A slight change?

So, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this…




This, I just gotta see…


7 thoughts on “A slight change?

  1. ❤ I've already decided Thorin's my favorite character. XD

    Just kidding, kinda sorta. But I'm really excited Armitage is playing him!! He'll be amazing.

    Though that last picture does kind of look like "Richard Armitage plays the Sheriff". O_o

  2. I knew him first as Mr. Thornton. Which would explain why I had such a hard time imagining him playing a dwarf.

    Clean-shaven, tight-laced, tall, brooding…
    Versus a dwarf.

    Well, I’m no longer skeptical. Of course, I never doubted that he could do the acting. It was the transformation I was worried about. 😉 I’m sure Armitage will pull it off wonderfully.


  3. When I first heard they cast Richard Armitage as Thorin, I couldn’t imagine him in the role. The only thing I had seen him in was North and South, as an impeccably groomed gentleman–nothing like a questing dwarf. 🙂

    But that picture has won me over. It’s quite a difference!

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