Days 3, 4 and 5…

Yes! My brain frazzled and forgot the writing challenges of the past few days! So, here you go!

{First Times: Your First Attempt at Writing}

I had many various writing attempts of the years; most of which were movie novelization ranging from Ice Age to Star Wars. I wanted to write, but I could never make myself finish an entire book (probably a blessing for the family, who would have had to read them). But my first real accomplishment was a short story entitled “The Pegasus on the Mantle.” I was thirteen, and had just discovered how much I loved fantasy. (And I was very into pegasi and unicorns and pegacorns, hippogriffs and any other fantasy horse-creature). I wrote this story, submitted it to under the pen name “Angelica,” and… forgot about it.

That is, I forgot about it until nearly a month later, when I saw that my story had been picked for the ‘finals.’ Upon some further site-reading, I discovered something else:

My story had won first prize.

I could hardly believe it! I was ecstatic. I printed the story off (several copies, in fact) and ran around the house handing one to everybody I came across, squealing about how I had won the contest. This led to many other short fantasy-horse-themed stories, most of which continued to win first place on the website. And then the website was hacked into, closed down, and re-booted… but by then, I was nearly fifteen, and had decided to move on to something bigger:

An ORIGINAL fantasy novel.

Imagine that.

{Inspiration: An Author or Novel that Has Inspired You}

Good heavens. “An” author or novel? How about “the many hundreds”? No? That post would be too long, you say? You have to eat meals and do chores and school, you say? Okay, then. I’ll just name one. I would have to say that my biggest inspiration by far was J. R. R. Tolkien and his book, The Hobbit. I didn’t say the “Lord of the Rings” because I read The Hobbit first, and it will always have a very special ‘first-fantasy-book-I-ever-read’ place in my heart.

I wasn’t sure how I would like it, at first. As far back as I can remember, my Mom would read her old copy of The Hobbit; the strange one with the Emus on front. (Why the publisher had Emus on the cover is a mystery to me). I would read the back, study the cover, and ask her about it whenever I saw it in her hands. Then finally, came the glorious day (I was 12, I believe) when she finally handed it to me and told me I could read it.  I was thrilled! Ecstatic! And from the first printed words, “An Unexpected Party,” I was also hooked. Thank you, Mr. Tolkien. I owe you a debt.

{Least Favorites: Least Favorite Character You’ve Written}

It would probably have to be Oscariath. After all, you can’t get much worse than evil incarnate. The guy has a god complex and sits on a throne made of people’s bones, for goodness’ sakes. I have to stretch my imagination simply to make him as evil as he is! Then again, reading the Bible gives me a lot of ideas. 🙂 

Credendo Vides,



One thought on “Days 3, 4 and 5…

  1. This looks like a fun challenge, and I’m enjoying learning a bit more about your writing. 🙂

    That inspiration question is a tough one! Lewis was actually my first exposure to fantasy, as my dad read the Chronicles of Narnia to me at a very young age. Tolkien came not long thereafter, though. Books you read in childhood always hold a special place in the heart, I think.

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