Asgard on the brain

Yeah… so… I’m REALLY in the mood to see Thor. These are my drawings over the past few days – more probably to come, knowing me. It’s not out, so I can’t watch it again; and my brain must content itself with producing these.

Oh; and did I mention I can’t wait for the Avengers to come out next year?

Y’know, for a movie that was lacking a bit in the story department, I really liked it…

Yes. I’m sorry. NO; I’m not obsessed with this movie – I’m just in the mood to see it, and it’s manifesting itself through my pencil. A thousand apologies. It will pass, I promise. 🙂



20 thoughts on “Asgard on the brain

  1. No apologies necessary — those are awesome 😀 Especially Thor himself. He looks kind of like Obi-wan . . .

    I’ve not seen the Thor movie but I saw some trailers. Come to think of it (speaking of Obi) didn’t it have Natalie Portman in it? Are you going to draw her, too?

    Whatever amazing drawing you draw next, I’ll be waiting . . . 🙂

    D. S. Dahnim

    • Haha! He really doesn’t look like Obi-wan in the movie XD And yes, Natalie Portman is in both of those – I hope to draw her and Thor soon!!

  2. Dropping a hint here…

    *ahem* I have a character who looks like Chris Hemsworth…^_^

    That’s all. You are getting better EVERY TIME YOU DRAW! I am loving watching you progress!


  3. Yeah, the eyes are awesome! I always have trouble with eyes… if I draw my characters, I usually don’t even bother with faces– they always come out looking weird. Though, I did do Margaux’s face… but it’s partly covered by a veil (just ’cause I was bored and I didn’t want to deal with her face… which I ended up doing anyways). That looked okay.

    • You’re right; Eyes can be SO difficult!! Really, it’s just… practice =) Sweat, blood, tears and ink (or lead, as the case may be) though sometimes it’s easier than others =D
      I’m so glad you like the eyes here, though!!

      • Thor’s look like they’re almost… colored. It’s very cool. Kind of like a very faint yellow and green. Which is sort of odd. But cool.

  4. Heehee! You’re so funny. ^.^ Once suggestion about your drawings; you ought to shade more. It adds FAR more depth, as I’m sure you know – it would look more like it was about to pop out at you. I use TONS of shading. It’s good for it. 🙂

    Love ’em! (and you!) =D

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