Beautiful People – Nestor Amines

For those of you who don’t know who Nestor is, he’s the headmaster of the House of Amines; the school for Unseelie Faeries in my book ‘Tales of Matchwick Manor. He has taken natural, God-given faerie abilities and turned them toward darker things and the teaching of his students. He will do away with Seelie Faeries at any cost, though behind it is a darker reason.

“Yes.” His lips curled in an unnatural, sneering smile and he tilted his head. “Murder is generally frowned upon by civilized people, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” said Emmaline. Her heart fluttered in her chest like a bird trapped in a cage.

“Well, I’ve got news for you, dearie.” He turned toward the window, one hand upraised in an oratory gesture. “I’m not a civilized person.”

1. If your character could be played by any actor, who would it be? Robert Carlyle; nobody else could play him. Ever. I knew the second I saw him as Rumpletstiltskin, if anyone was to play my evil faerie it would be him.

2. Does your character have a specific theme song? “Never Smile at a Crocodile…?” Seriously, though, I can’t think of one. It would probably be dark and a little bit eerie – maye “Meeting Tom Riddle” by John Williams. Yes; that fits him nicely.

3. What’s their worst childhood memory? Heavens, I’d hate to invent something like this for him! He’s lived so long I doubt he even remembers his childhood. And if he does, he probably doesn’t care about it. And if he DID care about it, he probably wouldn’t care about it overly much.

4. If your character had a superpower, what would it be? He’s a faerie. An unseelie faerie. Of course he has powers. Granted, they’re not supposed to be used how he uses them, but his reasoning is “Why stop here, if I can go farther?”

5. If your character crashed on an island with a bunch of other people, how would your character help the group survive? Wait… ‘help’ the ‘group’? I”m sorry, you’re not talking Nestor’s language. How about “How will he stay alive?” Easy. If it concerns him somehow, he’ll move heaven and earth (and possibly other dimensions) to do it. But if it’s simply ‘out of the goodness of his heart,’ you’re barking up the wrong tree. (Or are you?)

6. Are they married? If not, do they someday wish to be? I’ve never spoken to him about marriage. He’s too busy with a school full of unruly students. Then again, he’s an enigma – even to me.

7. What is a cause they would die for? Well, his life, certainly. And he would fight to the death for those he loves; but whether or not he loves anyone is yet to be discovered.

8. Would they rather die fighting valiantly, or quietly at home? He’d rather not die at all, if he can help it, but he’d rather die fighting.

 9. If someone walked up to them and told them they were the child of the prophecy, would they believe them? Um… probably not. He believes in prophecy, certainly, but not the fact he could pertain to any of it. He has a bleak outlook on life, though he’s not exactly a pessimist. He doesn’t believe in happy endings.

10. Do they prefer the country or the city? Anywhere he can be alone to brood, ponder, or think up new dark magical things. He’s not really a very sociable person – not that many people try to socialize with him. He can hold an excellent conversation when it’s sparked by someone else, as he knows more than most people – or faeries – alive.


12 thoughts on “Beautiful People – Nestor Amines

  1. Thanks for your comment Mirriam.
    I love Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow and I go to your blog “The Book Fae” lots to see what books you recommend.
    I’ve put Entwined on hold at the library though I still haven’t got it yet. Do you think its better than “Princess of the Midnight Ball? Because I totally love PMD and it’ll take an awesome book to replace it. 😉

    • You do? Really? Goodness, I’m flattered – though now I feel bad for slacking these past couple months! Oh, Entwined is SO much better than PMD – even though I adore PMD itself! Entwined just…. well, entwined itself around my heart, so to speak =) And Teddy Haftenravenscher is a dear. *grins*

  2. Totally agree about being a sucker for anything Arthur. Although, I’m more of a Robin Hood kind of AHHH!!! person. 😀
    I love how Boers looks after the little boy at the end.. I mean he’s the guy with all the kids so he’s got experience and Dagonet was his best friend too! I found it really heroic though when Dagonet sacrifices himself….so cool.

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