A look at Brand and Tameena

For those of you who don’t know who Brand and Tameena are, they’re the main characters of my lateset ‘Tales of Anen’ fantasy endeavor, “Wolfsguard.”

Brand: Craig Horner| Tameena: Bridget Regan

(You might recognize them from the HBO TV series, “Legend of the Seeker” and I promise you, I didn’t steal them on purpose; the actors were perfect models for my characters. I didn’t even know Bridget Regan was from the same show as Craig Horner until I looked for pictures!)

He nodded and rubbed his arm, feeling both glad to see her and very uncomfortable, when a thought struck him.  “Wait. You’re the… you’re that Tameena? The High Protector I hear people talking about?”

            “Ye-es,” she said slowly, both eyebrows raised now. “Why?”

            “Well, it’s just – I didn’t – I never…”

            “Thought I would make it this far?”

            “No, that’s…” he sighed in frustration and looked at her. “That’s not what I said. I’m glad to see you.”

            “Nice subject change.” Her smile softened. “I’m glad to see you, too. But I think we’ve said this already.”

            “Have we? I don’t remember.” He gave a nervous laugh and cleared his throat. Tameena – his childhood friend Tameena – had grown up into a beautiful woman who also happened to be one of the highest-ranking Protectors in the kingdom. He wondered if he still knew her at all.

            “I’d best be going now,” she said with another smile, walking toward the door. She pulled her hood back up to shade her features and turned to look at him. “I’ll be accompanying the princess, you know.”

            “I know.”

            “Watch your back.” With a swirl of her cloak she was gone, the door closed quietly behind her.

These two characters are, I think, the best I have ever created. They have the most depth, the most interesting story – even moreso than Sienna and Eristor. (This is not to say I love Sienna and Eristor less. They were my first official ‘couple’ – still are – and I love them dearly).  I wanted to take a look at their different characters – because trust me, they have as many differences as they have similarities.

NOTE: In Anen, the average human lifespan is 200 years. Therefore, 46 would be considered 23 on earth, etc.


Brand grew up the son of a Wolfsguard-turned-woodcutter/carpenter. He has led a life that is both sheltered and hard – he grew up with love, but not comfort. When he was thirty-four, he was sent to join the king’s army. When he was thirty-six, he was noticed by the Captain of the Wolfsguard. (The Wolfsguard are the elite; there are never more than thirty at a time). By age thirty-eight, he was one of the Wolfsguard himself.

Raised by a family whose strength lies firmly in Ora (the allegorical One God) he was taught to be everything a knight should be. He is honest, strong, chivalrous, and kind. He possesses a strange mixture of character qualities. He has a fighter who knows about the flaws of the world and the people in it – but he has a quality of almost childlike innocence about him that makes him something of a puzzle.

Isn’t he beautiful? 😛

Thalion (one of my other characters) says about Brand’s conflicting characteristics, “I don’t get him. He’s one of the best in the Wolfsguard and would fight until he fell down – but at the same time, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Halfway through the book, Brand is captured by a witch from the north named Morwen; a villainess bent on stealing the Reshakan throne and ridding the kingdom of any sign of Ora. When he is finally rescued, he has been reduced to nearly a shadow of his former self; wary, cautious, and frightened. But as he comes back into himself, the others realize that he has gained something they could not expect – a sharp, clear view of good and evil that most humans do not have the insight to possess. He has a renewed sense of what he’s fighting for, and emerged from his trial a stronger man.


Tameena was raised a noblewoman’s daughter. Her mother was domineering; her father kind, but more of a background fixture than the head of the household. Her mother did not know that she knew Brand from childhood, and if she had she would have banished him from the premises. As it turns out, the one time Tameena DID introduce Brand to her mother, the woman was so horrified she barely had enough breath to gasp out “Leave this house at ONCE!”  When Tameena became of age, she was sent to the Covenant of Protectors as a novice. In goes young, impressionable Tameena, and out comes a fierce, skilled, practical, devoted-to-the-Order High Protector whose job it is to protect her charge, the Dagonetian princess Artemia.

Tameena is a puzzle in her own right. When Brand sees her again for the first time in sixteen years, he is struck by how changed she is. She has become a warrior whose only thought is to protect the princess. The Covenant does not encourage relationships and forbids marriage, as such things take the Protector’s focus off their charge. Brand wants to renew their friendship, but Tameena shuns him because of the Covenant’s rules, and she’s afraid she will become emotionally attached again.

Against her better judgement, she ‘re-befriends’ Brand and DOES become emotionally attached. Needless to say, this does not make the Covenant Mother very happy. At all. And things ensue.

They are, without a doubt, the two best characters I have yet to create. In my humble opinion, anyhow. And they have several theme songs, actually –

NaNa by OneDirection (not exactly, of course, but this song practically sparked their creation)

Almost Paradise by Hunter Hayes and Victoria Justice

Naturally by Selena Gomez

And there you have an EXCLUSIVE look (chortle) at the two main characters of Wolfsguard. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Credendo Vides,



One thought on “A look at Brand and Tameena

  1. Fun! I love finding new favorite characters. I think my favorite “Pair” of mine, are either Ari and Tess (sisters) or Ally and Cay (friends, later on husband and wife). I love the little bit between the two of them (Brand and Tameena, I mean), you put in there. 🙂

    When you find a favorite pair, what makes them favorites? For me, with Ally and Cay, it’s partly because, in the beginning, Ally just kind of finds him annoying, and is angry, because one of her advisers brought him to her castle, to court her, and she finds it all ridiculous (she’s princess/queen). But slowly she warms up to him and his younger sister, and they become very good friends, and I know for a fact they don’t start being romantically involved for at least another year after the story ends, and they certainly don’t get married for at least five years after. So they are really quite good friends, and know everything about each other and… I’m rambling now. 😛

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