Some more Randomosity…

Whew! What weekend! Since Saturday, some family friends have been staying with us. They were a blast; so much fun. They integrated themselves into the family over the course of three days, and I was sad to see them go. We went to the Atlanta Aquarium (very large; I’d only been there once before, when we first moved here) and saw the Dolphin Show, which, in spite of the really, truly awful over-acting (“Aaaahhh; the evil monster is dee-FEATED! Ha-HA!!!”) was absolutely beautiful. It had a score composed for it by a musician whom I suspect to be John Powell (I have yet to verify) and the dolphins were stunning.

Also, I have a confession to make.

My sister and I… that is to say, we girls… what I mean is, Riah and myself… have… become…



I said it.

We started watching the show about a week ago. I’m not sure what I was expecting… but whatever my expectations were, this exceeded them. The Doctor is everything charming, adorable, hilarious, ingenius, and basically all-around wonderful. I keep telling Mom she’d love him, but she always comes down in the middle of a show and, as anybody who’s watched it knows, you simply can NOT enter in the middle. It’s already too complicated to explain. We’re nearly done with the first season; I’ll be sad to see Christopher Eccleston go. I think he’s perfect as the Doctor (it took us a while to figure out where we’d seen him before; then we realized he was Destro from G. I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Needless to say, we like him much better as the Doctor).

We even throw out Dr. Who quotes to each other (shocker, I know. We’re such an un-quotey family. Insert sarcasm).

For Example: I was teasing my sister about her Christmas present. She was throwing out all sorts of guesses and I kept refuting them with an evil laugh, and finally, exasperated beyond all reason, she cries “Air from your lungs!?” I was rolling in the floor; Mom was giving us that quizzical expression that so eloquently reads “I wonder if I should call the Mental Ward.”

And on another note –

while I am terribly sad to see Borders go, I am overjoyed over their sales. I’ve bought nine books from them over the past month thanks to their 20-50 percent-off sales! And over the past three months, I’ve probably bought around 30 books. No joke. I adore books 🙂

“I could not live without books.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

I think Jefferson and myself would have gotten along splendidly. (Though I can’t say I agree with his habit of cutting bits out of the Bible. That’s cheating).

Drawing has been zipping by, and now I’ll be able to pick up on commissions again thanks to the fact we now have INK and I can print off character descriptions!

NOTE: Do not forget I now have $10 card-drawings available for custom-order. ^_^

{Day 15: Your Favorite Song to Write To}

Don’t have one. Simple as that.

I write to soundtracks (How to Train Your Dragon, LOTR, Star Wars, literally any soundtrack I like and can get my hands on). I write to epic music (X-ray Dog, Immediate Music, Epic Score…). I write to Enya, Owl City, Josh Groban, Lenka, and A Fine Frenzy. I simply can’t give you one specific writing song.

And for that, you have my deepest condolances. 



24 thoughts on “Some more Randomosity…

  1. Doctor Who!

    My friend got me into it in about April– I love it. Eccleston is awesome, definitely. I don’t know if you’ve met Jack yet, but he is infinitely awesome. “Are you my mummy?” I can’t wait for the end of August and the start of the second half of season 6. YES! The show is definitely awesome.

    On another note– after reading through all your “I-love-Robin-Hood-it-is-amazing” posts I decided to check it out. I watched the first two episodes on You Tube. I think I might end up getting the rest of the season 🙂 BBC does such a good job. Doctor Who (which, as you have learned, is amazing– “I have a banana and in a pinch you could put up some shelves.”), Law and Order: UK (my mom, sister and I have a kind of weird obsession with crime shows…) etc. I think I’ll like Robin hood too.

    Anyways. BBC rant… The Doctor is amazing… keep watching Doctor Who!

    • OH yes; we’ve met Jack! I don’t know what to think of him yet… I love Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor *sighs happily* I’M GLAD YOU LIKE BBC Robin Hood! And they just get better and better – the only episode I don’t like is one in the 3rd season that doesn’t actually have any of the main characters in it (except for about 10 minutes…) Anyhoo. BBC rules. =D

      • Jack is kind of… cheeky, in the first series…. But I love him! Go Jack! *grin* And Rose can be annoying… but you grow to love her too.

        Yes, I think I will order it. It’s so nice– we have one of the best library systems in the US and they have almost everything I look for. Lots of TV shows. (I ended up getting a series of Doctor Who *number four, if you’re curious* from there, because my friend who I was borrowing them from wasn’t able to get it to me. AND they have all three series of Robin Hood. =D )

        The thing about Doctor Who is that you love every Doctor– which is nice. When Eccleston left, I thought I wouldn’t like Tenant as much– but he’s charming from the get-go. And when Tenant left (though, granted, I had watched series five before I watched any of the others… it was on On Demand, and so I watched it, then begged my friend for the discs) I was sad– but I already loved Matt Smith. I really want to go back and watch the old Doctor Who now– which, despite the fact that I can watch a series in a week, will probably take me a long time. Waiting for them, etc. And, you know, getting a hold of them… Hmmm… Christmas presents? I think I may have a Doctor Who themed Christmas.

        Gah. Sorry this comment is so long. So much to say about Doctor Who!

        • OH; Jack’s in all the seasons!? Really?? Hah! I’m so glad I’ll like all the Doctors (probably, anyway). I’m still in the “Oh no I won’t like any of them as much as Eccleston” but I keep being told Tenant’ll win me over *laughs*

          Christmas presents!! OH YEAH! Send me the seasons, pleeeaase? *clasps hands imploringly*
          Oh; and don’t worry. *chuckle* I go on rants all the time XD I saw a very disturbing drawing the other day… leading me to believe that… Rose… DIES!? NO! Don’t tell me!! I’ll have to wait and *weeps* SEE….

          • I don’t think he’s in all of them… but he is in a couple. I love Jack though. I’m always just like “YES!!!!!!!!!” every time I see him. “One thing about an invisible space ship– always park it somewhere you remember.” I love that– and very good advice!

            My friend and I were on a bus a few weeks ago, and spent the whole bus ride talking about Doctor Who t-shirts we want– quotes, pictures etc. I got a really cool bracelet from Etsy a few years ago with one of eleven’s (Matt Smith) catch phrases– “Bow ties are cool.” on it, with a bow tie. It makes me happy. I got her one from the same store with a TARDIS, a pair of Converse and a pair of 3-D glasses which are all Tenant things.

            • OHmygoodness; I know!
              I SO want the T-shirt that says “Keep Calm and Call the Doctor” with a picture of the TARDIS on it!! *FAINTS*

  2. Sis… you’re a mess and a half. ^.^
    Love you!

    – Han

    p.s. the Solar Heat outdoes the Hammer ANY. DAY. OF. THE. WEEK.
    Just go watch. Just GO. *dramatically gestures into the sun* There’s a REASON it’s called SOLAR. Now – go see!


  3. Yess!!! My friend has either that, or something similar with Matt Smith. I think that on my Christmas list, it will be “Doctor Who…. book…. Doctor Who…. Doctor Who…. book…. Dr. House t-shirt I want… Doctor Who…. Doctor who… book…” Lol. Lot’s of t-shirts.

    I want This shirt. “Are you my mummy?” Sooo awesome.,548536449 This one is pretty cool too– it’s eleventh themed though.

    • NO WAY! When my sister and I watched that episode(s) we went “It would be hilarious if they made a T-shirt that said “Are you my Mummy?” And LOOK! OH my word, I want it now… I don’t get the second one yet, but I will in no time!!!
      HEEHEE >:)

      • I know! There’s a really funny 10th Doctor scene where he says “Are you my mummy?” when putting on a gas mask. There are way more 10th and 11th doctor jokes out in the Whoniverse, because they’ve been there for longer than 9 was, but I have to say, 9, Rose and Jack make a pretty awesome team.

          • No, the numbers refer to the Doctor himself– 9 is Eccleston, 10 is Tenant, 11 is Smith, etc. And yes. “Are you my mummy?” is amazing.

  4. Small but beautiful! And besides, if I’m correct, I’m still in a safe range of height! You’re NOT! ^.^
    ….you’ve abandoned him. YOU! I’m telling him! You abandoned! I’m LOYAL! *dramatic swoon* Thou art NOT! HUMPH! *looks away*

  5. Broader? BROADER!? How can you define broader without a sun? 0.0
    Fine, fine – you like towering giants, I like small and beautiful. Loyal to the end. ^.^

    *enjoys mock arguing with thee* ^.^
    By the way! I MUST send you a picture of my hair! I LOVE it! I took my booklet to show my *stylist* (heehee!) the picture of TaeHee and the style I wanted. EEK! (Slightly awkward but – SHE DID IT!) It’s funny, because she was saying she didn’t know if it would work because of my previous haircut, but she’s SO good at it, she made it work without it looking weird. YAY!

  6. I wiiiiilll! … at some point. 😛
    And SHORT PEOPLE isn’t the word. I’m just the right height, so it’s not short! ^.^ (Not my fault you’re 9’5″ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ Though I supposed that’s better than little Snakes – 1’6″^.^)

  7. oh my goodness—one sentence:

    Christopher Eccleston, his adorable grin and “fantastic!”!

    david tennant is *hilarious* and I do like him—but I just love the ninth doctor…so AWESOME!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^


  8. I think I like them the same now after watching the impossible planet—my goodness I looooved when


    he’s like “You just stand there, because I’m going to hug you. Is that alright?” XD XD XD


    you got rose perfectly!!! and don’t you just love the Doctor’s sense of style? XD

    I love your signature on deviant art—that was one of my favorite moments, and favorite episodes. ^_^

    “I’ve got a sonic gun a sonic [something else] and a laser—what have you got spock?”
    “I’ve got a sonic…oh nevermind”
    “what? sonic what?”
    Just…It’s sonic can we leave it at that!”
    “Sonic *what*?!”
    “It’s a sonic-s..s..SONIC SCREWDRIVER!”

    “Banana’s are good. I like bananas.” XD XD

    and it’s so clean! cleaner then most TV shows I’ve seen.

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