Two Very Interesting Characters

Over the past few months, I have been introduced to two uniquely amazing characters from two completely different shows. I felt I should introduce them to you and give you my thoughts on them.

The first is:

 BBC’s Sherlock Holmes.

I know you all already know I love him. I really do. But why? Well, let’s take a look. When you first see him, he’s beating a corpse with a riding crop as an experiment, to see how long it takes the bruises to form. He’s asked to coffee by the girl who works in the mortuary, and responds with a brusque “Black, two sugars, thank you. I’ll be upstairs.” When his brand-new flatmate, John Watson, moves in with him, he had no idea what he was getting into. If the person who referred him to Sherlock had said “Oh, yes, he’s an extremely eccentric sociopath with a penchant for gruesome experiments, playing his violin at all hours, is involved with criminals and has Asperger’s,” he probably would have turned around with an abrupt “No, thank you.” But if that had happened, then the two unlikely heroes would not have been thrown together. They would not have uncovered dark plots. Sherlock would not have brought John out of his depressed shell, and John would not have lent some humanity to Sherlock’s genius personality.

Sherlock is oddly endearing. He is almost clueless when it comes to relating to people on a polite, personal level, as influenced by his relationship with the aforementioned mortuary girl, Molly Hooper. Molly has been crushing on Sherlock for who-knows-how long, and he is completely oblivious – until Christmas. Sherlock spies a nicely wrapped gift and goes on an entire spiel about how Molly must have found a new boyfriend because she took pains to dress up and look nice and wrap the present so well and then… he sees the name on the tag. And it’s his. And he actually apologizes. He means it. For possibly the first time in his life. I ship Molly/Sherlock, by the way, and don’t judge me. Ahem. Moving on.

He also cares deeply for their housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson. The sweet old lady is something of a mother figure to him – albeit a mother figure who has absolutely no say in what he does. He throws a man out the window for laying a hand on Mrs. Hudson and is adamant that she cannot leave Baker Street – “England would fall!” And he even yells at his brother Mycroft for telling Mrs. Hudson to shut up – even if, afterwards, he adds in a nicer tone “Though do, in fact, shut up.” No one is allowed to speak forcefully to Mrs. Hudson except him – and he will protect her with everything he has.

Sherlock comes across as rude and abrasive much of the time, but the thing that lets him off is he doesn’t mean to. He has a genius personality, an IQ higher than anybody else’s, sees the world differently, and has Asperger’s to top it off. He understands the world completely and perfectly – but he has no idea of the way human hearts work. At least, he doesn’t at first. But then John comes in, and then Irene, and then Molly, and… well, that’s another story.

Once, while facing off with Moriarty, the evil mastermind tells him “I will burn the heart out of you.”

Sherlock responds “I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.”

Moriarty looks at him with a knowing look in his eyes and replies, “Now, we both know that’s not quite true.”

And indeed, it isn’t.

The second character I want to talk about is:

Once Upon a Time’s Rumpletstiltskin

When we first meet Rumple, he is behind bars, locked in the dungeon of Snow White and Prince Charming. My first reaction was “Whoa, weird. He could be pretty cool.”

An apt prediction, I found as the story unfolded. For the first several episodes, you think he’s only a scheming impish being with magical powers and a penchant for bargaining with unsuspecting victims. Ah, why must we be so narrow-minded? As it turns out, this citizen of the fairy-tale world wasn’t always like this. In fact, once he was a normal man – with a son, no less. And in an effort to keep his son from being drafted and sent to die, he seeks help from someone with dark powers.

This is never, ever, a good idea.

Instead of fixing everything, Rumplestiltskin gains the dark one’s powers himself, and in turn becomes something entirely different. A scheming, tricksy creature out for himself and himself only, or so we think. In the real world, he is known as the pawnbroker Mr. Gold; the one person the citizens of Storybrooke fear more than the mayor, Regina.

He seems to know everything that’s going on. And all he has to do is say ‘please’ and Regina has to do whatever he says… basically. Back in the fairy-tale world, he continues to exchange favor for favor, spin straw into gold, and create potions to make people forget bad memories. He’s a completely black-hearted creature.

And then Belle shows up.

Rumple agrees to help save a town from destruction, in exchange for Belle. She will work as a servant in his castle – for the rest of her life. And Belle, who has always dreamt of being the heroine and doing something grand, agrees. Months pass; and Belle finally asks him why he wanted her to come to his castle.

“The place was filthy,” he says, doing his best not to look directly at her.

“Oh, I don’t think that’s it,” says Belle, smiling. “I think you were lonely.”

Rumple, of course, refuses to admit to this claim. Outrageous, naturally! But his attitude begins to soften toward Belle. My favorite scene happens – 

And his reaction to catching her, though not shown, is priceless as he puts her down with haste and holds his hands away from himself like “Ew, ew, ew, what on earth did I just do? It wasn’t so bad, but… but…lawks!” Belle chips a teacup, and he shows unusual lenience by responding to her worry, “It’s just a cup.” And we see this cup in Mr. Gold’s possession later on – as his one most treasured object. 

When Mr. Gold is sitting in jail during one scene in Skin Deep (the best episode EVER) Regina the mayor (also the evil queen) walks up to him and promises she’ll give him his chipped cup… in return for his name.

“Gold,” he responds blandly.

She narrows her eyes. “Your real name.”

There is a tense moment of silence. “Rumplestiltskin,” he says.

And I’ll have you know, I grabbed my sister’s arm so hard I probably cut off her circulation as I squealed “He remembers! Holy cow, he remembers! I KNEW IT!!!”

I can hardly wait to see what happens with Rumple – and Sherlock. As their stories unfold I’ll be there to watch, with wide eyes and white-knuckled fingers, because they are just that awesome.

Any characters you feel this way about? Tell me about them; I’d love to hear!

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25 thoughts on “Two Very Interesting Characters

  1. I haven’t been watching Sherlock Holmes, although I know I’d likely love it. However, it might be hard…I love the movies with Robert Downey Jr. and wonder if those images would simply not work together in my mind. But as a fellow Whovian, I’m guessing my tastes run fairly in line with yours on this :).

    As for Rumple….agreed. Wholeheartedly. LOVE that show. And he is awesome. And I was right there with ya with the “I knew he knew” thing!

  2. LOVE that picture of Sherlock. And I totally agree, for the most part…Sherlock is awesome. Definitely different than the book, but still a deep character. I rewatched Study in Pink the other day and thought it was even better the second time.

  3. I hated Rumple for ages, but in the last few episodes, especially with Belle, I actually started liking him. Now I can’t wait to see what happens with him.

    And I still haven’t seen season two of Sherlock– I watch it with my parents, so we’re waiting until it comes on on Masterpiece Theater. I can’t wait!

    • Hmmm… well, probably fifteen – there are some innuendos and some scenes can be disturbing for younger. Plus I wouldn’t recommend ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ until you’re probably 18 or so :/

  4. These are probably two of my favorite characters on television right now!

    I love both the Benedict and Robert Downey Jr. incarnations of Sherlock… although neither is exactly my idea of him. (Benedict’s closer, though).

    As for Rumplestiltskin… easily my favorite OUAT character now that the Sheriff’s gone.

    • WOOHOOO!!! Yes, Benedict is much closer. =) Robert Downey, Jr. does a great job; but it’s not… SHERLOCK. It’s like someone else. Fun, but not Sherlock. BBC’s is. OH YEAH!!! Now that Graham *sniff* is gone, Rumple just takes the cake!!! =D

  5. Hello, Mirriam!

    I just wanted to let you know, I posted the letter participants on my blog. Please visit my blog soon so that you can see how to start sending some letters. 😉


  6. hmmm I wouldn’t say that BBC’s sherlock is more canon then RDJ’s because they both stray pretty far. XD which is completely fine with me and I love them both dearly. ^_^ though perhaps I like SHERLOCK more because of reasons…(coughBENEDICTCUMBERBATCHcough) —I mean come on, the man’s a marvel. His voice, his *ability* as an actor, his adorableness, his fanboyish qualities, his genuineness and his sense of humor….In many ways I regard him as I regard David Tennant, with a deep respect for what he does and the passion with which he does it.
    Bottom line for me in regards to Sherlock Holmes:
    The stories and the character in them will always be my favorite, regardless of the adaptions that come along. I’m not a snob when it comes to SH “re-tellings” because he is so amazing that even the most un-canon portrayal of him can retain some or most of his awesomeness. I can get upset though if people take, say RDJ’s version, and refer to it like it’s the one and only Sherlock Holmes. Like, OMG Sherlock hates Mary Morstan and is completely cut up cuz John is leaving. NO. That is RDJ’s Sherlock. The “real” SH never had any problem with Watson marrying. He wished him well, commented that Mary was lovely and SH and Mary got on just Grand. John still helped him out on his cases when Sherlock asked him to, and when Mary died he asked him back to Baker Street. Or when someone says that Sherlock Holmes is arrogant to the point of narcissism. NO. BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is like that. *The* Sherlock Holmes is not. ….and opinions…

    Rumpelstiltskin was my favorite from the beginning. I saw a show with a lot of predictableness and some fairly boring characters and He was the one that stood out. I said to myself, “Ah-ha. A reason to watch this show.” and I turned out to be right. Every time he’s onscreen I’m cheering him on or telling him to stop doing that and do the right thing because you’re my favorite character and I prefer it when you are not being evil. ^_^ hehehehe gif posted above applies here as well. XD

    oh and I thought you might appreciate this. XD

    hmmm that was longer than I anticipated… XD

    • THIS.
      OH YES.
      And the pictures/gif – THANKYOUSOMUCH!!! It’s SIMON!!! And Moffat!!! (Evil, evil, wonderful Moffat. XD)
      Yes, I agree – both RDJ and BBC have taken liberties with Sherlock Holmes, but I’m Cumberbatched so I like his portrayal best =D Plus I think the show is absolutely brilliant.
      As for Rumple- YES!!!! He was my second favorite, after Graham, until Graham was killed. THen he took over *gringrin*

  7. hehehe you’re welcome! does not he have an awesome coat in that photoshoot? =D

    (aaaaaahhh moffat…he is evil and sadistic and cruel but he *can* write. X.x ^_^
    “Only one death threat, two demands for my immediate resignation, and two for my suicide. IT’S A HIT!!”
    –Steven Moffatt on the mid series finale of Doctor Who series 6)

    Oh, you love him too? Well then! Have some Cumberbatch! =D

    “cumberbatched”–hehehe that reminds me of this—

    I am very flattered. I have also become a verb as in I have cumberbatched the UK audience apparently. Who knows, by the end of the year I might become a swear word too! It’s crazy and fun and very flattering.
    –Benedict Cumberbatch

    his face! XD

    one of my favorites of him. =)

    young!benedict. =)

    another one of my favorites. ^_^

    hehehe, this is him and his look alike, according to Benedict…

    …I think he said that because some eejit called him “horse-faced”.

    crazed!benedict. XD

    more lovely black and white…

    another of my favorites… =)

    oh my gosh everything about this picture…the fact that Tom is in it, ben’s hair… =D

    and this is just awesome cuz he got nominated as Best Dressed by GQ in their men of the year awards. =)

    um…wow…that was long. XP

    • OHHH, yes, yes, I ‘tumblrize’ with several friends XD We’re nuts. It’s half-fangirl, half everything-else. XD WOOOOOTT!!! CONGRATS FOR TUMBLRS!!!! XD

  8. I know this is a belated comment (I’m quite behind on my regular blog reading), but given your topic, I must chime in.

    In my opinion, Sherlock and Rumplestiltskin are both fascinating characters because they’re so unusual. They do strange things, like keep a head in the refrigerator or create absurd bargains. And since they’re so out of the ordinary, they’re compelling.

    With Rumplestiltskin there’s the added hook of rooting for him to receive a chance at redemption…but being unsure of the ultimate outcome.

    And I can’t help but notice we appear to have similar tastes in TV shows! The few I watch (Dr. Who, OUAT, and Sherlock) are the ones you seem to love also. 🙂

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