Christmas is good for the muse…

Ah, Christmas. The twinkling lights, the snow, the hot cocoa, the frostbitten noses… and the drawing inspiration.

“Snow White and the Apple”

“Snow White” – I need a background! I’m thinking trees and ravens – your thoughts?

“Paper Faces on Parade” I”m really in love with this one 🙂

“Winter” WIP – I’m thinking I’ll do a dark background with floating snowflakes, rather like the ‘Snow White and the Apple’ picture…

“Changeling Child,” inspired by the song by (genius) Heather Dale, my current musical obsession.

“Faery Rebel.” It scanned *so so so* badly… ugh. But I still like the drawing – sort of elegant punk on an urban fey, eh? 🙂

I have a head.
Any thoughts for a body? I’m thinking maybe a banshee/wailing woman or something of the kind?


I’m sorry, I’m just sort of ‘doing this’ every time I post until Christmas. *cough* Anyhoo, I”ve got an ART SALE! Yes, yes, contain yourself. I’m selling many things in my gallery, which you may check out at your liesure. I’m also adding something new, where I will sketch something for you for $5, no shipping. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Credendo Vides,



4 thoughts on “Christmas is good for the muse…

  1. SOOOO GOOOOD! I love how you’re thinking more about backgrounds 🙂 I really need to do the same…… agh. I pretty much LOVE all of those. They’re just so… splendid!

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