Wolfsguard: Dramatis Personae

Yes. NaNoWriMo is over, and I now have a new brainchild named Tales of Anen: Wolfsguard. 

I thought I might introduce you to my cast! I hope you love them as much as I do (though, as I’m the author, I think that may be impossible).

NOTE: So the ages don’t confuse you, humans in this world live about 200 years, average. So 46 equals 23, and so on.

NOTE #2: The gifts of ‘Seeing,’ ‘Prophecy,’ ‘Enchanting,’ etc. are given specifically by Ora (the allegorical One God) to certain people to use for Him. Those who employ black magic, or the twisted perversion of Ora’s original perfect creation, are evil. So as there isn’t any mixup. 🙂


Hot-headed, impulsive and kind-hearted, Brand is a young man of forty-six. He was the son of a Wolfsguard-turned-woodcutter until he entered combat training and was elevated to Wolfsguard status. He has a large sense of humor and loves to make people laugh.  He tends to run on emotion without thinking things through, which can be a bit of a problem. He is well-built and stands five feet, eleven inches tall. 


The High Protector of Princess Artemia, Tameena is a well-trained swordswoman who protects her charge with all the ferocity of a mother bear. Even though she is only six years older than the princess, she has taken over the role of mother (as well as confidante, lady-in-waiting, and sister). She is five-foot ten-inches with dark brown hair and eyes.


A seer and the princess of the SouthernkingdomofDagonet, Artemia is quite young at only thirty years old. Because she is such a powerful seer, her once-blue eyes are slowly losing her sight and she will be blinded before she reaches middle-age (100 years). She is slender, petite, and frail; with pale skin and white-blond hair. She is weak physically but sustains an inner strength. She is kind, but likes to be alone because her powers overwhelm her in a crowd.


The soon-to-be King of the Dragons, he is the only current dragon able to transform his flesh into that of a human. This trait is only passed down to one royal-blooded dragon with each generation. Strong, wise, and gifted with the ability to project flame from his mouth in both forms, he possesses highly acute senses of smell and sight, as well as abnormal strength and agility. He is currently in his second year of Solitude, a five-year period of exile where heirs go to teach themselves control over body, mind, and emotions. He is three hundred years old, and will most likely live to be 1,000.


 One of the youngest Wolfsguard,Coltonis kind and gentle and extremely chivalrous. He tends to do things ‘by the book’ and doesn’t like to deviate. He is forty years old and devoted to his family and the princess. He is very patriotic, but his tendency to obey the rules doesn’t always work out. He doesn’t like to take unnecessary risks, but has a small mischievous streak anyway. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and stands five feet ten inches tall.


 Fun-loving, flirtatious and formidable, Thalion is the ‘lady’s man’ of the group. He fights with two swords and is deadly in combat. He likes to combine ‘business and pleasure,’ which happens to be his motto. Though he may seem shallow on the surface, he has a strong sense of loyalty and justice and will fight to the death for what he believes in. He is fifty-eight, six feet tall, and has brown shoulder-length hair and green eyes.


 A skilled archer and swordsman, Kay is a sweet, good-humored man of fifty-nine. He loves horses and enjoys training and riding them when off-duty. He is a close friend of Thalion, and keeps his friend in check when things go too far (though he’ll occasionally join in a fight, just to keep things interesting). He has bright blue eyes and dirty-blond hair and beard. He stands about six feet tall.

 The Hawk

 Sent by the King to watch over his princess and report to him, the hawk is a well-trained animal to most people. Only a few know that the Hawk is really a Haifannen; a race born with a certain form to shift into other than their human one. He is observant, keen-eyed and has a taste for battle, though he is not unkind. When he is a hawk, he will attack by diving at his opponent and using his beak and talons. When he is a human, he is formidable with both bow and knives. He stands five feet and eleven inches tall. His hair is black and his eyes are gray.


The Captain of the Wolfsguard, Reinhart is a serious but good-humored man of ninety-eight. He has strong qualities of leadership and loyalty, and even though he can be tough on them he loves all of his Wolfsguard with the affection of a father. He is married and has two children whom he loves very deeply.  He takes his duty very seriously, though it may cost him his life. He stands six feet and two inches tall, with dark blond hair and beard and blue-grey eyes.


 A mysterious Enchanter of undetermined age and origin, Hezekiah has a very strange timeline. He is living backwards; and his older self knows what happens in the future even though he happens to be ‘youthening’ self (kudos to those who spot that quote 🙂 He is awkward and shy, but highly intelligent and can be a little bit.. sarcastic. And grumpy (though when he’s cheerful, he’s REALLY cheerful). He has many faces, and tends to change his appearance in order to avoid unwanted attention and favors. 


Dark in soul as well as looks, Morgan is a powerful Enchanter who resides just outside thekingdomofReshak. He and his sister are the bastard children of the Reshakan king and an Aleroni (winged) woman. They are determined to seize the throne, feeling it is their right to do so. Because of his Aleroni mother, he and his sister both have a pair of large black wings. He never hides his. He tends to be snarky and sarcastic, which causes many battles between his sister and himself.


The twin sister of Morgan, and only slightly more powerful than her brother, she uses powers gained through darkness to meet her own ends. She is determined to rule Reshak, no matter what the cost. As beautiful as she is deadly, she uses her arts to scheme and manipulate. She usually keeps her wings veiled through her arts, only revealing them when necessary.

I’m still in the plotting/planning/quoting spot of the novel, but I’ve written probably a dozen scenes and it’s coming together quite nicely. I’m extremely excited about it. 🙂 I’ve even made some fanvideos starring my cast, and they always inspire me. *squeaks* I can’t believe CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!! Don’t forget about the art sale HERE;  I’m also throwing in five-dollar sketches. If you want a sketch, I’ll sketch it for $5 (free shipping).

Credendo Vides and Merry Christmas,



9 thoughts on “Wolfsguard: Dramatis Personae

  1. Hehehe someone’s been watching Game of Thrones/King Arthur/Merlin. I approve wholeheartedly. ;P

    Your story sounds great! Looking forward to reading more about in your blog. 🙂 (I’ve been a-creepin’ around here and reading your stuff for quite a while now, through I only got a wordpress account recently-ish. Anyway, I guess this is me officially “stepping out of the shadows” of the interwebs and saying hey. :P)

    • Actually I wouldn’t watch a Game of Thrones (lots of stuff in there I don’t *cough* approve of) but I did steal Artemia from it. That was the only good picture I could find of Sean Bean looking remotely like Reinhart XD But yes, I’ve been looking into Merlin and I LOVE the King Arthur movie; I have for years! It’s just too awesome. So they’ve provided tons of inspiration; though hopefully my storyline won’t plagiarise. *laughs*
      So, officially – HI THERE!!!! =D

      • Hmmm, yes, unfortunately there is no shortage of psychopaths or low moral standards in Game of Thrones. :s I still love it though (hopefully that does not say too much about me as a person… :p) because of all the amazing characters and brilliant plot. I’ve recently started reading the book, and so far it seems to be a lot less, err, ‘graphic’ (heh) than the show, so if you were interested you could give that a try. 🙂

        Yay Merlin! 😀 Yeah, both Merlin and the movie are indeed incredibly awesome and very inspiring. Alot of the settings and armour and stuff in Merlin, especially. And the gorgeous horses. 8)

        Hahaha yes, accidental plagiarism is a little inconvenient. I can definitely sympathize- tons of times I’ve been sitting there, congratulating myself on what a genius I am to come up with such brilliant plot twists and characters before suddenly realizing that they’re basically the same as the ones in the book I’ve just read. :p

        • Yes. Exactly. I don’t particularly like the… erm, ‘graphicness.’ ^_^ Though Arthur is AWESOME. *woooot*
          Gwain♥ Hahaha!
          I KNOW, right!? My first drafts tend to have quite a bit of ‘copy-catting’ but the more I rewrite, the more drastically things change. =D

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