Unleashing the angels

Prayer. What do you think when you read that word? Do you see a giant cathedral? Do you see a little girl kneeling  by a bedside, or perhaps a father petitioning for the life of his son?

I see angels.

I see them standing by, poised in all their God-given glory, swords in hand, waiting. They do not move, they do nothing but stand and shine and watch as people hurt themselves and bad things happen. And then, from the other side of the world, they hear it. Someone is sitting up at three in the morning, their hands clasped and heart bleeding.

God, please be with that person. Please give them your strength, draw them to you. Please save them, God, I love them so much. They don’t even know I exist, but to me it feels like I’ve known them forever. They don’t know what they’re doing, God, please save them from themselves. Please, God, do something.

The angels are now at attention, awaiting their orders. They’ve heard the prayer; they have only to receive the command from their Maker. And then it comes.


The anglels are freed; their wings spread wide, their swords flash like lightning. What has just happened?

That small, earnest voice, on the other side of the world, has unleashed God’s power. They have begged and prayed until tears ran down their face and their heart was on the verge of breaking, and God has heard. So the angels fly, they fly to the people in need of prayer and help, and something begins to happen.

A change. And that person, the pray-er on the other side of the world, watches. They can see, they can tell. Some days it might feel hopeless, like they’re praying for something to no avail and it doesn’t matter and hey, they’re only one person, what can they do?

God knows how they feel. And he loves the people being prayed for just as much as the person praying. God does not sit idly by in Heaven and watch what happens with indifference. It can feel that way to us sometimes – but if we could see past the physical and into the spiritual, we would be overwhelmed by the battle going on.

Those angels that were unleashed? They’re battling now. They’re battling the demons surrounding the subject of the far person’s prayer, and they are slaying them. Demons are no match for God’s holy power.

Sometimes, prayer can feel useless. We do everything in our power to reach out to someone, but they don’t seem to hear us. If we shout, they seem deaf. If we write, they don’t read. But if we pray?

There’s nothing they can do to stop God from unleashing the angels.

“The greatest thing anyone can do for God or man is pray.” 

S.D. Gordon




11 thoughts on “Unleashing the angels

  1. I love the thought that our prayers and petitions go up before His throne, a sweet smelling incense. Revelation 5:8, Psalm 141:2. Then there’s James 5:16 about a righteous man’s prayers and 1 Thess 5:17 too, pray without ceasing. 😀 Do a ‘search’ on prayer in Scripture. It’s amazing how much is packed in that word and where it pops up.

  2. As I’ve said before, I’m not very religious– I rarely go to church, though we are part of one, and don’t know much about the bible etc. But this is a really beautiful post, and it shows your faith beautifully.


    • Thank you so much, Sofia =) That means a lot. You should look into it 😉 You might be surprised! I’ll help you out, if you’d like =)

  3. Beautiful post!

    Ya know, I’ve never really thought about what happens to our prayers once it leaves our mouth/heart. So, this was an interesting ponponderance.

  4. Truly lovely post. Angels are just amazing! The fact God has entrusted one with the care of me is even more amazing. Just thinking have you heard of the “Halo series by Alexandra Androtte” They’re about Angels and very good, the third book isn’t out yet though. :[
    P.s.May i link to your post on my blog? I’d really like to share it with others. :]

    • I haven’t read those; but now I’m going to have to!!!! =D Have you read the Tattooed Rats by Jerry Jenkins? I don’t agree with a lot of his premillenial stuff, but this series is REALLY good and strengthened my faith a lot.

  5. Mirriam…. you honestly just made me cry.
    Thanks for writing that… of all days, today I needed to hear that the most. Do you mind if I put it up on my blog and say who wrote it? I really, really, really needed to hear that.

    Thanks, unni.

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