Always Winter, and never Christmas

Remember when Mr. Tumnus told Lucy about the White Witch’s curse over Narnia? That it was always winter, and never Christmas.  While we feel sorry for them for a while, that is no longer our story. Aslan has come back to Narnia, and we can celebrate Christmas in our hearts all year ’round. Because Christmas isn’t just one day filled with presents, or one month filled with carols and shopping frenzies. Christmas is something that we should carry 365 days a year, because it’s a season of remembering Christ and the blessings He gave us.

God has given me so many blessings in my life, I can’t even begin to count them all. But Christmastime is the season for remembering Him and what He’s done for us, and it seems only appropriate that I should mention a few things that warm my heart and make me remember how good is the King I serve; some in words, some in pictures, all from my heart.

• Pumpkin spice candles

• The sound of a bird chirping outside my window

• The view over the hills when a storm is coming in

• A single star in a chilly night sky

• Hot cocoa

• My favorite blogs

• Smiles from passing strangers

• Sunlight streaking through clouds

• The smell and sound of the ocean

• Books

• Red and cream-colored roses

• Castles

• Quill pens and ink

• Jingle bells (I still hear them)

• Music

• The smell of pine trees

• Snow

• Medieval dresses

• Austen movies

• Troubadors

• Swings

• Masquerade masks

• Natural bowers

• Weddings

• British and Australian accents

• Police boxes

• Fancy dresses

• First hugs from a new friend

• Starbucks


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