“I do not get on at all – I hear such different accounts of you as to puzzle me exceedingly.”


I’ve been tagged by one of my favorite-ever bloggers, Jenny Frietag from the Penslayer! I love this tag and am excited to fill it out. Apparently, she wishes to know about my YA Fantasy book, “The Shadows Fall” – and, like asking a mother about her children,  I am always eager to talk about it. My sister is convinced I’ll know my future husband right away because he’ll ask about my book.

Without further ado, ladies, gentlemen, aliens, etc. –

The Shadows Fall

“I have the feeling that we won’t make it out alive.”

1. Who are the main characters?

Oh, goodness. Well, there’s Sienna Hunter, a seventeen-year-old New Yorker who thinks she’s extremely hip. Turns out ‘hipness’ doesn’t really matter when you’re tossed into another world like so much salad along with your younger brother. Alec Hunter, 15, is a kick to write. He’s funny, completely without tact, rambunctious, and has the cutest grin you’ll ever see. And of course Eristor, my baby. (He’d kill me if he heard me calling him that). A bitter, sarcastic elf who doesn’t take guff from anybody, he HATES Sienna. HATES. At least, at first he does… and then there’s Salebeth, the ‘sage’ character. Even though he looks far too young to be as wise as he is, he’s everyone’s anchor and guide. Throw in a pair of twins, a healer, a pirate, an irascible dwarf and a few villains, and you have my cast.

2. How did you get the idea for this story?

I don’t know. To paraphrase Stephen King, “Writers never ask each other where they get their ideas because they know we don’t know.” It just… came up. It was a conglommeration of the Lord of the Rings and  the Door Within when I first started. Fortunately, the realisation that plagiarism is bad and that I have my own imagination have changed it quite a bit. ^.^

3. What genre is this story?

It could be nothing but fantasy. Elves, dwarves, Faren, pirates, torture, revenge, fighting, true love, miracles – it’s definitely a fantasy.

4. Describe your book in three thoughts:

“When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher.” “What do you MEAN, there’s no internet!?” and “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28)”

5. The bit that describes an obscure piece of real life best:

Sienna did not admit that she felt a little as if she were playing dress-up, but his words fanned her anger into blazing rage. “I didn’t ask to be brought here,” she shouted. “I already told you that! You have no idea what I’ve been through. You have no idea what it’s like to be taken from your home and to wake up somewhere completely different, where you’re supposed to be some sort of amazing prodigy who can do all this stuff that I’ve only ever read about in books!”

            He watched her through the outburst, not saying anything. The red glitter in his eyes faded a bit, but his expression remained accusatory. “Are you quite finished?”

            Sienna crossed her arms, keeping herself from going over to him and doing something drastic. “Yes,” she ground out through her teeth.

6. The funniest line said by a side-character thus far:

            “What did you give me?” Alec demanded, half-standing and half-sitting as if about to tackle the pair of mischievous elves.

            The twin farthest away from him pushed his still-hysterical twin out of the way, trying to keep his own chortles to a minimum. “Just wine,” he managed, still trying to look innocent and failing miserably.

            Alec stared. “But it tasted – that wasn’t – how could— I nearly choked to death!”

            “Well,” said the elf, scratching his head in mock thoughtfulness, “It was pretty heavily spiced.”

            Alec’s mouth formed an ‘O,’ but no words came out. “Whoa,” said Sienna, making him sit back down in the chair. “You can get back at them at a time when we are not at the dinner table.”

            “Fine,” he muttered and resumed eating, looking suspiciously at each bite before putting it in his mouth.

Sienna sighed and muttered “Brothers” under her breath.

The twins looked up simultaneously. “What’s wrong with brothers?”

“They’re annoying and up to no good,” she answered bluntly.

One of them gave her a mock glare. “We are not,” he declared. “We’re adorable and fun-loving, that’s all.”

“Right,” agreed the other. “You can’t keep a good elf down.”

Sienna raised an eyebrow. “You think Alec is adorable?”

The twins looked over at Alec for a long moment; then looked back at Sienna. “Not that brother,” said the first. “But these brothers are,” finished the second, pointing to himself and his twin.

Sienna snorted. “Not adorable,” she corrected. “Egocentric.”

“We are not,” said the one on the left, miffed. Alec looked over at them, pausing mid-bite to ask: “Are not what?” The twins guffawed.

OKAY; so that wasn’t a line. It was more like a conversation. I have many lines/conversations that I like, since I like humor, and couldn’t narrow it down.

7. Your favourite piece of description:

            The world spun as something lifted her into the air. Sienna wanted to move, to open her eyes, to scream, but she had no control over herself. A thought frightened her – what if she stayed this way forever, locked inside herself, her body as her own coffin, her mind as her only companion?

8. Your biggest fear in the writing of this story:

My biggest fear is always that my parents won’t like it. I know it’s paranoid, but my heart sounds like a hyperventillating rabbit every time they read my stuff.

9. Last full sentence you wrote:

            This was war. Oscariath had started one whether they liked it or not.

10. Favourite character thus far:

Just in THIS book, right? Because… I couldn’t pick. In this book, though, I’d have to say Eristor, with Marcus as a runner-up. (Oh, and did I mention that in the second book, Sienna picks up a ‘little friend’ in the form of a fluffy, talking furball? Think ‘tribble’ with a mouth. And it LOOOOOVES Eristor. Which is bad for its health. I mean, Eristor doesn’t take too kindly to balls of fluff calling him ‘floofy head.’)

11. What books have been written or have you read that are similar in style and flavour to your novel?

Oh dear. I’m honestly not certain; but I’ve been told my style is close to Bryan Davis. I’ve actually been told it’s BETTER than his three times – but I’m honestly not quite sure. XD Because if it were true, my life would be… rainbows. And skittles. And little baby bunnies.

12. If it was destined to become a book on tape, who would you wish to read it?

OH, either John Simm, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, or maybe David Tennant (because of his Scottish accent!) OH; no, wait. Craig Horner = Australian accent. *swoon* Pardon me while I go listen to John Simm reading 10 minutes of Crime and Punishment on my mp3. I have to pick which one of these? NO! DON’T – I CAN’T – wait. It’s just a question, right? O.o

And now to tag other loverlies with this loverly tag….

My beautiful Heather at To Dine at the Master’s Table,  (I HIGHLY recommend her blog, as well as her artwork! She is AMAZING; and I’ve been so privileged to watch her art blossom as God teaches her the way of the royal Artist. If you’re lucky, you might get her to do a picture for you, and she is worth EVERY penny. Don’t believe me? Look at her DA page and be amazed).

The talented Jessica at Safire-Writer;


yes, Chris, I’m sorry.

I had to tag you.

Chris at Fiction Fire 🙂 (Trust me, it’s because you’re awesome. *coughcooouuugh*)


11 thoughts on ““I do not get on at all – I hear such different accounts of you as to puzzle me exceedingly.”

  1. You made me chuckle with that “What do you mean, there’s no internet?” 😉

    Loverly job, Mirriam. Can’t wait for Sienna & Crew to set out on their next adventure!

  2. I definitely want to read your book; both what I read and these bits you keep throwing out are very interesting. 🙂

    Bryan Davis…so you’ve read the Dragons in Our Midst series, I’m guessing? I thought they were quite interesting, even though I think I’m a wee bit older than the intended audience. 😉

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mirriam! You’re so kind! You just gave me rainbows and skittles and bunnies with what you said about me!!!! :DDD Awwww, thank you!
    I HAVE GOT TO READ YOUR BOOK. Thanks for this intriguing inside look!
    Guess what? I LOOOOOOOOOVE you! You are such a cool girl. 😉

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