Defeating the Dragon


Anger isn’t pretty.

I know that.

But it’s always been my worst character flaw.

I’m quick to anger – exactly the opposite of what James 2 says to be. “Slow to wrath.”

I ain’t it.

And lately, my family has become more and more concerned that my outbursts are getting worse.

The weirdest (or scariest, whatever) thing is that I don’t see it in myself. At least, not until someone points it out. I honestly can’t tell. I don’t KNOW that I’m being angry.

Proverbs warns about a million times to stay away from the angry man, the brawling woman – and that’s exactly what I am. It’s like I have an inner dragon that rears its ugly head and shoots fire at people while I stand by and watch.

It’s a spiritual problem. It’s a personal demon, I think, because I KNOW I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t. Mom was asking if I was doing anything I shouldn’t, and I could/can honestly say “No!”

But that makes it all the harder. It isn’t one specific thing I can pluck up by the roots and burn. It’s a deeper-rooted problem that I’m going to have to root out, and it isn’t going to be easy.

Ordinarily, I like to think of myself as a nice person.

My dragon is NOT.

And I can’t let it take over, because if I do, then I’ll become the dragon; like Princess Una in “Heartless.”

Certain things can defeat an inner dragon – the fruit of the spirit, for one thing. I hear they’re poisonous to it.

The armor of God, for another. It doesn’t fancy spiritual Knights battling it (even if it DOES happen to own a maiden in distress).

I can’t just stand by and let the dragon win. I have to fight it, and I can’t do it by myself. I need my Champion, my heavenly Father and Lover of my soul to come and help me.

I also need prayer.

So, you guys, would you please pray that I can defeat this dragon? As cliched as it sounds, that’s what it feels like, and therefore it’s what I’m going to refer to it as.

I need my eyes opened, my sword sharpened, and a closer relationship with God.

So would you please help me fight this? If you do, I will be eternally grateful. 🙂

Credendo Vides,



8 thoughts on “Defeating the Dragon

  1. I love you more than you will EVER know (almost as much as your Heavenly Father does!)!!!! You will be in my prayers for my whole life! Naneth

  2. Of COURSE!
    We all have our dragons… mine is stubbornness especially. (And I’m not that great at receiving instruction!)

    I’ll pray for you sis – always! You’re my best friend.

    I love you! See you next week!


    P.S. …that picture’s kinda disturbing… –.–

  3. Yes, yes, of course YES! Mirriam, I love you very much and I feel that you are very honest with yourself (and with us) and I trust your assessment of this problem. I’ll be praying for you, and don’t hesitate to send me an email if you need to talk or if you feel you need a greater depth of prayer!
    I love you my dear!

  4. We all have Dragons to fight, mine is a vinegar tongue. I can just say something and it hurts others. Often without me realising until its pointed out. I’ll be praying for you, We’re Christian Warrior Maidens!!!!! We can kick these dragons butts!!!! Ask Jesus to help you sharpen your sword and slay this beast.
    In Christ

  5. I’ll be praying for you, Mirriam! Oh, I know how you feel because I am struggling with my dragon too. Everyone in my family sees it, but I have trouble noticing when it rears its ugly head. My dragon is selfishness.

    So, I will be keeping you in prayer. Remember that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!

    God Bless you, sister!


  6. Mirriam, your honesty is lovely. I know God will give you strength for victory in this battle. Scripture says God has given us authority over the power of the enemy and also that the enemy will flee as we first submit to God and then resist the devil. You will be in my prayers!

  7. Aww, Mirriam, I’m so sorry, I’ve been a little out of the blog world lately i guess and I didn’t see this post. I’ll pray for you!

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