Liebster Award, sketches, and several missed days…

I was given the Liebster Award! (Ironically, this is the first award I’ve gotten since I moved to WordPress over a year ago. This award is for someone with under 200 followers; and right before I left Blogger I had JUST made 200. Hilarious.) Here are the rules:

  • Tell your readers who tagged or nominated you.
  • Add a link to their blog.
  • Pay it forward!!! Award 3-5 bloggers who you think deserve this award

It was given to me by Jenna Blake at Literally Ya – thank you so much, Jenna!!

Here are the lovely ladies I award:










I know; that’s way more than I’m supposed to. If I could have my way I would award probably a dozen others, but I should stop now and get on with the writing things I’ve missed!!

I know, I know. I keep missing days of this writing challenge! Pity there’s only two more *sob*

{Day 10: What is the Most Important Thing About Writing?}

Don’t stop. Even when you have writer’s block – pushing ahead is the only thing that breaks the dam and allows creativity to flow freely once again. Let everything inspire you – everything you see is cause for a story. The stuffed leopard sitting in the storage room, his regal head raised, keeping guardian over the boxes of unused things is a story. (Yes; and he’s my story. It’s my basement and my doll. But feel free to expound 😉

{Day 11: Your Favorite Female Writer}

Another “You’re kidding, right?” question. Honestly. ONE author? No can do. However, I will list my (several) favorites for you right here.

1. Madeline L’Engle. Her books are thought-provoking, fantastical, and sometimes bizzarre.

2. Suzanne Collins. For her first two “Hunger Games” books (the third one was too disappointing).

3. Catherine Fisher. “Incarceron” and “Sapphique” remain two of my favorite books ever.

4. Donita K. Paul. Her sense of humor, creative fantasy and allegory are absolutely wonderful!

5. R. J. Anderson. “Faerie Rebels” and “Wayfarer” are probably my two favorite ‘fairy’ books; plus she’s a Christian!

6. Jessica Day George. Her clean, fun, and unique fairy-tale rewrites are to be treasured.

7. Shannon Hale. She really first introduced me to the world of the re-written fairy-tale, and I will always, always be grateful. And I will always love her books.

8. Dodie Smith. “I Capture the Castle” is close to my heart; definitely a favorite. I’ve reread it more than any other book.

9. Eloise MacGraw. I ADORE “The Moorchild.” I hadn’t thought I would love it so much… but I do! A classic.

10. Robin McKinley. For  giving me more amazing fairy-tale rewrites; and making every page beautiful.

Of course I could give you a dozen or more favorite female authors. I have LOTS. These are just a few; I’ve barely scratched the surface!!

{Day 12: A Song about Books or Writing}

{Day 13: Your Favorite Book About Writing}

 Hmm… I honestly don’t know. It’s probably “The Writer’s Journey” – it’s for screenwriters, but I found it an enormous help with my fantasy YA novel.  I really want to own it.  Dorothea Brand’s “Becoming a Writer” is wonderful, too – I’m so glad it  came back into print!

“Aileen” – a sketch for a friend of mine =) It’s a present for her birthday.

“Fascination” – a random sketch 🙂

“Wailing Woman” – close relation to the Banshee; not as scary as the Dullahan. If you see one, it means someone in your house will die. I always feel sorry for them – what a lot in life/death!


7 thoughts on “Liebster Award, sketches, and several missed days…

    • Thank you!! Oh; your letter/b-day present can’t go out until… well… let’s just say I hope to get them out REALLY REALLY REALLY SOON!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  1. Awww, sheesh. ^.^ Thank you for the award! I’m extremely flattered.

    I love your sketches, as always. ‘Fascination’ is my favorite, I think. Such gorgeous, gorgeous wings.

    Thank you again! ^.^

  2. I like Wailing Woman and Fascination– very cool. I read “DragonSpell” on a trip a few weeks ago, and adored it. I can’t wait to read the next one. I had never heard of Donita K. Paul, and suddenly I keep seeing her everywhere. Funny how that works 🙂

    My sister has I Capture the Castle… maybe I’ll put it in my TBR pile. (Which, to be honest, is rather large. Well. In reality, I only have a few of the books, but in my mind it is very large.)

    And I agree about the third Hunger Games book… disappointing.

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