15 Day Challenge and a bit of artwork

Lorowen came up with this great idea over at http://thethoughtsofabookworm.blogspot.com/ called the 15 Day Challenge for Writers. I’ve already missed one day; so technically I’m doing days 1 and 2 today.

Day One

Your Favorite Character You’ve Written

That’s pretty easy. Eristor is definitely my favorite to write. There’s something so charming about an annoyingly taciturn elf; I can’t stay away from him! Here’s a little blurb from the beginning chapter of my second book that sort of ‘showcases’ his lovely (ahem) personality.

“Sienna, they’re not axes,” Eristor exclaimed impatiently, doing nothing to disguise the exasperation in his voice.

            “I’m doing the best I can,” Sienna said tartly, irritation making her movements choppy. It had been only two days since their encounter with the Faren on Elmsvaer Isle, where the ethereal beings had given them each parting advice before refusing to help them. To Sienna, it seemed that they were simply abandoning Elmeria to its fate without realizing that they were a part of the world, too.

            Since that day, Eristor seemed to have softened a bit. To anyone who did not know him well he would still seem rude and constantly aggravated, but to those who did know him, the subtle change was more obvious. He had even agreed to give her kelehb-stick lessons, something she had wanted to do for months but had never had the courage to ask for.

            “The best you can apparently isn’t good enough,” the elf prince snapped in response to her declaration. He held one of the sharp silver weapons in his right hand; his left arm still bound in a sling while it healed from an encounter with his step father, General Caranthir.

            Sienna held his other kelehb stick, and jammed it into the ground. “I think,” she said, taking a deep breath, “that we should call it quits for today.”

            He opened his mouth, as if about to berate her again, but closed it after a moment’s thought and grunted instead. He replaced the kelehb sticks in the sheath on his back and glanced at her. “Your stance is better,” he said gruffly.

            In spite of herself, Sienna felt a thrill of pleasure tingle through her. “Thank you,” she said, beaming.

Day Two

Who is Your F avorite Male Author?

Was there ever a question more loaded than that? I think not. I absolutely CANNOT choose just one. Ten, maybe. Five if you pressed me. But one? Fah! Impossible! So instead, I’ll list my few (haha) favorites.

“Do you understand that this is a tragedy?” 
“Perfectly. Always be comic in a tragedy. What the deuce else can you do?”
 (The Man Who Was Thursday)

  1. J. R. R. Tolkien. He was the Father of Fantasy – how could I NOT love him? Plus he revived the ‘normal’ view of elves, and gave us the most epic story in fantasy history.
  2. C. S. Lewis. Close friend of Tolkien, who wrote absolutely amazing, inspiring, spiritual stuff (and penned the Chronicles of Narnia, for which we are eternally grateful).
  3. Stephen Lawhead. His takes on Robin Hood, King Arthur, and Atlantis are absolutely brilliant! If it weren’t for his ocassional long-windedness, he’d be nearly perfect.
  4. G. K. Chesterton. This guy had a BRAIN. He thought things through, and did it with a spice of humor.
  5. Bryan Davis. He helped introduce me into the world of fantasy and, of course, DRAGONS! I will be eternally grateful.
  6. Wayne T. Batson. Because he’s a great guy; and his Door Within trilogy inspired my Elmeria series. (Not to mention I adore his newest Dark Sea Annals series, and the Cat Thorne *cough* SEMI-series, which he hasn’t FINISHED yet… <_<)
  7. George MacDonald. Author of the Princess and Curdie, the Princess and the Goblin, the Day Boy and the Night Girl and several other of my favorite stories, he, like Lewis, helped immortalize children in fantasy.

I owe these men a lot; and believe me, there are a lot more authors out there who I could add to this honored list, but I’ll spare you. It would end up as long as Santa’s (minus Armand Asanti).

And, on another note, some recent artwork!

This is sir Alexander Phoenix Gaffney, a teenaged Steampunk inventor. The character is © Rachel Hastings.

I had so much fun drawing him; he was too adorable!!

Ithilwen and Harry © Pepper Darcy. I drew these for her as a gift =) Just a sketch, but I wanted to cheer her up. It was so much fun to draw; they’re so sweet. And I had “When Ginny Kissed Harry” playing in my head while I drew it!

A sketch of Altair from Assassin’s Creed. No; I do not play the game. No; I do not know a lot about it. Just that Altair is pretty cool, and I wanted to sketch him. 🙂

Drexara © Stephen Larsen (the one published in the last edition of Aletheia magazine). This is his elf character, kind of halfway to turning evil. I wanted him to have that ‘Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader’ look about him; with all sorts of bad-guy confidence and villainous potential. I’ve been told I succeeded; what do you think?

Katherine © Elizabeth Lorenz. Please ignore the bad quality; once again, the scanner has made it look… uh, terrible. I actually don’t like this one too much. Sad, I know. It feels too… stiff. I mean, Elizabeth was happy with it, which is the whole point, but I wasn’t. *sigh* I’m working on less of a ‘posed’ look in my drawings.

“Earlier that summer, in fact, Peet had crashed into the street sign at the corner of Main and Vibbly Way (which was quite innocent, as it was still and in plain sight). After insulting the sign’s mother, Peet challenged it to a contest, though it quite stoically showed no sign of retaliation. He took a hard swipe at it, missed, spun in a circle like a circus dancer from Dugtown, and collapsed in the dirt where he snored noisily all night.’

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, by Andrew Peterson. Chapter 5, page 30, paragraph 4.

I ADORE Peet the Sock Man; and so I sketched him for my friend Emily Adair before we went to Lake Wedowee together.

There you have it, my friends! I’m also greatly enjoying the NextGenWriter’s Conference going on today and tomorrow. Lots of good articles to read!!

~ Mirriam


12 thoughts on “15 Day Challenge and a bit of artwork

  1. *gasps* I LOVE Peet the Sock Man! AP is one of my favorite authors at the moment… Have you read all of his books so far? Most people I know haven’t read it, so I get excited…

    • Haha! I ADORE his books! (And Peet is one of the best characters ever INVENTED!)
      No; I haven’t read Monster in the Hollows yet 😦 I haven’t been able to lay my hands on it. I ADORE his other two, though!!! Have you read MitH?

    • Well, that was the purpose! *laughs* I hope he succeeds in wringing that emotion from the readers 😉 😉 And thank you so much!!

  2. I love my Peet the Sockman drawing dear. Thank you do much for it! =) I’m still trying to find a place to display it…

    Altair from Assassins Creed looks pretty awesome. I have no idea who he is or anything like that… but he looks cool. 😉

    Awww. Harry and Ithilwen are sooo cute. I love Pepper’s characters. They’re brilliant.

    In Christ,

  3. It sounds like I would love Eristor! I can’t wait to read your book, it sounds pretty interesting! I love your sketch of Altair Looks amazing! I have played the game once and it was really fun, which is saying a lot coming from me (I don’t prefer computer games).

  4. umm I think your link to Eat Sleep Write is messed up because I went there and there was just one post—a weird one with some very misguided views on religion and what it would be like if no-one believed in God. ::P And the comments were even weirder. XD

    Love the drawings!!! You seem to be influenced by the magna style of drawing. ^_^

    =) CM

    • OH DEAR; THE LINK *WAS* THE WRONG ONE!! WHEW!! Problem fixed now!!! They’re kind of manga-influenced, but not completely. More… shoujo =D

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