Hipsters: Not really a rant, but more of a statement.

The word ‘hipster’ has taken on a new meaning in the past decade or so. What used to mean ‘conversant in music, fashion, literature, and arts’ now means ‘hippie’ more than anything else. And ‘hipsters’ are generally thought to be pretty cool.

I’m not a hipster. However, I do have some hipster in me, and I think this comes from being raised in the Northwest. Just go to Seattle. You’ll see what  I mean. For instance, I –

♥ LOVE Moleskins and yes, in fact, own one that a dear friend decorated for me for a recent Christmas.

♥ Love messenger bags. Sue me. They carry my books and notebooks and wallet and random bits of junk (special junk, though) that I like to keep with me.

♥ Love cafes. I love sitting and drinking coffee and watching people and drawing or reading or writing or whatever happens upon me at the time. Again, I think this is highly influenced by a Northwestern childhood.

♥ Listen to indie music. I don’t just say ‘I like KPop’ to sound cool – I really do love it.  I really do like She and Him, I don’t just say it. I like the Weepies. I like a Fine Frenzy. I like Birdy. But guess what? I also love One Direction, Owl City, Taylor Swift, and a lot of popular artists.

♥ Eat organic. Yup.

♥ Don’t eat MacDonalds. Hah!

♥ Wear glasses. Sometimes, anyway, the other half I wear contacts. Why? Because I’m nearsighted.

Shop at thrift stores. I also shop at the mall.

In spite of all these ‘hipster-like’ qualities I possess, I must inform you that I eat meat. I’m sorry, but barbequed chicken? Yes, please! Oh, and I’m pretty sure eating any kind of frenchfry is against hipster rules. I’m a Christian, and I’m not into new-agey stuff or burning incense or doing yoga (though I like nice smells and relaxing stretches). And while yes, I believe God loves everyone, I am strictly anti-Homosexual. I am not a homophobe in any way, but I believe God created man and a woman to be together, not any other combination we think up. I’m also a libertarian, I don’t give a hoot about global warming (it’s fake) or greenpeace (I’m all for animals, but let’s start with human babies, shall we?) and yes, thank you, I’ll enjoy my coffee with cream and sugar. (Which is natural, organic cream from a cow and xylitol. But whatever.)

And yes, I have every right to be typing about this at ten o’clock on a Saturday morning whilst sitting with my cup of coffee, dressed in ratty (but super comfy) pajamas with a headfull of frizzy hair. Because I’m not a hipster, and I’m not a non-hipster.

I’m from the Northwest.

Thank you very much.

Upon further reflection, I thought “Heavens, I don’t usually sound quite so…um…’forceful?” (At least I didn’t think I did!) But this is something which has been preying on my mind, and I thought I might as well address it. So there you have it; a rather opinionated post by me, myself, and I. 

Credendo Vides,



24 thoughts on “Hipsters: Not really a rant, but more of a statement.

  1. My fellow hipster-not-hipster friend, I administer to you the highest of fives.

    (Though I don’t eat organically…and I do like McDonald’s every now and again…)


  2. Being from the Northwest and Seattle myself, I can say that many of these statements apply to me. Not all of them, but most of them. 😉 I love my rainy city, though it is true that it leans towards the hipster side of the scale. I think I, like you, am a hipster-not-hipster. And being from here, I do eat organic, love cafe’s, have a moleskin myself (though I can never decide what to write in it…), think messenger bags are cool, wear glasses, and don’t eat at McDonalds. Really the only ones I don’t do as much of (though, now that I think about it, I might… Not quite sure…) is listen to Indie music, and shop at thrift stores. 😛


  3. Thrift stores, organic, messenger bags, cafes! I’m from the PNW too, and I can definitely relate to this post. 🙂 *sips coffee with cream & sugar*

    And you’re so right about “I’m all for animals, but let’s start with human babies”. I do worry about endangered animals and animal abuse, but that shouldn’t replace our concern about human lives being thrown away.

  4. Mirriam, my dear, dear Mirriam….. can one BE a hipster at (well, you know…) my age of life? See, I always thought of myself as more of a Berkley kind of person, though clean…. and conservative… and Christian… but, I digress. So, I guess the new Berkley is a hipster, but – I can top yours because (though I am so NOT into indie music… sorry!) I DO wear Birkenstocks and eat granola! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! ♥

  5. Since coming to college, I’ve heard a lot about these so-called “hipsters.” My reaction: LOLWUT? I’m still not quite sure what “hipster” is supposed to mean.

    Labels almost never stick on me. I don’t have a set style or coolness vibe or whatever. I’m a HUMAN! Wheee!

      • WE LOVED IT!!! My Brothers went gaga over it, and it started my love of all men made from metal. To this day, give me a Android from space rather then a organic life form from earth.

        We still watch it on Netflix, and now Titus, my 2 YO brother, its his turn to go “THATS COOL!!”.

        I still cry in it, and say, “I, superman” randomly.

        AND GOOD NEWS! Check your email…*whistles*

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