Meet Hezekiah

1. What is your character’s full name? Hezekiah. That’s it; no second name, no last name that he knows of. He’s also called ‘Hez’ by those who know him well enough.
2. Does her name have a special meaning? His name means ‘power of God,’ which definitely suits him. 
3. Does your character have a methodical or disorganised personality? He appears very disorganized, but there’s a sort of ‘method’ to his disorganization. He knows where everything is, no matter how much his shop resembles a disaster area.
4. Does he think inside himself more than he talks out loud to his friends? (More importantly, does he actually have friends?) He’s not much of a people person. Once they discover he’s an Enchanter, they’re constantly coming to his shop and asking for favors. To avoid this, he changes his appearance and tells them Hezekiah isn’t available. When he falls in with the Wolfsguard, he has to learn to take other people’s opinions (which does NOT come naturally). He’s a tad bit… socially inept, but is a keen observer of human nature.
5. Is there something he is afraid of? He’s not a fearful person, though he has the common sense to be wary of people with the same amount or more power than him.
6. Does he write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph? He has a beautiful singing voice, though he’s usually too shy to sing aloud. He does NOT dance, or photograph (there are no cameras in Anen). He is very thoughtful and can get lost in dreams so realistic it confuses him. He writes, too – one of his favorite hobbies is keeping a journal.
7. What is his favourite book (or genre of books)? He enjoys reading old diaries, lore books, herballist records, history records, etc. He has memorized many songs and lays, poems, epics, etc.
8. Who is his favourite author and/or someone that inspires his? He reads the Books of Ora (compare to the Bible) and it is by far his favorite. He has most of it memorized.
9. Favourite flavour of ice cream? He’s never had ice cream, but if he did his favorite flavor would probably be strawberry.
10. Favourite season of the year? He loves Autumn; the colors are his favorite, and he dislikes heat.
11. How old is he? He’s not certain. He appears young, but he has the ability to talk to his ‘older self,’ who will ocassionally visit him and deal out advice and companionship. He sometimes remembers things from the future, and wonders if he is living backwards without knowing it.
13. What does he do with his spare time? He writes in his jouranl or sits and ponders things. He enjoys sketching, even though he can’t draw anything recognizable to save his life. He’s a Healer as well as an Enchanter and enjoys making small, random things (i.e. compasses that find one specific person, drawings that move on the page, etc.)
14. Does he see the big picture or live in the moment? He has a unique view of the big picture, and tries not to act in the moment because of emotions (no matter how tempted he is).
15. Is he a perfectionist? Yes, very. Even though he can look sloppy and anything but precise to others. 🙂
16. What does his handwriting look like? Scratchy and thin, with a lot of blots.
17. Favourite animal? He likes smaller animals and has a pet mouse that lives in his numerous pockets. He rides horses well but is a little intimidated by them.
18. Does he have any pets? The aformentioned mouse named Jot.
19. Does he have any siblings? How many? Where does he fit in? He has no family that he is aware of, except himself from the future.
20. Does he have a ‘life verse’ and if so what is it? He has a verse or saying for every ocassion (much to the annoyance of most other people) but no specific life verse.
21. Favourite writing utensil? Feather pen, definitely. He has a numerous amount and collects new kinds of feathers to whittle into pens.
22. What type of laugh does he have? He has a quick, infections laugh somewhere between an outburst and a giggle. He tends to cover his mouth after he laughs, as if apologizing for it, even though he’ll continue to hide chuckles behind his hand.
23. Who is his best friend? His older self. They’re very close. ^_^
24. What is his family like? He has no family, as previously mentioned. At least, not that he’s aware of.
25. Is he a Christian, or will he eventually find Jesus? He is a firm believer in Ora, and uses his God-given powers to do His work.
26. Does he believe in fairies? There aren’t ‘fairies’ in Anen, per se. But he believes in the unseen, definitely.
27. Does he like hedgehogs? Certainly; they aren’t intimidating and pushy, like horses. 🙂
28. Favourite kind of weather? Cool, crisp, and sunny.
29. Does he have a good sense of humour? Very good. He also has a mischievous streak, though he’s somewhat on the bipolar side. One moment he’ll be serious, even melancholy – and the next he’s laughing and pulling pranks.
30. How did he do in school, or any kind of education he might have had? He’s been more or less educated by his older self. He devours books and has learned most of what he knows from them.
31. Any strange hobbies? Strange? Many people would think Enchanting was strange. But no, he doesn’t stand on his head or pop bubble wrap for kicks.
32. What kind of music does he like?  There aren’t many different styles of music; music is still sung through bards, minstrels, and performers. He likes music in general, though.
33. Does he like to go outside? He doesn’t mind it, but he doesn’t appreciate getting dirty or being rained on.
34. Is he naturally curious? Yes, he can’t leave well enough alone.
35. Right, or left handed? Yes. *wink*
36. Favourite colour? Red, blue, green… he loves colors.
37. Where is he from? He doesn’t know where he was born, but he’s lived in a nondescript village on the very outskirts of Dagonet ever since he was thrown out of Reshak when he was a boy.
38. Any enemies? Yes; the king of Reshak had him branded and banished from the kingdom when he was a boy. The king of Reshak is not a believer in Ora and didn’t appreciate Hezekiah ‘stirring up trouble.’ Also he’s enemies with Morwen, Morgan, and anyone else who twists Ora’s power.
39. What are his quirks? He has quite a few. Idiosyncrasies are constantly cropping up in his personality, and I’m never quite sure what they’re going to be.
40. What kinds of things get on his nerves? Anything that goes against Ora and Ora’s teachings; black arts, unecessary cruelty, immorality, etc. He has a very sharp perception of good and evil, and is extremely sensitive to it.
41. Is he independent, or needs others to help out? He COULD be independant, and has been for much of his life; but he loves people even though they’re often averse to him.
42. What is his biggest secret? He doesn’t have any more secrets than the average person, though he IS very private.
43. Has he ever been in love? That’s for me to know, and you to find out. *evil laugh*
44. What is his comfort food? I’m not certain he has one.
45. Does he play a musical instrument?  He sings, but is all thumbs when it comes to instruments.
46. What colour are his eyes? Hair? His eyes are an odd hue of blue and his hair is black. =)
47. What is his favourite place to be?  Wherever Ora sends him, though if he could, he would be a homebody.
48. What are some of his dreams or goals? His life is still too confused to make sense of everything.
49. Does he enjoy sports? No, he’s not co-ordinated enough. =D
50. What is his favourite flower or plant? He loves different types of moss; he claims people don’t know their healing properties.
51. What is his biggest accomplishment? Saving people’s lives, definitely.
52. What is one of his strongest childhood memories? He remembers being abandoned by his parents once he accepted Ora’s commission to be an Enchanter, but he prefers not to talk about it.
53. What is his favourite food? I think we’ve had a question close to this before… he likes sweet things, but has no one specific favorite.
54. Does he believe in love at first sight? Not particularly.
55. What kind of home does he live in? He’s a traveler and doesn’t have a permanent home.
56. What does he like to wear? Bright clothes. He sews and patches up his own, so his outfit is… not typical, to say the least. The word ‘fashion’ doesn’t mean anything to him at all.
57. What would he do if he discovered he were dying? He would tell no one, but run around in a flurry trying to complete his life.
58. What kind of holidays or traditions does he celebrate? Orasaday, midwinter’s day, midsummer’s day – he loves celebrations, and celebrates them privately himself since he doesn’t really have any companions until he meets the Wolfsguard.
59. What do your other characters have to say about him? Thalion: He’s an odd one, but not a bad fellow. Brand: I’m not sure what to think, but I trust him. Tameena: I want to trust him, but I can’t bring myself to. Not yet. Artemia: I trust him implicitely, and he makes me laugh.
60. If he could change one thing in his world, what would it be? He would spread Ora’s word everywhere he could and help everyone he could.
61. Does he have any habits, annoying or otherwise? Too many to write down here!
62. What is his backstory and how does it affect him now? He was abandoned by his pagan parents when he was a small boy and accepted Ora’s commission to be an Enchanter for Him. He has made his own colorful, befuddled way through the world trying to help people and do Ora’s bidding; though many people oppose him as an oracle of God.
63. How does he show love? He’s very shy about things like that, but he would probably be sweet almost to the point of ridiculousness. Especially with flowers.
64. How competitive is he? He has a small competitive streak. He isn’t physically strong or very co-ordinated, so employs wit, cunning, bravery and stupidity to get ahead.
65. What does he think about when nothing else is going on? Life in general.
66. Does he have an accent? It’s lilting, rather like a British accent, but lighter.
67. What is his station in life? He is an Enchanter, healer, and oracle for Ora. He has no ‘fixed’ station; he’s much too busy.
68. What do others expect from him? Generally, danger – even though all he wants to do is help. But those who know him well know that he would do anything for a friend.
69. Where was he born, and when? Different world, different time, no use explaining here.
70. How does he feel about people in general?  Friendly and loves everyone except those who oppose Ora. He struggles with ‘loving his enemies’ when he feels they go completely against everything he believes in.
And now, a small excerpt from “Wolfsguard” – when you first meet Hezekiah’s ordinary form.

“Wait, so you’re…” Brand pointed at the young man across the counter.   

            “Hezekiah?” the other finished with a friendly smile. “Yes. Now, what can I do for you?”

            Tameena leaned forward, her eyes blazing like blue fire. “You gave bounty hunters an enchanted compass to find us.” She spoke the words like each one was a nail being hammered into a slab of stubborn wood.

            “Ah. Well…” Hezekiah scratched the back of his neck and looked sheepish. “Yes. I did. I – I wanted to meet you.”

            Brand opened his mouth, shut it, then opened it again. “You could have gotten us killed!” he exclaimed, feeling a strong desire to either collar the other man or return the bright smile.

            “But I didn’t,” said Hezekiah, holding up a finger. “I didn’t think it would.”

            “You didn’t think?” Brand looked at Tameena. “You talk to him. I can’t.”

            Tameena gladly obeyed and whirled back to face the Enchanter. “Thanks to you, one of our friends was kidnapped.”

            Hezekiah’s face fell and he looked apologetically at both of them. “Yes, you said – I’m sorry about that, truly I am. Who was it?”

            “I beg your pardon?”

            “Which one of you got kidnapped?” he repeated, glancing worriedly from Tameena to Brand and back again.

            “We can’t tell you,” said Brand, crossing his arms.

            A look of horror overcame the Enchanter’s face. “It was her, wasn’t it? The princess.” He dragged his hands over his face in distress and looked at them both with sincere apology radiating from his face. “I’m so sorry.”

            “How did you know the princess was with us?” Tameena demanded, her hand still gripping her dagger, a subtle threat to the hapless Enchanter.

            Another grin swept over his features. “Oh, I know all of you,” he said cheerfully. “Brand and Tameena, isn’t it?” He shook Tameena’s free hand, oblivious to the expression of anger and bewilderment on her face. “Escorting the princess Artemia to Reshak with the other Wolfsguard, yes?”

            “Y-yes,” stammered Brand automatically, staring openly at the bright blue eyes of the other young man. Tameena hit Brand hard in the stomach with the back of her hand. “Ow!” he yelped, instantly adding “Sorry” before she could repeat the action.

            “How do you know this?” The tip of Tameena’s dagger was inches away from Hezekiah’s neck.

            “I-I’m an Enchanter,” he stammered, eyeing the dagger. “I looked.”

            Brand grabbed Tameena’s arm and looked at Hezekiah. “Excuse us for a moment, won’t you?” he asked with a sarcastic edge before dragging Tameena across the shop to stand near the closed door.

            They glanced over at the Enchanter, who immediately began grinding something in a mortar, affecting to look busy.

            “He looks pretty harmless to me,” Brand said in a low voice, watching the occupied Enchanter from the corner of his eye.

            “Harmless?” Tameena hissed. “Because of him, the princess is being held by a Shion pig! You call that harmless?”

            “Look at him!” Brand said, his whisper escalating. Tameena looked at the young, awkward-looking Enchanter, with his brightly colored clothes, unkempt hair, and shy demeanor.  “Does he really look like a threat to you?”

            Tameena looked back at him with hard eyes. “Anything that puts my charge in danger is a threat, Brand.”


            They turned to look at the Enchanter, who was watching them with an almost timid expression on his face. “Ah – I can help get her out for you, if you’d like,” he suggested, twisting the pestle nervously in the stone bowl.

            Brand glanced at Tameena, who was glaring at Hezekiah as if she hoped to turn him into a pile of smoldering cinders.

            “I think you’ve gotten us into enough trouble. Just…” Tameena waved her dagger at him. “Undo the enchantment on the compass and leave us alone.”

            “Say please.”

            “What?” Her voice snapped like a well-cracked whip as she stared at him.

            “I said, uh – May peas?” He held out a bag with a quick smile. Tameena looked at the Enchanter incredulously. He gave a nervous chuckle and set the bag back. “Never mind, then…?”

            “Please undo the enchantment,” said Brand, who had heard perfectly what the Enchanter said and was surprised – it seemed out of character for the timid young man. “It’s dangerous; it’s already been shown with the princess being kidnapped. We don’t even”-

            “I know where she is.” Hezekiah looked at them with his oddly-blue eyes, his mouth forming a serious line.

            “Where?” Tameena and Brand demanded to know at the same time.

            He looked up, his hand ceasing to move the pestle in the bowl. He laid it down carefully and leaned his palms on the counter, staring at them both with an intense gaze. “I’m not going to tell you.”


10 thoughts on “Meet Hezekiah

  1. I love your excerpts, and this one definitely made me smile. 🙂 And I love hearing about other people’s characters– it’s interesting to learn about them.

    • Oh, I’m so glad!!! I know, I LOVE hearing about other people’s characters, too. So inspirational! Hezekiah is one of my favorites I’ve written. Again, thank you SO much!!! ^.^

    • AAAAWWWW, THANK YOU! I’m so glad – because ‘complex but loveable’ was *EX.ACT.LY.* what I wanted with him!! EEEEPPP!!!! *HUG*

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