A slight change?

So, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this…




This, I just gotta see…


7 thoughts on “A slight change?

  1. ❤ I've already decided Thorin's my favorite character. 😄

    Just kidding, kinda sorta. But I'm really excited Armitage is playing him!! He'll be amazing.

    Though that last picture does kind of look like "Richard Armitage plays the Sheriff". O_o

  2. I knew him first as Mr. Thornton. Which would explain why I had such a hard time imagining him playing a dwarf.

    Clean-shaven, tight-laced, tall, brooding…
    Versus a dwarf.

    Well, I’m no longer skeptical. Of course, I never doubted that he could do the acting. It was the transformation I was worried about. 😉 I’m sure Armitage will pull it off wonderfully.


  3. When I first heard they cast Richard Armitage as Thorin, I couldn’t imagine him in the role. The only thing I had seen him in was North and South, as an impeccably groomed gentleman–nothing like a questing dwarf. 🙂

    But that picture has won me over. It’s quite a difference!

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