Let me introduce you…

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my parents about how much I love fictional characters. I’m not sure they quite understand the extent of this love, or the way it works, but they’re very understanding about it. Fictional characters are more than just words on a page. They live and breathe in our imaginations as surely as anyone in the real world. They become friends and enemies and heroes. They are the stuff of dreams, the companions that reside in your mind when the night grows dark.

And so, without further ado, let me introduce you to my friends in no particular order of favoritism. (And I did not include any of my own characters or characters from books my friends are writing. I would seriously have run out of room).

1. Sherlock Holmes from BBC’s ‘Sherlock’. A sociopathic, Aspergers-y man who could just as easily end up on the wrong side of a murder as he could figure out the culprit. He’s cynical but endearing, absolutely brilliant and completely clueless. (And he’s got gorgeous eyes. I love eyes, especially blue ones.)

2. The Doctor. Yes, that Doctor. The man of thirteen faces, though he’s only used eleven of them so far. He’s quirky and adorable and complicated. He rocks Converse, pinstripes, spiked hair, bowties, and fezzes. He wants to do good for the universe, but needs someone to tell him when to curb his power. He’s the lonelist man in the whole of time and space and wants to be loved, but not have his hearts broken.  

3. Lancelot from the movie ‘King Arthur.’ He’s got a tough outer shell, but inside he’s a loyal, steadfast friend who loves Arthur and in the end, is willing to sacrifice everything for him. Plus he uses two swords, which is about as awesome as you can get and still be human.

4. Steven from ‘Braveheart.’ Insane, hilarious, with that ‘accent’ that gets me every time. He’s adorable and crazy and I’m SO glad he didn’t die… I thought he was, but he didn’t. *whew*

5. Dustfinger from “Inkheart”. He is able to use fire, okay? And he has a horned marten. His journey from fear and cowardice into a hero willing to sacrifice everything for those he loves is definitely one worth reading. (And watching; Paul Bettany portrayed him perfectly in the movie).

6. Robin duNoir from “The Secret of Moonacre.’ On the outside, he’s a scruffy, irritable, conceited jerk with an outlandish (though very cool) taste in clothing. But really, all he wants is to be noticed and loved by his father – and he’s willing to sacrifice his dream in order to help Maria and save Moonacre. Plus his sense of humor is hilarious, and he’s not bad to look at.

 7. Dastan from “Prince of Persia.” A street urchin adopted by the king, he knows that his bloodline is not royal and believes he is not worthy of the throne. He loves his brothers and is willing to put up with an annoying girl (though naturally she grows 0n him) and risk his life to save his kingdom and prove his innocence. Not to mention he’s awesome at parkour and he has a great sense of humor.

9. The three ghosts from “A Christmas Carol.” They’re all very different, but they’re all so endearing in their own way!

10. Snake Eyes. A quiet, kind, gluteus maximus-kicking Ninja who happens to be the best one in the world… it’s hard to get cooler than this guy.

11. Alan a’Dale from the BBC Robin Hood series. Fun-loving, hilarious, smooth-tongued and blessed with a very pretty pair of blue eyes, this outlaw is completely loveable. Even when he’s working for Guy of Gisbourne, he does his best to protect Marian and his friends while looking out for himself. And the way BBC kills him kills ME!!! I can’t believe they DID that!!!

12. Peet the Sock Man, also known as Artham P. Wingfeather, protector of the king of Anniera. Completely kooky, loveable, and an amazing fighter to boot, this crazy character undergoes a transformation from a frightened fighter into a beautiful, powerful winged warrior.

13. Edmund. He goes from being a snot-nosed brat to a heroic, funny character – hey, this works for Eustace, too! I love how he learns his lesson, and his change of heart is very inspiring.

14. Bernard from the Santa Clause. The ancient, wisecracking elf is hilarious while totally serious. He’s just awesome.

15. Beleg Cuthalion. A strong, wise elf famed whose last name – Strongbow – is a testament to his skill, he was the ever-loyal, faithful friend to Turin Turambar. He even went so far as to search the land to find him so he could tell him the King had pardoned him. He refused to give his friend away even under torture and torment; only to die unwittingly by the hand of the very man he came to save.

 16. Trystam from ‘King Arthur.’ He uses two swords (always gets me) he has a hawk (way too cool) he’s one of Arthur’s men (speaks for itself). The strong quiet type, this warrior-tracker with the tattoos is almost too cool for words. I”ll never forgive the director for killing him; I sob every time.

17. Cassandra Mortmain. The heroine of ‘I Capture the Castle,’ one of the best books ever written and one that I reread several times a year, is a spunky, precocious, hilarious seventeen-year-old who lives in a run-down castle and has a fascination for American accents. (Rather the opposite of me, wot wot? Ahem).

18. Bilbo Baggins. An unlikely hero who goes from a timid, stay-at-home creature to an adventuring burgler/dragon slayer. And he looks suspiciously like John Watson, MD.

19. Uncas. If you haven’t seen the 1994 adaption of “Last of the Mohicans,” go watch it. Now. The first time I saw it, I sobbed for twenty minutes AFTER the movie was over. I’ve seen it numerous times, and it still makes me cry every single time. Uncas is quiet, brave, and still manages to look completely masculine even though he wears a necklace, bracelets, earring, and has long hair. He is the epitome of ‘wonderful.’

 20. Murtagh. So I’m not a huge fan of the books, but I still love Murtagh. A tormented soul (who, I hear, rights everything in the end) with enormous power, his own dragon, a hand-and-a-half-sword, and an impersonator named Garrett Hedlund who isn’t exactly repulsive, this character is just begging for a fangirl. (Or two. Or three).

21. Emily of New Moon. Precocious and elfin, Emily is my favorite of miss Montgomery’s heroines. I empathize with her almost exactly; she has an inner flair for drama and sees the beauty in little things, though she gets wrapped up in the problems of ordinary life. She’s determined and spunky, but is still completely likeable and feminine.

22. Amy Pond. Scottish, red-haired, ‘plucky’ (to quote Matt Smith), impetuous and sarcastic, I relate most to Amy Pond (minus the red hair).

23. Fenworth. The befuddled, endearing wizard is as close to my heart as Gandalf, perhaps closer. Brilliant (when he’s not falling asleep and turning into a tree) cantankerous (when discussing things with his librarian Lebrettowit, anyway)

24. Sir Percy Blakeney. Sink me, if I ever come across another hero quite as original as this one, I shall not be held responsible! The mere thought ’tis enough to wrinkle my cravat! Oddsfish, m’dear!

25. Josh Randall. The soft-spoken bounty hunter with the big gun, portrayed by one of my favorite actors ever Steve McQueen, is the best old-fashioned cowboy hero in history.

26. Herluin. This odd, clever jester had FAR too small a part in Rosemary Sutcliff’s “Knight’s Fee.”

27. Jake Lonergan. You don’t mess with this cowboy, be you man, woman, or alien. It just ain’t a good idea.

28. The Master. He’s the Doctor’s oldest nemesis; and while I don’t particularly care for his pre-2000 forms, John Simms’ portrayal of him is absolutely perfect. Devious, cunning, hysterical, and more than a little bit mad, it’s almost hard to dislike him. Plus he ends up being a hero – and how could I not fall for someone like that? He redeemed himself in the end after almost 1,000 years of battle, and I can only hope he comes back soon.

29. Iron Man. He goes from being a narcissistic, arrogant playboy jerk to being a narcissistic, arrogant playboy superhero. He’s witty, sarcastic, hilarious, and tries to do the right thing in his own muddled, very high-tech kind of way. And he’s got some of the best lines ever.

30. Loki. So he’s not exactly ‘endearing,’ but you’ve got to give him some credit. He’s a master magician, and his brain is always ten steps ahead of everyone else. He’s clever and scheming and has a mischievous streak a mile wide. He’s smooth, conniving, and spends half of his time running around as a fox. And he always let Balder off easy.

Now, naturally this is NOT a complete list. These are the first thirty characters I thought of that hold a special place somewhere in my heart among the ranks of “Awesome Characters.” I’d love to know what some of yours are, too!

Credendo Vides,



20 thoughts on “Let me introduce you…

  1. I’ve heard of and am familiar with a few of these…

    2. I really want to watch more of that show sometime (probably starting with the David Tennant – Tenth Doctor)…and find out what the Sonic Screwdriver does.
    3. Two swords = very cool if done right…I haven’t watched the movie though.
    5. That was pretty neat, but the plot had so many things that didn’t make sense…
    7. Is it a good movie? I’ve seen Gemma Arterton – who, as you probably know, plays the princess in it – in another movie: Clash of the Titans (her pretty face was one of the only things I really liked in that movie; I wasn’t particularly impressed by the film overall).
    10. I certainly agree with this one; Snake Eyes is pretty awesome.
    11. And they just had to kill off two of my favourite characters, Guy of Gisbourne and Alan…Guy may have had it coming but it was still sad, but I think I was tempted to cry (shh, don’t tell anyone!) after Alan got killed and was brought to his friends. 😦
    13. Hm.
    18. Is Bilbo being played by Watson from BBC Sherlock then? (I haven’t watched that show, though)
    28. I really must watch the show and see who The Master is!
    29. His personality can be amusing at times, and some of his lines really were hilarious.
    That reminds me of a scene in an X-Men and Avengers comic book I have in which Spider-Man says something along the lines of “If only Reed Richards was here; he’d solve this problem for us”, and Iron Man says “Hey! Reed’s not the only super-genius around here, you know!” Spider-Man replies with something like “The Reed Richards comment stung a bit, eh?”
    30. I hope Loki gets his rear kicked in The Avengers (which looks like it will be a very cool movie due to all the characters – and actors/actress playing them :).

    • The Doctor and the Master are just… awesome. Really, really awesome. I love them both. Oh, and FIY: Sonic screwdrivers don’t do wood. =D
      Gemma Arterton is very pretty, I’ve always thought so. =D And I KNOW; HOW COULD THEY KILL OFF GUY AND ALAN LIKE THAT!? It rends my heart in twain, I tell you!
      Yes, Martin Freeman who plays Watson is also playing Bilbo. (If you haven’t watched the BBC Sherlocks, you should. There’s 3 sixty-minute episodes, and they are AMAIZNG.) AAH; Love that line about Marvel! =D Of course they can’t have the fantastic four in the avengers because they can’t have Chris Evans playing Johnny AND Steve! Aw, Loki probably WILL get his rear kicked; what with a cast like that. But I’ll still think he’s awesome. XD

    • Awww, thank you so much! I realized I left out several – Kelsier, Flynn Rider, etc. – but alas, there were only 30 options. XD ALAN, waahhh. *sniffs* I’ll never forgive BBC for that.

  2. I love Cassandra Mortmain and Sir Percy Blakeney!
    Some of my other favorites are Rapunzel from Tangled (love that girl), Molly Gibson and Roger Hamley from Wives and Daughters, Deryn Sharp from Leviathan, Gwen from Merlin, and many many more…

  3. Wow!! You have some of my favs too!! 😀
    I LOVE Sire Percy Blakneny, Murtagh, Allan A’Dale, Loki, Bernard, Edmund, Dustfinger and I kind of like Robin from the secret of Moonacre.
    Some of my other favourites would have to include: Will from Rangers Apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, Captain Jack Sparrow (although I wouldn’t include him as a hero) Razo from the Books of Bayern, Fish from Shadow of the Bear and Black as Night, Ben from Castaways of the Flying Dutchman (although I’d love to have Ned but he’s a dog because he always makes me crack up), Marak from the Hollow Kingdom and I think that’s it. 😀
    Your list is awesome and my sister Autumn goes to pieces with Dastan.
    I really should get the Doctor Who’s I ordered them from the library but there are heaps of people who already put a hold on it before me. 😉

  4. 10 and 19 RULE. >.< With the exception of Vik… but he's missing. He'll be on my list. *laughs*
    What? No STORM SHADOW!? *faint* How couuuuld you? *sniff* It's okay, Storm-Hunnie – she loves you. She just forgot about you and mentioned your long lost 'brother' instead.

  5. Yes! Peet the Sock Man for the world!

    * ahem * I’m glad I’m not the only author who loves fictional characters. 😉

    A few of my favorites…

    -Caleb from the 100 Cupboards Trilogy by N. D. Wilson. I screamed through the third book that he couldn’t die as I read.

    -Jason Whittaker from Adventures in Odyssey. He’s awesome and torments me with his rash decisions at the same time. For some reason I like characters who torture me.

    -The Doctor. I have only seen a few clips, but he rocks. Huge understatement.

    -Flynn Rider. He goes from being a thief to…er, not being a thief. And he’s funny. 😀

    -Jack Allen from Adventures in Odyssey. Poor Jack. He can’t stand conflict.

    -The Story Girl from the books by L. M. Montgomery. She tells amazing stories and gets into all kinds of mischief with her cousins. 😀

    -Fin Button from The Fiddler’s Gun and Fiddler’s Green by A.S. Peterson. Fin struggles with grace and redemption in a way that echoes struggles that every person has. “Captain on deck!” 😉

    * resists the urge to include favorite characters from books her friends are writing *

    • ooohh, THAT IS A GREAT LIST!!!!! Congratulations! I know, I would have added Flynn and Rapunzel, Jack Sparrow, Chaucer and Wat from “A Knight’s Tale,” and quite a few others but I ran out of ROOM! =D Half of the characters you named I haven’t met, so I must get their books and be introduced!!!

  6. I love this! My list would probably be dotted with Harry Potter characters as well. 😛 I love that you have Cassandra Mortmain on there. I only read I Capture The Castle this autumn, but I love it, and I will definitely be reading it again. I also love the Doctor Who characters on there– though mine would also have Donna and Rory, as they are two of my favorite companions (Amy is, of course, already on your list, and would definitely be on mine). And Gilmore Girls characters. Love your list, Mirriam!

  7. YAY Dastan! And Edmund. And Bilbo. And Beleg! And Murtagh, even though I haven’t read him 🙂 Which one was Steven? Was he the Irish guy?

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