Leaving (again)

I know, I’ve been on the ‘absentee’ side of blogging for a while, and I deeply apologize. The truth is, ordinary school and chores aside, I’m working on tons of Art Commissions, trying to get my book reviews up in time, and I’ve got loads of stuff to do with my editor on The Shadows Fall.

I’m also going camping this weekend; so I won’t be back until Monday – by Monday, I hope to have a good post for you all! ^.^


~ Mirriam Neal

P. S. Finished Season 3 yesterday. EEK! Is it wrong to love the Master, too? =D anyway – some more pictures!

I drew this on the white board. My Mom is so patient. XD (I know, I should erase it! QUICK! Before – you know!)

The Master from Dr. Who. An adorable psychopathic villain who redeems himself in the – *hic* – end. And is an absolute riot.

The Doctor’s ‘alarmed’ face =D


15 thoughts on “Leaving (again)

  1. Oh, Mirriam, you are so very obsessed! Heehee ;P I looked at your DA page and like the first twenty were Doctor Who drawings! How many seasons are there, anyways? I’ve never seen it before but the previews looked quite silly ;P It’s BBC, right? If it is, it must be good.
    Well, my dahhhhling, I hope you have a wondrous time and I look forward to the blog/letter account of it!
    I hope you’re doing well in the midst of all that stuff you’ve got going on, too πŸ˜€

    • I KNOW! I totally am!!!
      …the last about, 15 have been *facebook* There’s 6 seasons and still running! WOOOT! …SILLY!? It’s *AWESOME*, heather! Do NOT insult my favoritist TV show!! It IS BBC. =D I had an awesome time XD

  2. You. You can have the Master and I’ll take Doctor 10. K? I’m pretty happy with that agreement, are you?

    I think I’m going to stop talking about the Doctor now and just watch him. Yeah that sounds pretty good to me. XD

    In Christ,

    • AAAHHH; I don’t know… I get Doctor 10 AND the Master. MWAAHAHAHAAA~! They’re both MINE! Cuz they’re both…. just… awesome…. XD GO WATCH HIM! I’LL JOIN YOU!

  3. Haha, I find the Master kind of awesome too– though very annoying.

    Is it strange that Blink is one of my all-time favorite episodes? Everyone else I know who has seen it thinks it is the scariest– but I love it…


    (I’m actually wearing my Bow Ties Are Cool bracelet at the moment, and I got my friend a 10th Doctor bracelet for her birthday. I love Etsy!!!)

    • The Master IS really awesome XD Annoying in a hilarious way. Of course.
      Blink is AWESOME!!! O.O I didn’t find it scary at all – just way awesome.

      • I love my bracelet!! And I got it for 5 DOLLARS. It made my week. πŸ™‚ And I LOVED Blink. Seriously, one of my favorite episodes, despite the fact that there wasn’t much Doctor/Martha.

  4. SCARY! A friend at church told me about the weeping angels…. *shiver* Spaaaaare meeee!!!

    I like the drawing – very nice. Or should I say sketch? –.0

    See you in TEN days!

    – Hannah

    P.S. Sent you a letter in the mail; keep an eye out for it!

  5. bleh I hate the master. HE MADE THE DOCTOR CRY!!!!! He did all those horrible things!!! and madness? Please.He Knew what he was doing and he Liked it. AND THE DOCTOR JUST FORGAVE HIM. *sigh* the Doctor is so very very awesome. The master is a dikut. x.X

    oh, and how did he redeem himself? *is confused*

    did I mention that he made the Doctor cry? πŸ˜‰

    oh fourth season eh? that one is THE BEST. It’s so nice to have a companion that can just be a friend to the Doctor, not fall in love with him. XP Donna was the best thing that ever happened to him. πŸ˜‰

    • BECAUSE I LOVE HIM, OKAY??? XD He’s adorable. He’s hilarious. He’s GORGEOUS. And he’s just too awesome for words. And he’s INSANE! MWAHAHA!!! Oh, and hellOOOO? He fights RASSILON!!!! HE’S AWESOME!!!! O.O
      I know, right? Donna’s awesome XD

  6. you *love* him? why?! show me ONE instant in which the Master is likable and I’ll show you ten in which he is absolutely hateful. XP adorable?! when? hilarious?! he’s annoying! gorgeous? well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I guess. πŸ˜‰ Insane, I’ll give you. But that doesn’t excuse his actions. He Knew what he was doing. Too awesome for words? The master? I think you mean the Doctor πŸ˜‰ —He just forgave him. Forgave him.



    now *that* is too awesome for words. The Doctor’s humility, his charity, his generosity, HIS FORGIVENESS. AND THEN WHAT DID THE MASTER DO?! He died. Not that the audience didn’t heave a sigh of relief, πŸ˜‰ but he went and hurt the Doctor even more than he already had and again made him the loneliest man in the universe. Just to spite the Doctor!

    pah! He fights the timelord he’s responsible for *bringing back in the first place*! Also that was revenge, he was revenging himself on that timelord for making him insane. hardly an awesome reason to kill someone who’s dieing already.
    there are a couple other reasons why fighting rassilon doesn’t redeem him imho but I shall admit that it was the ONLY likable thing the master EVER did.

    And let’s not forget that he totally *ruined* Lucy Saxon. He came along and broke her, and he wasn’t sorry.

    The master is a villain, and while there are some very likable villains out there, I utterly and completely detest this one. I liked his human version though. XD I’m not trying to convince you to hate him; if you like him, fine with me. πŸ˜‰ but I don’t think I’ll ever understand why anyone would like him. πŸ˜› XD

    ^_^ CM

    • *GASP* I almost didn’t approve this comment!! ‘Tis too outrageous!!! ^.^ Okay, well – I’m always one for the bad guys redeeming themselves.Okay, here we go –
      the Doctor is everything good, amazing,forgiving, heroic, adorable… and just plain AWESOME. I love him to DEATH. (I hope this isn’t unhealthy. At least I still know he’s fiction. *wah* XD)
      The Master is… well, he’s just… fiendish!! O.O And his whole lightning-power-thing? WAY awesome. And his super speed/strength? SO cool. He’s brilliant. And he has those moments where you think he’s really touched, and…. *sniffs* And then at the end, the look on his face when the Doctor tells him to get out of the way – I mean, you can totally tell his mind is working, and he’s questioning right and wrong! Good versus evil! AAAAAHHH! I only hope when he comes back (he had BETTER – he and Matt Smith would be just way too awesome) that he’s in even more emotional turmoil. EEEK! XD

  7. hahaha!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    okay you put it that way and I can start to see, I think. There Are moments I suppose when *the Master* is likable, as you point out, but I think his actions are likable a heck of a lot less. XD

    if they did bring the master back I hope they don’t change the actor—new daleks, new tardis, new companions, new doctor—they may see the need to have a new master. hopefully not. XD

    • I KNOW; I REALLY don’t want this new Master to regenerate. I think John Simms is doing him PERFECTLY. XD
      SEE? I TOLD YOU!!! He has his good moments, the emotional ones where – *wails* Plus, he gives his life a soundtrack. XD

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