Glimpses of Goodness Week 4

 hot chocolate//good hair days//pretty new eyeshadow colors//meeting new friends online//writing letters//receiving letters!!//receiving books in the mail//reading about other people’s characters//Once Upon a Time//love stories//Disney songs//my promise ring//beautiful songs that get stuck in my head//friends who forgive me for stupid things//the little pink letter-table in my room//new spring daffodills, now also in my room//new rosebushes we’re going to plant – I’m naming the first one Titania, but need suggestions for the others!//being able to retreat to my room even when the house is hectic//finding new musical groups I like//being awoken by a crow cawing outside my window//quoting movies with my family//being able to pray wherever I am//taking daily walks with my sister, especially on windy days//random, good talks with mom and dad//

NOTE: In March, Dad, my sister and I will be going to Vision Forum’s Father-Daughter Tea in Calloway Gardens. Are any of you going? I went the year before last, and met some girls who have become my best friends. 🙂 It was a wonderful time. So, to repeat – are any of you going?



5 thoughts on “Glimpses of Goodness Week 4

  1. I’M GOINGI’MGOING!!!!!!
    *jumps up and down*
    …. but, you know that. ^_^
    We’ll have to take pictures like we did the FIRST time we met! EEK! *runsaroundlikeamadman*

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