Thanksgiving… and what comes after

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. Thanksgiving, people!!! It is now officially the Christmas season!

Christmas music, Christmas colors, Christmas gifts, Christmas weather (I’m desperately hoping for some snow before Christmas! Stupid Georgia weather!) I adore this time of year. It is, without a doubt, one-hundred-percent my favorite. From Christmas trees to twinkle lights to the smell in the air and the smile on people’s faces when you tell them “Merry Christmas” (not ‘happy holidays.’ Merry CHRISTMAS) – the world just seems a wonderful place. A peaceful, joyful, hopeful place. The kind of place Jesus intended it to be.

But enough about Christmas; I’m here to talk about Thanksgiving!

We have a tradition on this particular day. Well, several. We ALWAYS dress nicely for Thanksgiving. (You know how on Christmas you get up and stay in your pajamas until well past noon? Thanksgiving is the opposite. Think Norman Rockwell).

We eat the Thanksgiving meal about three in the afternoon; and it is ALWAYS delicious (except the turkey stuffing. I can’t stand turkey stuffing). Turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls – mmmmm!! It’s the one meal in the year where you don’t feel guilty for eating waaaay after your stomach begins to protest.

Then we lounge around and digest. And usually sleep – all that food tends to make one drowsy. Then that evening, we eat cold leftovers (which are delicious) and watch White Christmas. If you haven’t seen it – starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye – you must. We watch it every year on Thanksgiving; it’s our herald for the Christmas season!

The next day is a family holiday. We make doughnuts!! This year’s were DELICIOUS – if you want to see pictures, run over to my sister’s blog.

Unfortunately there are none of me up there, because I woke up fifteen minutes before we started and my hair was a mop 🙂 If I can, I PROMISE I’ll post it just so you can see my early-days ‘Hermione Head’!

Now, it’s off to Stone Mountain for the day!!!


~ Mirriam


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving… and what comes after

  1. D’aaaw!
    … you don’t like STUFFING!? … I don’t like cranberry sauce. *sniff* >.<
    That's funny – we had our deal at 3:00 too! (Psychological, dear… psychological.)

    I love youuuu!
    – hannah

    p.s. when you get the chance, can you leave a comment on my blog? I like hearing from you there. ^_^

  2. I don’t like stuffing, but I LOOOVE cranberry sauce!!! HAHA!! Okay, so I lied… it was actually at about 1:30. I was misinformed. XD MWAH!
    ♥ Sure thing!

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