You & Me Together

A short while ago, I spent the weekend at the my best friend’s Grandmother’s house. We had a BLAST – we hardly ever stopped talking! We went shopping downtown (awesome little shops down there, I tell you – you should stop by downtown Dahlonega the next time you’re in Georgia) and spent the rest of our time in the basement. It honestly felt more like an apartment; kitchen and all.

Let me tell you a little about us.

Hannah is about five-foot-five (correct me if I’m wrong, girl 😉

I am five-foot-nine.

She has dark hair.

I have blond hair..

We both laugh an insane amount.

We’re both insane.

She’s the Anime chick

to my Alex Kingston.

We are awesome.

We took lots and LOTS of pictures – mainly goofy, some highly fashionable, but mostly just… us. I hope you get a glimpse of the fun time we had =D

 (Apparently this is our ‘lizard look’)

 (“SHHH! Shut UP!!”)

 (“THIS is how much we care.”)

 (I’m not sure what I was doing. She snapped the picture without me knowing. Maybe I’m shocked. Maybe I’m beatboxing. I don’t know.)

 (Taken while hiking through woods behind the house… we had a bat fly right between us. A bat. Between us. Bats are my friend. Bats understand me. Kudos to those who identify that quote)

 (We flopped down in the grass afterwards to catch our breath. And took more pictures.)

 We were trying to ‘heart’ both our faces, but the camera angle was off. So, apparently, we only love me. 😉

 Strange & scary faces. Well, mine is. Hers is a little more tame. ^.^

 (Our ‘Frodo’ expressions. *sniff*)

 (Merry and Pippin, typical)

 We do NOT approve.

 No, no, it’s okay. This is how we usually look.

 We are watching you. From both directions.

 And now I’m being squished! O.o

 Raised Eyebrows of DOOM. Or at least quizzicality. (new word)

 We are up to no good.

 “Lo, is this a madman I see before me?”


Two Words:


We have a habit of ‘naming’ our too-rare get-togethers. This one was named “Always” because, Lord willing, we’ll always be friends 🙂



20 thoughts on “You & Me Together

  1. Awesome pictures. It looks like you girls had a blast!!!

    Oh. And I can identify that quote. XD

    What if there was a (quote) nobody could (identify)? And then if you were the only person in the world who could (identify) it. Because I am that person. To see sense where others see nonsense. Just like the bat.

    Yeah. Um. Much is fabulous.

    Love ya, girl!

  2. Oh Mirriam, you are so beautiful!
    I LOVE the pictures ;P Those are silly- wonderful memory making, that is 🙂
    We’re gonna do something like this someday ;P

      • Sorry Galadriel, I’ve got the hair too and I’ve had it longer! 🙂
        But as least as Mels I get to steal cars, break rules, have fun, scare Nazis, and grow up to be River Song someday! Okay, works for me!!

  3. It sounds like you had a fun time, Mirriam. 🙂
    I must say, whoever was taking the pictures seems to have used the built-in flash quite a bit. 😛 (perhaps it was dark and it was necessary or the pictures would be too dark or blurry?) But unlike pictures taken with a built-in flash, the orangeish hues caused by the yellow lightbulbs in the indoor photos are usually easy to remove/improve; simply adjust the color temperature or use auto color (temperature) in even a basic editing program like Picasa.
    I’m sorry if I sound rude – I’m just trying to offers bit of photography advice…but then, I’m not a skilled photographer and you didn’t ask for tips, so I’ll just shut up.

    By the way, did you see any of the sad attempts at “poetry” I’ve written with some of my photos, like these?
    They’re only freeverse so far (sadly, I can’t get lines to rhyme like in a song and not sound silly, I’ll-fitting, etc.), they’re not very well-written as it is (I wish I could write as well as, say, the lyrics I included in my first photo here – they’re from a song I like by a group we both like – see if you can guess the artist and/or song), and I can usually only think of something to write like that if it conveys lots of emotion…I’m rambling as usual; I shall depart now and leave you in peace.
    The Darkest Side of Me
    A Broken Heart
    A Broken Heart

  4. Heeeyyy MAAAAXXX – *I* took the pictures! ^.^
    Yes, it was indeed very poor lighting; thus the flash. I was too lazy to do anything else – especially at 3:40 in the morning. ^.^ But yeah, it’s actually easy to edit; like I said… too lazy. =D
    How’re you?

    Mirriam –
    D’AAAAWWW! I LOVE IT! We *did* have a BLAST! You summed it up pretty well, sis!
    *Anime chick*? *raises eyebrow* Ooooh ‘kay. I’ll stick to that, I s’pose. >.< You know what we need to do when we're old enough? Go to a *city* together. MEEP! That would be sooo much fun! A BIG city! *starts looking at maps*
    Or, we could just toss the cities and go to SEOUL!

    LOVE YOU! *smothers you in hugs* FIGHTING!
    – Hannah

    P.S. November's turning out to be an awesome month, don't you think? 😉

    • Hi Hannah. 🙂
      That was actually my first thought, but I remembered Miriam had some pictures of her when you weren’t around and you’d have to have given her these, do I thought it was more likely she took them.
      3:50?! That’s a bit late, don’t you think? (or early, depending on how you look at it and if you went to sleep an woke up or stayed awake)
      I hope I didn’t sound critical…
      I’m doing ok, I guess…relatively speaking. Well, I could be doing much better but I could also be doing a lot worse right now. I really need to start a career and get on with my life; I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do. If I sell my BMW M3, I’ll have a little money, but it’s not like it’ll be a tremendous amount, and money is only part of my problem – it can’t get me a good job by itself.

      BTW, you know Seoul is another big city right? ;~P And who knows if it’ll get bombarded by North Korea sometime…

  5. Heehee! Yes, yes – life. And yes, yes – actually, we stayed UP until 5:40. ^.^ And lived the rest of the day on only 2 hours of sleep. Very late, or early, as you said. =D But FUN!
    No, you didn’t sound critical – just giving you a hard time. ^_^
    Well, don’t get discouraged; most people are in the “worse” state. One thing I’ve really been relying on (and seeing come true!) is that with God, ALL things are possible! How’s everybody else doing? We’re dandy over here. Some stress, some fights, but always good things later. Life’s amazing! I’ve enjoyed so much living 2011 to it’s fullest – amazing things have been taking place elusively, and still are – I hope to see the same, beautiful, wonderful things in 2012.
    I hope you can get a job and do well – but whatever you do, do it with all your might. 🙂
    Hope you’re well!

    – hannah

    P.S. Yeeessssss… I know it’s another big city, indeed – but it’s way better than New York! >.< I'm seriously *dying* to visit Korea – it's the one place I'd love, love LOVE to go! (That and Akita Japan… but I'd want to save that for me and my "prince charming' to go to. ^.^) MEEP! Mirriam can testify – she knooows how bad I want to go there! =D

    • Goodness! At the recent Gospel-Centered Marriages for a Glorious Church Conference I stayed up past midnight on at least two nights (maybe three); when I was just sitting and waiting for my brothers to finish playing a game one night at around 1am I was really tired and wanted to go to sleep, but on the other nights I played Apples to Apples and some other things with Justice, Jubilee and Faith Phillips, some of their friends and some others, and although it was around midnight I didn’t really feel tired. I did have difficulty staying awake during many of the talks though. 😛

      I’ve been a bit less than really happy; not manically depressed, but still not great…
      It’s good to hear you’re still your happy self though.
      Thanks so much for the encouraging words, Hannah. 🙂

      You know, I used to live in Japan years ago… 😉

  6. Oh yeah – was it a good conference? It sounds like it was, from all the posts I read.
    Well, we were both pretty tired when 4:00 AM hit, and decided to get in bed, turn out the lights, and talk until about 4:30 – being *girls* … it lasted much longer. >..>) What’s it liiiike? Hm? Hm? *runs around excitedly* I wanna goooo there! (Korea first, though… it’s a *must*!) YAY!

    – hannah

    • Yes, it was a good conference: there were lots of good speakers and talks and I got to see some old friends and meet some nice new people. 🙂 Whoa; I’d probably be falling asleep if it was that late/early.
      It’s been many years since I lived in Japan and I was quite young then (and I didn’t usually leave Sasebo, the city we lived in), but somethings I remember and have been told about are the cherry blossom trees were pink and pretty when they blossomed, lots of little shops, a few parks with big playgrounds and very large slides (they appeared gigantic to me at that time, when I was a little child, anyway), small roads, snow flurries but not lots of snow, and a few other things that would bore you. Like I said, I was young at the time and only remember snapshots of life over there and even if I remembered more, it’s not like I traveled around quite a bit and hiked up Mount Fuji like my dad did.

  7. Bore me? BORE ME??? Are you *kidding*? I *love* details like that! *faint* MEEP! Hey, if you can think of anything else – I’d like to hear about it. I’m writing a book, after all, and even though it’s not exactly Japan, it’s Korea, and they’re close enough. ^.^ (There are references to Japan, however…)
    That’s so neeeaaatt! If you ever go again, take loads of pictures – I’ll be jealous while looking at them. ^.^ >.<

    • Ok, but I don’t remember much else about living in Japan that’s actually about the country itself: hiding outside a clinic in an effort to not get shots, not wanting to go down a big slide but then enjoying it after I did and going down it repeatedly, fireworks, not doing very well at baseball – that sort of mundane thing. I highly doubt I’ll be going back anytime soon, but maybe someday. If I do I will definitely take lots of photos. This’ll make you sad, but I’d actually rather take a tour of Europe: the UK, Scandinavia and a few other places especially.

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