and Japanese stuff just like two girls I know; I must say I was not impressed. 😉 ) But to each his/her own.

    Ken Ham’s a great speaker and always very interesting to listen to, don’t you think? I think the last time I heard him was at the Sufficiency of Scripture conference in Cincinatti some years ago – I think that was where I first met Hannah. 🙂

    You’ve got a Blackmore’s Night-style dress? Very cool. You might be able to be a backup singer for them, but I really don’t think you could pass for Candice Night, even with an outfit like one of hers. ;D

    • *grins* We like a LOT of the same music, but yes, not many people I know like KPop =) Even if I have the feeling it’s going to take the world by storm very, very soon. (insert evil laugh)
      YES! I’ll post pictures from the Father-Daughter retreat so you can see the dress *grin* It’s very pretty. Hah; Candice Night and I don’t look anything alike aside from blond hair, so yeah, I doubt it XD

  3. (Watch out, Hannah. I’m coming for you).
    BWHAHAHA! Yeah, I can believe it. :S *hides*
    What’re you going to do? Get back at me for every joke I made and simply make me die with your meanness? Or will you tease me to death about my perfect wish and make me want to hire your MP3 player to poison your food? Or…

    yeah, you get the picture. >.<
    Ah, well. At least I'll look forward to it. (KNOWS she's gonna eat her words…)
    Ahem… will you be a nice enemy and tell me what defences I should bring!? T.T
    I'm so totally going to die… augh. And to think, we'll be sitting around saying, "Three years ago Monday… we'd have never thought we'd be doing this to each other." XD


  4. Max –
    Heeeeeeyyyyy now… *sniffs*
    JUST for that, if I ever see you again, I’ll make you listen to it constantly. >.<
    And yes, that's where we first met. XD SOOO long ago – EEK! Mirriam and I met at the F/D Retreat THREE YEARS ago on the 26th of this month; it's so exciiitttiiing! And it'll actually be three years since we've seen each other there at Callaway!

    … alright, after you've stopped giving my comment a raised eyebrow and unsure expression…


  5. Glad to see I’m not the only one to name EVERYTHING.

    I name all my journals, First, there was Nefitiri (Tiri), Elsie, Moonwind, and now I’m on Nora.

    Then, My camera is Camryn, and I think I shall name my iphone as well….I just don’t know what yet. Maybe Irene.

  6. … you didn’t answer me. *sniffs*
    Am I just that? An old glove, tossed away? *sniffsniff*

    I’m calling it quits.
    My smurf will be a better friend than you could EVAH think of being – ’cause he’s a smurf and you’re not!
    *stomps off and slams door*

    *picture frame falls from wall*


  7. I actually got the chance to meet Ally Carter recently (Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover author), because she’s on tour for the fifth book in that series. It was fun. 😀

    And I’m glad you had fun! I would be miserable at a convention where skirts were mandatory– I hate wearing them. *shrugs* I don’t know why. I am very much a jeans kind of person.


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