What a Christmas. Oh-ho, What a Christmas!

From R to L: My sister Maralie, me, Dad, Mom, my sister Marriah, my brother Mac, and his fiancee Taylor. 

You might be wondering about the title; it’s a line from Christmas in Connecticut, one of my favorite old-fashioned Christmas movies. It’s also a private joke between Maralie, Marriah, and myself.

A little red sketchbook and some drawing supplies (putty eraser!!)

A $50 visa gift card, which has already bought 7 books (yesss!)

A gorgeous stationary set (those of you with whom I exchange letters… expect cards!)

A tee shirt that has a TARDIS on the back and underneath the TARDIS says “No, I’m not a doctor – but I am the Doctor!”

A TARDIS scarf knitted by my sister Melanie who lives in Seattle (I love it)

A really cool picture of the TARDIS in front of a dictionary page in a red frame (hard to describe, but it’s *awesome*)

A membership to American Christian Fiction Writer’s association (aaaahhhh!!! I can’t wait to get started!)

All THREE seasons of Wanted: Dead or Alive starring Steve McQueen! (AAHHH!)

A book of wisdom from Winnie the Pooh 🙂

The animated “Mrs. Tiggywinkle and Mr. Jeremy Fisher” – I’ve loved the Beatrix Potter children’s series for as long as I can remember, and the song by Miriam Stockley… and Mrs. Tiggywinkle is and always has been my favorite.

We can finish season 5 of Dr. Who before we lose Netflix mainstreaming! (Oh, Doctor, how I’ve missed you… 🙂

And I KNOW there were other things I got, but this is some of them. It was a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends, non-lethal Christmas trees, and apple bread. I hope yours was as blessed as mine was.

Credendo Vides,



6 thoughts on “What a Christmas. Oh-ho, What a Christmas!

  1. Merry (belated) Christmas, Mirriam!
    If I could watch one TV series, I think it would be Doctor Who even though there are apparently a million episodes; I thought The Weeping Angels was interesting (although I had a nightmare about keeping an eye on statues like those and not blinking some time after). I bet you’d love a Sinuc Screwdriver from ThinkGeek.com since you can’t get the real one. 😀
    Hm, you look Kind I different in this portrait and your profile pic…maybe the lack of glasses has a tiny bit to do with it?

  2. Your Christmas sounds lovely, Mirriam! I love the fact that you got all that TARDIS themed stuff. 😛 I’m knitting a TARDIS shaped cover for my Nook, which is pretty cool. And I got a “The Angles Have the Phone Box” shirt and a “Linear TARDIS” shirt (both are from ThinkGeek) and I love them to pieces. ❤ And I got a season of Doctor Who! (It's the second season, with David Tennant and Billie Piper). And that TARDIS in front of a dictionary page thingy sounds really cool, actually. My Christmas was lovely as well.

    -The Dandy Lioness/Sofie

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