Beautiful People and Day Nine

{Day Nine: Projects}

What is your current writing project?

This is just about laughable. As I type this I have one document open, an inbox full of edited/to-be-edited chapters from my (guess who) editor, and a desktop full of icons proclaiming my various projects. I’d have to say my biggest project right now is editing “The Shadows Fall” – at 350+ pages, it’s the longest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m also working on a Steampunk novel, “Mutts,” a Sci-fi called “Centurion (working title),” a novella I haven’t named yet, a thriller called “ArchAngel,” a rewrite of ‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon’ called “The Golden Wheel,” and my sequel to The Shadows Fall. My proverbial plate is stuffed and overflowing. Ideas aren’t a problem for me; it’s sorting them OUT that’s the trouble!!


{Tam Lin}

Once, when he had come over to visit her parents, she had walked up to him and announced that she loved him even more than her stuffed blue bunny. He had instantly grinned and retorted that he liked her even more than blueberry muffins, and from that moment on, whenever he dropped in for a visit, she clung to him like a drowning man clings to a life raft at sea.

1. What is your character’s name?

Tam Lin

2. Does hisr name have any special meaning?

Nothing that special.

3. Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality?

Tam is very disorganized, but it’s not exactly his fault being he has very strange faerie origins. He’s over three thousand years old, though he usually forgets how old he is.

4. Does he think inside himself more than he talks out loud to his friends? (More importantly, does he have any friends?)

Middling; he likes people, both human and faerie, and enjoys company. He has many friends, but lots of enemies due to his mischievous nature. Sometimes his jokes aren’t in the best taste.

5. Is there something he is afraid of?

He’s afraid of losing his human ward, Emmaline Earl. Because of this he gave her a charmed faerie necklace with a bell on it; to the human ear it makes no sound, but it enables him to hear her wherever she is.

6. Does he write, dream, sing, or dance?

He doesn’t write much, but he likes faerie revells which generally include singing and some sort of wild dancing. He doesn’t dream exactly, but he likes to spend time in thought.

7. What is his favourite book (or genre of book)?

Not counting the Bible? He likes “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare.

8. Who is his favourite author and who/what inspires him?

He couldn’t really say; his attention span doesn’t generally allow for extensive reading.

9. What is his favourite flavour of ice cream?

He likes a huge cone topped with about twelve flavors (except banana and licorice, which disgust him)

10. Favourite season of the year?

He likes all seasons; but spring is probably his favorite.

11. How old is he?

He can’t remember. A little over three thousand years old.

12. What does he do in his spare time?

Pulls pranks on people, goofs off, or ocassionally studies (not his favorite past time, but he does have studious fits)

13. Does he see the big picture, or does he live only in the moment?

Being as old as he is, he has a very good view of the big picture.

14. Is he a perfectionist?

No. His clothing is usually disheveled and his brain even moreso. He’s not organized enough to be a perfectionist.

15. What does his handwriting look like? (Round, slanted, curly, skinny, sloppy, neat, decorative, etc.?)

Scratchy and bold, as if he’s too busy to take the time for neat penmanship.

16. What is his favourite animal?

He has a fond spot for horses.

17. Does he have any pets?

Never for very long; though he and animals get along very well. He has many animal acquaintances and friends.

18. Does he have any siblings, how many, and where does he fit in?

As far as he knows, he has no relatives at all whatsoever.

19. Does he have a “life verse,” and if so, what is it?

No, not really.

20. Favourite writing utensil?

A chewed-up pencil stub.

21. What type of laugh does he have?

Loud and infectious, or menacing when he chooses. It’s sort of like a deep giggle (no, not a chuckle).

22. Who is his best friend?

He has many faerie friends, but he has a special affection for Emmaline. He loves her like a sister.

23. What is his family like?

No family to speak of 🙂

24. Does he believe in fairies?

He IS a faerie!!

25. Does he like hedgehogs?

Yes; he likes all animals.

26. What is his favourite kind of weather?

Warm and sunny; perfect for adventures.

27. Does he have a good sense of humour? What kind is it (slapstick, wit, sarcasm, etc.)?

He has a sense of humor so big it’s overwhelming at times. It ranges from slapstick to wit to sarcasm and back again.

28. How did he do in school, or any kind of educations he might have had?

He’s been to Matchwick Manor since it opened; he graduated with honors the first time, and just re-goes to keep an eye on Emmaline and the other students. He’s officially a student, but doesn’t care much about his studies as he’s been through them dozens of times before. He’s considered somewhat of an Oracle by the newer students.

29. Any strange hobbies?

Pulling pranks or doing anything that comes into his head. He likes spending time with animals or playing games with the other students.

30. Does he like to go outside?

He likes outside better than inside!

31. Is he naturally curious?

Yes. In spite of his age, he claims there’s always something new to see.

32. Right-handed, or left?

He’s taught himself to be ambidextrous.

33. Favourite colour?


34. Where is he from?

To put it in human terms, ‘Fairyland.’

35. Any enemies?

Prank victims, the Unseelie Court, and Spellhunters.

36. What are his quirks?

He has many quirks, too many to count. He snaps his fingers really fast when trying to remember something, for instance. He’s usually in a great mood with his friends, but he can get dangerous and furious around his enemies; especially if someone tries to hurt his ward.

37. What kinds of things get on his nerves?

Discordant music, cruelty, people who don’t believe in God or faeries.

38. Is he independent, or does he need others to help out?

He’s very independant, but still enjoys companionship.

39. What is his biggest secret?

He’s a faerie. He has to use glamour to disguise his pointed ears from most people.

40. Has he ever been in love?

A few times over the (many, many, many) years. However, he claims “The Ballad of Tam Lin” is compelte hogwash, and he certainly never bore a child out of wedlock. (At least, not that he remembers. He’s positive he would never do such a thing, no matter how pretty the girl was)

41. What is his comfort food?

Faerie wine.

42. Does he play a musical instrument? If so, what?

He loves pipes, flutes, and penny whistles.

43. What colour are his eyes? Hair?

His eyes are green and his hair is reddish-gold.

44. Where is his favourite place to be?

Romping through the faerie woods.

45. What are some of his dreams or goals?

To keep Emmaline safe, help her realize her own potential, and to protect the Seelie fae.

46. Does he enjoy sports?

Yes; he’s very athletic.

47. What is his  favourite flower or plant?

He likes large, leafy trees with places to perch.



16 thoughts on “Beautiful People and Day Nine

  1. *pokes head out of writing hole* Oh! The world still exists! It continues to go on without me! 😀

    Incidentally, I play the penny whistle. And I LOVE pipes!

    An interesting person – or is that Fairy? Can a Fairy be called a person? Hmmm.

    I guess you’re really busy with a lot of projects. Sounds like me! 🙂 Good luck to you!

    Back to work on my writing . . . *ducks back into writing hole*

    D. S. Dahnim

    • The world is still here!! Though my blog misses you when you leave *grins*
      Sure; Faerie can be called a person; just not a HUMAN =D

  2. D’OH! THOSE ARE A LOT OF WRITING PROJECTS! I can’t imagine working on all those at once and making any kind of progress! Sheesh! You’re crazy ;P
    I just watched Moonacre twice in a row, just like I did last time 😀 MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Thank you!! Tam Lin is from “Tales of Matchwick Manor,” though I may have to rename it because it struck me the other day that ‘Matchwick’ and ‘Spiderwick’ bear some resemblance in name =)
      I’m honored to have you over here, by the way, Abigail!!

  3. Hi! I just have to comment, because reading through your posts, I learned you were from WA. From one Washingtonian to another… why are there so few out in the blogosphere? I don’t have a blog but I’ve been reading them for a year and a half, and almost no one is from WA. So sad. Oh, and I love the idea for The Shadows Fall. 🙂 Your first chapter is so good, and I love your drawing style. Keep up the good work!

    • I know!! There don’t seem to be many bloggers from WA! Glad to meet another!! Were I there, I would shake your hand and rave about the snowfalls in winter that I miss so much!

      • I know! I think you might actually be the first WA blogger I’ve found… (That I don’t know, that is. I know that one of my friends has one, but I don’t read it because I can’t remember the blog site or her name on it… hehe.) We can imaginary shake hands then. And right now (just to give you some WA weather) it’s cloudy and possibly raining. I can’t quite tell.

  4. Hi again! I was reading through your posts again, and saw that about a year back you wanted a cool map for your room. I don’t know if you still do, or if you have one, but here’s a tip I picked up from my sister and her college dorm room– wrapping paper. There are some really cool map wrapping papers out there that are super cheap, but look just as cool. My sister got a pretty big “map” for $6.00 and all we had to do was go down to a little boutique on main street. It’s just a suggestion, as I don’t know if you have/or still want one, but it’s also something to keep in mind!

      • Your welcome! I was reading posts from last July and remembered what my sister had done. Thought you might like the idea too, as teenagers are often broke. And a $6.00 map of wrapping paper is a good way to avoid that.

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