Day 7 and a sketch dump…

I skipped ‘Day Six’ because it was a weird question about ‘writing something on your bucket list’ that didn’t make sense to me. (No, it’s not because I have no sense of humor!)

So for today, the question is:

{What is Your Favorite Genre to Write?}

I’d have to say Fantasy. Though Steampunk and sci-fi are a close second. But with Fantasy there are so many options!! You can create anything and make it believeable. That’s what I love about Fantasy; it’s so malleable and creative!

~And now, for the sketch dump!~

I hope you all don’t mind me dumping drawings on you; I enjoy the input ^_^

Bonnie and Billy © Bryan Davis. Yes; I have since shaded Billy’s left leg below the knee; it looks much better perspective-wise.

Arthur and Damon © me, from “Tales of Matchwick Manor”

Sienna © myself, from “The Elmeria Chronicles”

Sienna’s various facial expressions 🙂

Horace and Clarity Jane © myself; from Tales of Matchwick Manor. Winking and whirling are two modes of faerie transportation. (And no; I don’t yet know which is faster!)

Emmaline and Harlow © myself, from Tales of Matchwick Manor. The picture was inspired by Katie Melua’s song for “Miss Potter.” (I love that movie 🙂

Samwise the Brave! A sketch I doodled while watching the Fellowship last night.

Reading is a good hobbit! Frodo © Tolkien. Another doodle from last night 🙂 My sister sees it and goes “He’s better looking than the other Frodo!”

Emmaline Earl meeting her first pixie. Characters © myself; from Tales of Matchwick Manor. Emmaline’s a very practical person; and the pixie just confuses her.

Emmaline at about ten years old; and Tam Lin at about 3,000-and-something (he’s a faerie). Characters © me; from Tales of Matchwick Manor.

“The Boys are Back” commission for Michelle B. From Left to Right: Vosh, Siaj, Rea, Iasson and Mynasthoa.

Characters © Michelle Black.



8 thoughts on “Day 7 and a sketch dump…

  1. All of them are great! But I would have to say that my favorite is definitely the sketch of Bonnie and Billy. Those are some of my favorite books ever! Absolutely LOVE them. 🙂 You’re a great artist!

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!! O.O Those are FANTASTIC! Loving you’re new style, Mirriam. You’re picture of Horace and Clarity made me laugh. Overstreet, though? I think I’ve heard that somewhere before…. 😀

  3. M’favorite is the one of Emmaline and Tam-tam. SO PRECIOUS! I love those two 😉 HOORAY! I’ve been waiting for some new sketches of yours and there they are!

  4. Waha! I LOVE the When You Taught Me How to Dance and the one with the girl and guy sitting at the tree! EEK! I’m liking your sketching style – I’m currently trapped (but loving it) in the dungeon of realistic drawing. I’ve actually just drawn Vick and Lee from the booklet I have – VERY realistically. ^.^ I’ve GOT to show you my drawings! I have LOOAAADDSSS!!! *faint*

  5. More skatches! I don’t mind at all… !

    I adore the “When you taught me how to dance” sketch. I love that song, and your drawing is so adorable. Complete Cuteness. ^.^

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