Glimpses of Goodness and a trip to the zoo

Penny the flying pig/striped socks/typewriters/silly faces at the picture machine/talking animals in Narnia/muddled colors of watercolor paint/the sound of Canadian geese as they fly south for the winter/the silhouette of trees against a peach-colored sunset/a fire crackling in the fireplace/teacups/cozy sweaters/yummy-smelling candles/She & Him/wordl maps/Beatrix Potter and Winnie-the-Pooh/curly hair/ball gowns/masquerade masks/fairy tales/Alice in Wonderland/roses/old-fashioned tokens of a lady’s favor/Miss Potter/taking walks with my sister/hugs from Mom/pointed ears/Irish, British, Scottish, Jamaincan and Aussie accents/hunting for bargains at bookstores/capturing exactly the right phrase/that perfect moment when a new character announces him/herself/witty conversations/Smore’s Mochas from Grant’s/creating videos with WMM/fanfiction that makes everything okay/

We went to the zoo yesterday and had an amazing time. It was me, my sister Riah, my sister Maralie and Maralie’s son (my nephew♥) Silas. He brought one of his friends, Issa, along – they were so adorable!

(This is what happens when I ask Silas to do his puppy-dog face =D)

(Look! Baby naked mole rats! They’re so disgustingly cute!)

(The wind tunnel. Issa pulled a Marilyn Monroe – so cute!)

Grant’s coffee =) Great place to stop by for coffee =D

What are your glimpses of goodness for this week?

Credendo Vides,



22 thoughts on “Glimpses of Goodness and a trip to the zoo

  1. I love zoos! YAY for this post! And yay for accents too! Especially Scottish 🙂

    Is that a BEAR? Bears are my favorite!

    Haha, one time a tiger wanted to eat my cousin . . . funny story 🙂

    You post so fast, Mirriam! O.O

    • No way! One time a tiger wanted to eat MY cousin! ….except.. now that i think of it, it might have been a cougar. HA! Imagine a big cat wanting to eat an innocent, cute, little girl of 3. They’re quite grotesque. *wink*

  2. So many of your “glimpses of goodness” are things I enjoy also. Bookstore bargain hunting is quite entertaining, particularly at used bookstores which have jumbled assortments of books that may conceal old treasures. 🙂

  3. Rainy skies, easy-to-fix computer problems, no homework (earlier this week, hehe). I love Canadian geese and Alice in Wonderland, too! Oh, and accents–too many favorites to name. ❤

  4. Your list is overwhelming! I’m going to start my “Glimpses of Goodness” journal today, and I’m very excited about it. I want to be more aware of God’s blessings throughout the day!
    Sounds like a wonderful time! I’m long overdue for a trip to the zoo, I think ;P

    • Awww, YAY, Heather! I”m so excited!!!
      Your journal hasn’t come yet, but you know the mail =D
      I’m SO LOOKING FORWARD to seeing it!!! We had a wonderful time – you must GO. (To ours, preferably. XD)

  5. All of those things you just said, are MY favorite things to do. Every. day.
    hee hee! I would have even put the crazy one you thought of second to last.. creating videos with WMM. love it. I spend much too much time on there.
    I love reading your blog, Friend. You’re so sweet!

    • AIMS! *hugs you* Did you get my letter?
      Been what – two months? A month? Feels LONGER!
      I love you too!!!!!!

  6. D’aww! Looks like you had fun! The last time I went to the zoo was, what? Three years ago!?
    Aish. –.–
    *goes to get coffee*

    Alright, I’m back. ^_^ Anyway, good pictures! Have you been taking them?

    • We had a BLAST. =) It was SO much fun. *mmm, coffee*
      Yes, I took the pictures =) When you’re holding a camera it’s obsessive-compulsive. XD

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